Anarcho-Capitalism is Right and Minarchism is Wrong

If we do not have government who will pick up my trash? How will my mail be delivered without the lovely postman who is employed by the government? How will my neighborhood be safe from criminals without the local police force? Who will pave the roads? The youth of America will be uneducated and left in the dust if we do not have government schools, with government teachers, and government mandated curriculums. We need the government for “national security” and for the common good of the populace that inhabits the United States of America. Government must be there to provide safety nets and programs for the less fortunate. These are the questions and statements made by people who believe government is here to solve all of our problems, mitigate every single inequality, fill in every pot hole, police the world and mediate every conflict in every principality, and in any country where we might have an interest in natural resources or an opportunity to expand our vast militaristic empire. They believe that the government should run the economy, and of course have the right to run every aspect of our lives through strict and incoherent laws accompanied by pages and pages of the most ridiculous regulations that can be contrived by a bunch of pencil pushing bureaucrats. These sentiments and values fall right in line with statism and it is what statists believe. There are others who are dependent on government and have been taught through years of indoctrination that government is a benevolent institution and must be embraced as the benefactor of goodness and “equality” for all people in that territorial area and the progressives believe this ideology wholeheartedly and reject any rational criticism against the government monstrosity. The fact of the matter is we do not need government to provide any of these services and the fact that we have a situation where the security of citizens is at risk, can be directly linked to the foreign policy of the United States going back decades. I could live with a political system that resembles the Constitution, minus the 16th amendment, eminent domain, and the unchecked power of the supreme court that has brought us so many unconstitutional laws in the name of judicial activism. The truth is that this is not possible. The minarchist will argue that we need government to at least provide defense and courts. The anarcho capitalist will tell you that we do not need a central, state, or local government for any other those aforementioned services and that includes courts and defense. Any service you can think of that the government currently has a monopoly on can be provided by the private sector more effectively and more efficiently with the absence of coercion. This is why minarchism is deeply flawed and anarcho capitalism is right.
When you have a Congress that is passing laws for no reason other than to pass laws and please the angry lynch mobs residing in their districts to retain power, you have a corrupt system. When you have a supreme court that is represented by nine unelected justices that are there for life and who have strong liberal or conservative biases, you have a corrupt system. When you have a president who declares wars at the drop of a hat and passes executive orders like he is handing out candy, you have a corrupt system. I am not singling out any particular politician or chief justice, the system has been corrupt since its inception and when you give the power to the federal government to interpret its own laws, the system will always be corrupt and limited government becomes the greatest example of what the word oxymoron means. Allowing the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution and decide whether or not laws are constitutional, is like allowing a fox who has not eaten in a week to guard the proverbial hen house.
Contrary to popular belief, democracy is not a wonderful and just political system to live under. Doug Casey said it the best, “Democracy is mob rule, dressed up in a sports coat”. The tyranny of the majority is the angry mob deciding what’s best for other people who do not agree or just want to be left alone. The only moral system is anarcho capitalism. This system also happens to be the most prosperous but the reason libertarians support this political philosophy relates directly to the high ethical standards espoused in this framework with prosperity being an added bonus. The government can not exist without stealing from the productive members of society through taxation and monetary inflation. The main role of government is to keep power and they do that by creating constituencies. They lie, use rhetoric that is littered with mistruths and deceptions in the hopes of creating a loyal voting base so they can reign supremely over the masses for as long as possible. Government has a monopoly on the use of force and this includes the power to tax. Anarcho capitalism is based on voluntary exchange with private institutions and people are responsible for their own actions and choices. This political philosophy embraces private property, voluntary exchange, individualism, and the freedom to live your life the way you see fit. Anarcho capitalism and libertarianism as a whole strongly rejects the idea of aggression, violence and any form of coercion. The government is the embodiment of aggressive force and violence and is why it is illegitimate and nefarious. The non aggression principle is an objective principle and is the guiding tenet of libertarian philosophy. When minarchists say we need the government for defense and courts, although they may be on the right path towards more freedom, they are still inconsistent in holding that stance since those services are paid for through coercion and are used to create more violence, coercion, and monopolies through wars and corporatist defense contracts along with the government monopoly of courts. If it is not right for government to run healthcare, education, and the economy, it also holds true that central planners are not legitimate when it comes to running anything including courts or the military. Minarchism is wrong since it still allows government, in what is presumed to be a minimal capacity, to steal and expropriate from the private sector for security and judicial services. Anarcho capitalism is the quintessence of a free and prosperous society and is the morally superior political system over all others. It’s the best way to get people out of poverty, create jobs, grow economies, create wealth, bring new technology to markets that advances the whole of society and this is all done voluntarily and without any threat of aggression. What could be wrong with this? There is of course no perfect system and I do not believe in Utopias. I do not think anarcho capitalism is a perfect political system, however, it is the best system when compared to all others that have been tried including but not limited to communism, democratic socialism, fascism, Nazism, federalism, tribalism, feudalism, and monarchism. Some of you are wondering perhaps, if this system is so great, why has it not been tried or implemented in a society? The answer to that may seem pretty obvious to some and that is that the reality of politics strives to limit freedom and increase power at all costs. Politicians and government leaders are not going to give up power. Corporations who partner with government (corporatism) and receive favors and sweetheart deals are not going to revolt against the power structure that provides these privileges. We have come very far from what once was a minarchist state to what is now a democratic socialist state that is infused with fascistic principles. It would be extremely difficult to go from where we are now to libertarian anarchy with pure free markets but that does not mean would should not continue to have a much needed revolution of ideas and move steadfastly in the direction that will lead us to freedom. It also does not mean that anarcho capitalism is not right. It’s the only system that will bring about pure freedom and economic advancement.

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