Maya Angelou | Honoring Another False Marxist Icon

It was not too long ago in December of 2013 that the American media devoted copious amounts of time to praise and show gratitude to the deceased South African leader Nelson Mandela. The far left nutcases who work for the government media complex went on for days about how wonderful this man was for freedom. They talked about how the legacy he left behind was one that should be looked at with honor and esteem for he was the great liberator of blacks in South Africa from the white “devils” who ruled over them. If any fair minded person who took the media for what they are, a bunch of deceptive, leftist agenda driven, cultural Marxist propagandizers, they would have instantly realized that Nelson Mandela was anything but a mild mannered liberator who was worthy of literary shrines and sycophancy that lasted for days with no end in sight. Further reading and research would have illuminated the real character and historical significance of this man. He was a communist through and through and often paraded around with high ranking officials of the Cuban government including Fidel Castro and card carrying communists like the Lithuanian born Joe Slovo in South Africa who became one of the leaders of The MK, a military arm of the African National Congress that used violence to send a political message. There is a picture of Slovo and Mandela together with a red flag with a hammer and sickle waving behind them at a rally. The MK was the organization that Mandela founded and it sponsored acts of terrorism and guerilla attacks, mostly in the form of bombings, for years against innocent civilians and the South African government. He can be seen singing songs about killing whites and used race to climb the political ladder throughout his infamous life. This man was a murderer and a racist commie low life, not someone we needed to hear about on the news until our minds entered into state of delirium and suffered a cognitive cleansing of dystopian proportion, but this is what white guilt, cultural marxism, political correctness, and the ruthless far left will have you endure to get their message of “tolerance”, only for their progressive ideas, and utopian socialism across to the brain dead cattle that make up the American population. They are doing it now with the recent death of the anti-Semitic, uneducated, radical feminist, race hustling marxist Maya Angelou, whose writings that are regarded as the next best thing since Shakespeare, Dickens, and George Elliot, are actually sub par and unlettered when compared to a list of what any somewhat educated person has read during their lifetime. She is being praised simply because of her skin color and America must watch and listen as we are lectured on how this woman was a hero for civil rights and how she fought for equality. It is a bunch of nonsense and anyone who pals around with hateful and bigoted religious fanatics from the Nation of Islam, like Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhon, should be looked at with revulsion and experience instantaneous feelings of qualmishness, as Angelou associated with these incendiary racial arsonists at different intervals during her life. Many will say she had a difficult life. She was raped as a young girl and had a rough upbringing that would not be ideal for any youngster. This is unfortunate, however, many people have difficult lives and face incredible hardships but they do not overcome them by blaming other groups of people for their problems and becoming prostitutes. She is described as an epic “writer” and is best known for her book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and it is very apparent that she sees black people as forever being the caged bird and whites the oppressors. She also uses this metaphor to describe other oppressed people she identifies with in her life. She obviously did not have any compassion for the Cuban people who suffered under the brutal, fifty-five year and counting, reign of the Castros. She supported these psychotic power mad dictators of Cuba and for that we have to honor this woman? We need to start supporting people that have qualities which will help people become free without using scapegoats that have no correlation to the problems the victims of malice and coerciveness are facing at that time. We need to laud and acclaim people that peacefully stand up to government tyranny in all its forms. The people that denounce radical feminism, cultural marxism, political correctness, the far left storytellers in the media, the race hustlers, the public sector unions, religious zealots, the money counterfeiters, the central planners, the surveillance state, and the police state, are the ones that should be read about and admired and the people that use government force, violence, and mistruths to achieve their ends of egalitarianism, syndicalism, and social justice need to be polemically addressed and non violently fought against to preserve our natural human freedoms. It is a relief that people like Mandela and Angelou are no longer here to propagate their dangerous ideologies based on statism, theft of private property, social justice, racial animosity, and collectivism.

America Has Been At War For Ninety-Six Percent Of Its History

The United States of America was founded after the thirteen colonies declared their independence from the tyrannical rule of the British king and the redcoats and a war was fought to make sure the British understood that the colonists were fed up with their status as serfs to the British crown. This was a just war, and people who are being controlled and coerced to live their lives under a despotic regime have every right and a genuine obligation to fight for their natural right to freedom. The founding fathers new the importance of freedom and they also knew that it was important to not get involved in affairs that did not concern the newly established government of the United States of America. It was encouraged to be friendly with the international community and to promote a foreign policy of peace. Entanglements in foreign affairs and conflicts were something many of the founding fathers strongly opposed for they knew what consequences this could bring back to the homeland. This message did not stick and it was not long before the United States government was either waging, intervening, or participating in military conflicts all over the world. This military doctrine would perdure for most of the country’s history and continues up to this day.

The United States has had about twenty one years of its entire history where it was experiencing a true peacetime period. The other two hundred and seventeen have been periods of war in some form or another. The major wars, The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, The Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Gulf War, and most recently the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, put American casualties in the millions and take up about twenty percent of the nation’s history. All of these majors wars, by the way, barring The American Revolution, were unnecessary and were a direct result of the misguided and intimidatory nature of U.S. foreign policy. Interventionism, bullying tactics, policing, and an insatiable appetite for natural resources and military expansion can be directly linked to the wars mentioned above. If we count all the military conflicts that the U.S. has been involved in since 1776 to the present, one will find that we have been involved in some sort of violent military conflict for most of our history. I do not care to list all the conflicts and their dates since I could be here until the sun burns out, but I can tell you it takes up about ninety six percent of our history as a nation. Historians, politicians, and school teachers will tell you how wonderful and virtuous the U.S. has been over the years in spreading freedom and democracy. They will say that we are a peaceful and humanitarian nation but you can survey the people whose grandparents, some of which who were women and poor innocent children, were blown into smithereens in Nagasaki and Hiroshima and see if there is an overwhelming consensus on how lovely the U.S. foreign policy is for the rest of the world. My guess is that they will have a different opinion. Neocons and liberal academics alike hold up Abraham Lincoln to be a historic figure who is worthy of constant praise and worship. They make out like he was a benevolent and gentle emancipator whose painting should grace the dining room of every home in America so you can admire his portrait as you eat your dinner. If you happen to be eating a medium rare piece of beef when you look at Lincoln’s portrait, the blood that spills out as you cut into your tenderloin should be symbolic of the blood that Lincoln spilled on his giant continental plate that extended North to South and subjected millions to the horrors of war all in the name of preserving the Union. The Civil War cost the lives of 750,000 people and equaled about two percent of the population at that time. This statistic would be comparable to a civil war that started in America today, let’s say 2015-2019, and left six million dead. This would be utterly heinous and catastrophic to the rational thinking world. Lincoln is unfortunately remembered as a hero but his legacy should be looked at with disdain. He should be remembered as a tyrant who presided over the bloodiest war in American history and one of the most brutal wars ever fought in recorded history. World War II is looked at as another noble and patriotic war fought for freedom, but if a closer examination is taken of FDR’s foreign policy, many will come to realize that this was also an unnecessary war for the U.S. to be involved in with Europe. The Europeans should have handled Hitler and the Japanese were provoked on a regular basis by the U.S. with economic sanctions and other coercive tactics. The Vietnam War and The Korean War are two prime examples of the U.S. sticking its nose where it did not belong. Most reasonable people today would agree that these far east wars were unjustifiable and did untold amounts of damage to humanity. So what are the real underlying reasons for these wars and military quagmires? Some Americans might contend that we are a force for good in the world and our policies have liberated many countries and foreign aid has helped the poor who live in third world nations. This could not be further from the truth and the negative blowback that results from these so called humanitarian policies are directly visited on innocent Americans. The U.S. gives foreign aid to countries to appease dictators where natural resources are abundant. The liberation of countries usually backfires after the U.S. military removes one psychotic dictatorship and replaces it with another all with tax subsidies from the hardworking American taxpayer. Governments are obsessed with war since it allows them to fiscally rape the masses while at the same time spying on them and controlling their every behavior that they say could affect our “national security”. Of course, the distracted zombie like masses by into these deceptions and the uninterrupted propaganda and they willingly go along with these wars and support the tyrannical growth of the military industrial complex.

I am not saying that there is an absence of wicked political factions and religious fanatics in the world that need to be forcefully addressed and dealt with, however, these battles need to be chosen with careful consideration. The fact that many nations hate us and want to attack us is a direct causal effect of our military alliances where we choose sides in squabbles that have nothing to do with us, and our tendency to put sanctions, blockades, and embargoes on countries without blinking an eye. This can be dangerous and has brought detrimental consequences to the citizens of America over the years. There are countries who are lead and occupied by barbarians still living in the 7th century who want world wide submission to a religious theocracy and those who disagree or who are not willing to conform with this ideology will be dealt with in a brutal fashion. This is an imminent threat to freedom and our natural rights and theocracies and religious fanatics that pose a direct threat to individual freedom and liberty need to be eradicated from the planet for the sake of humanity and the rule of natural law. With that being said, defense does not have to be waged incessantly for reasons that are irrelevant to the well being of American citizens. As a libertarian, I can make a case for the privatization of military operations and defense, as many others have in the realm of libertarian philosophy. It is the only sensible way to protect our rights and freedoms without becoming war mongers and invading savages. I can guarantee you that any group of people in a territorial area that privatizes their defense services will not be at war for over two-hundred years. So while there are just wars that need to be fought for freedom, the U.S. has fought maybe three wars that fit into that category, and that’s being generous. So on memorial day when the military propagandists and politicians are trying to penetrate your consciousness every minute of the day with the message of thanks and honor for our fallen soldiers, just remember all the millions upon millions of casualties, the trillions upon trillions of tax dollars, and the current police state within the militaristic empire, and just sit back in your lawn chair with your beer and hot dog and ask yourself was all this blood and treasure for freedom? Were these wars really necessary for the preservation of our rights and liberties or were they wars started to spread and amplify political power here and abroad? I think you know my answer, now just think about yours.

Choose Freedom Over The Political Process

People think they are free because they have a right to vote for a politician during election cycles. They have high hopes that of all the promises that were made to them during the campaign will be delivered promptly after the winner is declared and their lives will be enriched profoundly, all while the problems of the world are being washed away by this wonderful leader you helped pick. This is a scam that people have been believing since the democratic process was tried most notably here in America at the time of its founding. The truth is that voting and the political process will not change a thing for the betterment of people’s lives. Freedoms and natural rights will continue to be eroded away as long as we have power mad lunatics partnering with big corporations and big labor to rob and pilfer from the taxpayer. You will hear people say that voting is a sacred right that has been fought for and must be apart of a democracy. When people vote they are making a choice between ingesting cyanide or drinking hemlock. The choice is between a snake oil salesman and a used car salesman. Voting is like laying the cement for the prison walls that you will one day be living behind when the government takes everything you own right down to your dignity. Voting is like watering a tree that The State says they will hang you from in a few years. Voting is a government granted opportunity for indentured servants to have an inefficacious “voice” on a gigantic tax farm. The very idea of voting is irrelevant and is not necessary in a free world. It only does harm and no benefit can from the political process. Freedom does not include voting or democracy. In fact, democracy is tyrannical and corrupt to the core and is just a fancy word for vicious mob rule. The fix is in anyway. If the globalists, big banks, and other well connected elites want to put a politician in office, it will happen. There is nothing your insignificant and meaningless vote can do to stop the money of George Soros, The Koch Brothers, Wall Street, the SEIU, Hollywood, or Big Pharma. You may think you are accomplishing something by going down to your local polling station and voting for the latest sociopathic liar. The voting line is equivalent to the line the sheep wait on at the cattle ranch waiting to be slaughtered and made into lamb chops. The sheep at least are taken out of their misery but Americans inflict a slow death upon themselves by returning every election season to have their liberties slowly stripped away from them. But don’t we have a choice? We have a choice between the two parties. That’s what freedom and democracy are all about, right?
The Democrats and Republicans are the dominant parties in America and have controlled the political process for years. There was of course the Whigs and the Federalists and Anti Federalists, but when you think of politics, you think Republican and Democrat. The Democrats are sold as the party that supports the working man, the immigrant, and the downtrodden. They are the party that leans left. Republicans are supposed to be the morally superior party and support limited government and low taxes. They lean right. This may be how they come across as a result of the branding that they have used through the media and campaign slogans but let me give you the honest truth here if you do not already know. The Democrats are outright socialists. They want to grow government into perpetuity and until the State has full control over every aspect of your life. Tax and Spend is their motto. They want to control the economy and price fix. They want to keep raising the minimum wage and create more unemployment and dependents on The State. The Democrats believe in a regulatory State that gets to decide what type of toilet bowl you flush and what kind of car you drive. The Nanny State is also one of their Utopian dreams where you can only eat certain foods and not wearing your seatbelt can get you a hefty fine. If you read the works of Karl Marx, Saul Alinksy, and John Maynard Keynes, you will see where the Democrats developed their platform and positions. The Republicans want to regulate behavior from who you can marry, to internet porn, and to what medicinal drug you may want to take to relieve symptoms of illness. The Republicans are for entitlements, as are the Democrats, like Social Security and Medicare. The Republicans also have the motto Tax and Spend, the only difference is that it is on defense so the United States can invade and steal more natural resources from abroad. The point is that these two parties are not really different at all. In fact, they are not even parties, they are factions under the much larger and only party in American politics. This is The Big Government Party (The BGP) and is your only choice when you vote for your demise. The two factions within this party (Democrats and Republicans) both support war since war keeps the State healthy through tax dollars, propaganda and mind control, and through a vast network of surveillance. They both support robbing the productive members of society blind and giving to the “have nots” in hopes of creating a constituency of dependent slaves who will always worship government since they get a check in the mail every month. These two factions of the Big Government Party support nationalizing the private sector and are in favor of public education and socialized medicine. Whether its Obamacare, Romneycare, or Republican care, its bad for the economy and destroys our individual choice and whatever is left of our deteriorated quasi capitalist system. We do not have a choice, the two factions both represent control and thievery of private property and to think otherwise is foolish and a direct side affect of the brainwashing that people have undergone for far too long. It is time to snap out of it.
If we don’t vote how will our voices be heard? It’s the only thing we can do, right? Wrong. I think we need to spread ideas about freedom, especially young people who are more open minded and can usually be convinced in a specific direction if the argument is articulated and laid out with irrefutable points and statements. Start a website, invite some friends to a local eatery and discuss ideas for freedom. Make videos and start organizations that will spread ideas for freedom. Read libertarian essays and books by Murray Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Tom Woods, and Lew Rockwell. This plan of action might have been tried in the past but it needs to be a mission with an unwavering commitment from freedom lovers. The message of private property, non aggression, voluntaryism, and pure free market capitalism will prevail if we work hard at it. Always be assertive but never aggressive or violent. Formulate cogent ideas and debate them well and I think we can bring more and more people to the Libertarian movement and anarcho capitalism as the only political philosophy they will fight to uphold. Forget about the political process, it has never and will never ever work. Ideas, passion, drive, and the love for freedom will lead us to a universe where we can go wherever we want and do whatever we want as long as we do not hurt or steal from one another. I hope to see these ideas from the great libertarian philosophers become a reality one day. Hopefully I’ll be around to see it.

Anarcho-Capitalism is Right and Minarchism is Wrong

If we do not have government who will pick up my trash? How will my mail be delivered without the lovely postman who is employed by the government? How will my neighborhood be safe from criminals without the local police force? Who will pave the roads? The youth of America will be uneducated and left in the dust if we do not have government schools, with government teachers, and government mandated curriculums. We need the government for “national security” and for the common good of the populace that inhabits the United States of America. Government must be there to provide safety nets and programs for the less fortunate. These are the questions and statements made by people who believe government is here to solve all of our problems, mitigate every single inequality, fill in every pot hole, police the world and mediate every conflict in every principality, and in any country where we might have an interest in natural resources or an opportunity to expand our vast militaristic empire. They believe that the government should run the economy, and of course have the right to run every aspect of our lives through strict and incoherent laws accompanied by pages and pages of the most ridiculous regulations that can be contrived by a bunch of pencil pushing bureaucrats. These sentiments and values fall right in line with statism and it is what statists believe. There are others who are dependent on government and have been taught through years of indoctrination that government is a benevolent institution and must be embraced as the benefactor of goodness and “equality” for all people in that territorial area and the progressives believe this ideology wholeheartedly and reject any rational criticism against the government monstrosity. The fact of the matter is we do not need government to provide any of these services and the fact that we have a situation where the security of citizens is at risk, can be directly linked to the foreign policy of the United States going back decades. I could live with a political system that resembles the Constitution, minus the 16th amendment, eminent domain, and the unchecked power of the supreme court that has brought us so many unconstitutional laws in the name of judicial activism. The truth is that this is not possible. The minarchist will argue that we need government to at least provide defense and courts. The anarcho capitalist will tell you that we do not need a central, state, or local government for any other those aforementioned services and that includes courts and defense. Any service you can think of that the government currently has a monopoly on can be provided by the private sector more effectively and more efficiently with the absence of coercion. This is why minarchism is deeply flawed and anarcho capitalism is right.
When you have a Congress that is passing laws for no reason other than to pass laws and please the angry lynch mobs residing in their districts to retain power, you have a corrupt system. When you have a supreme court that is represented by nine unelected justices that are there for life and who have strong liberal or conservative biases, you have a corrupt system. When you have a president who declares wars at the drop of a hat and passes executive orders like he is handing out candy, you have a corrupt system. I am not singling out any particular politician or chief justice, the system has been corrupt since its inception and when you give the power to the federal government to interpret its own laws, the system will always be corrupt and limited government becomes the greatest example of what the word oxymoron means. Allowing the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution and decide whether or not laws are constitutional, is like allowing a fox who has not eaten in a week to guard the proverbial hen house.
Contrary to popular belief, democracy is not a wonderful and just political system to live under. Doug Casey said it the best, “Democracy is mob rule, dressed up in a sports coat”. The tyranny of the majority is the angry mob deciding what’s best for other people who do not agree or just want to be left alone. The only moral system is anarcho capitalism. This system also happens to be the most prosperous but the reason libertarians support this political philosophy relates directly to the high ethical standards espoused in this framework with prosperity being an added bonus. The government can not exist without stealing from the productive members of society through taxation and monetary inflation. The main role of government is to keep power and they do that by creating constituencies. They lie, use rhetoric that is littered with mistruths and deceptions in the hopes of creating a loyal voting base so they can reign supremely over the masses for as long as possible. Government has a monopoly on the use of force and this includes the power to tax. Anarcho capitalism is based on voluntary exchange with private institutions and people are responsible for their own actions and choices. This political philosophy embraces private property, voluntary exchange, individualism, and the freedom to live your life the way you see fit. Anarcho capitalism and libertarianism as a whole strongly rejects the idea of aggression, violence and any form of coercion. The government is the embodiment of aggressive force and violence and is why it is illegitimate and nefarious. The non aggression principle is an objective principle and is the guiding tenet of libertarian philosophy. When minarchists say we need the government for defense and courts, although they may be on the right path towards more freedom, they are still inconsistent in holding that stance since those services are paid for through coercion and are used to create more violence, coercion, and monopolies through wars and corporatist defense contracts along with the government monopoly of courts. If it is not right for government to run healthcare, education, and the economy, it also holds true that central planners are not legitimate when it comes to running anything including courts or the military. Minarchism is wrong since it still allows government, in what is presumed to be a minimal capacity, to steal and expropriate from the private sector for security and judicial services. Anarcho capitalism is the quintessence of a free and prosperous society and is the morally superior political system over all others. It’s the best way to get people out of poverty, create jobs, grow economies, create wealth, bring new technology to markets that advances the whole of society and this is all done voluntarily and without any threat of aggression. What could be wrong with this? There is of course no perfect system and I do not believe in Utopias. I do not think anarcho capitalism is a perfect political system, however, it is the best system when compared to all others that have been tried including but not limited to communism, democratic socialism, fascism, Nazism, federalism, tribalism, feudalism, and monarchism. Some of you are wondering perhaps, if this system is so great, why has it not been tried or implemented in a society? The answer to that may seem pretty obvious to some and that is that the reality of politics strives to limit freedom and increase power at all costs. Politicians and government leaders are not going to give up power. Corporations who partner with government (corporatism) and receive favors and sweetheart deals are not going to revolt against the power structure that provides these privileges. We have come very far from what once was a minarchist state to what is now a democratic socialist state that is infused with fascistic principles. It would be extremely difficult to go from where we are now to libertarian anarchy with pure free markets but that does not mean would should not continue to have a much needed revolution of ideas and move steadfastly in the direction that will lead us to freedom. It also does not mean that anarcho capitalism is not right. It’s the only system that will bring about pure freedom and economic advancement.