Choose Freedom Over The Political Process

People think they are free because they have a right to vote for a politician during election cycles. They have high hopes that of all the promises that were made to them during the campaign will be delivered promptly after the winner is declared and their lives will be enriched profoundly, all while the problems of the world are being washed away by this wonderful leader you helped pick. This is a scam that people have been believing since the democratic process was tried most notably here in America at the time of its founding. The truth is that voting and the political process will not change a thing for the betterment of people’s lives. Freedoms and natural rights will continue to be eroded away as long as we have power mad lunatics partnering with big corporations and big labor to rob and pilfer from the taxpayer. You will hear people say that voting is a sacred right that has been fought for and must be apart of a democracy. When people vote they are making a choice between ingesting cyanide or drinking hemlock. The choice is between a snake oil salesman and a used car salesman. Voting is like laying the cement for the prison walls that you will one day be living behind when the government takes everything you own right down to your dignity. Voting is like watering a tree that The State says they will hang you from in a few years. Voting is a government granted opportunity for indentured servants to have an inefficacious “voice” on a gigantic tax farm. The very idea of voting is irrelevant and is not necessary in a free world. It only does harm and no benefit can from the political process. Freedom does not include voting or democracy. In fact, democracy is tyrannical and corrupt to the core and is just a fancy word for vicious mob rule. The fix is in anyway. If the globalists, big banks, and other well connected elites want to put a politician in office, it will happen. There is nothing your insignificant and meaningless vote can do to stop the money of George Soros, The Koch Brothers, Wall Street, the SEIU, Hollywood, or Big Pharma. You may think you are accomplishing something by going down to your local polling station and voting for the latest sociopathic liar. The voting line is equivalent to the line the sheep wait on at the cattle ranch waiting to be slaughtered and made into lamb chops. The sheep at least are taken out of their misery but Americans inflict a slow death upon themselves by returning every election season to have their liberties slowly stripped away from them. But don’t we have a choice? We have a choice between the two parties. That’s what freedom and democracy are all about, right?
The Democrats and Republicans are the dominant parties in America and have controlled the political process for years. There was of course the Whigs and the Federalists and Anti Federalists, but when you think of politics, you think Republican and Democrat. The Democrats are sold as the party that supports the working man, the immigrant, and the downtrodden. They are the party that leans left. Republicans are supposed to be the morally superior party and support limited government and low taxes. They lean right. This may be how they come across as a result of the branding that they have used through the media and campaign slogans but let me give you the honest truth here if you do not already know. The Democrats are outright socialists. They want to grow government into perpetuity and until the State has full control over every aspect of your life. Tax and Spend is their motto. They want to control the economy and price fix. They want to keep raising the minimum wage and create more unemployment and dependents on The State. The Democrats believe in a regulatory State that gets to decide what type of toilet bowl you flush and what kind of car you drive. The Nanny State is also one of their Utopian dreams where you can only eat certain foods and not wearing your seatbelt can get you a hefty fine. If you read the works of Karl Marx, Saul Alinksy, and John Maynard Keynes, you will see where the Democrats developed their platform and positions. The Republicans want to regulate behavior from who you can marry, to internet porn, and to what medicinal drug you may want to take to relieve symptoms of illness. The Republicans are for entitlements, as are the Democrats, like Social Security and Medicare. The Republicans also have the motto Tax and Spend, the only difference is that it is on defense so the United States can invade and steal more natural resources from abroad. The point is that these two parties are not really different at all. In fact, they are not even parties, they are factions under the much larger and only party in American politics. This is The Big Government Party (The BGP) and is your only choice when you vote for your demise. The two factions within this party (Democrats and Republicans) both support war since war keeps the State healthy through tax dollars, propaganda and mind control, and through a vast network of surveillance. They both support robbing the productive members of society blind and giving to the “have nots” in hopes of creating a constituency of dependent slaves who will always worship government since they get a check in the mail every month. These two factions of the Big Government Party support nationalizing the private sector and are in favor of public education and socialized medicine. Whether its Obamacare, Romneycare, or Republican care, its bad for the economy and destroys our individual choice and whatever is left of our deteriorated quasi capitalist system. We do not have a choice, the two factions both represent control and thievery of private property and to think otherwise is foolish and a direct side affect of the brainwashing that people have undergone for far too long. It is time to snap out of it.
If we don’t vote how will our voices be heard? It’s the only thing we can do, right? Wrong. I think we need to spread ideas about freedom, especially young people who are more open minded and can usually be convinced in a specific direction if the argument is articulated and laid out with irrefutable points and statements. Start a website, invite some friends to a local eatery and discuss ideas for freedom. Make videos and start organizations that will spread ideas for freedom. Read libertarian essays and books by Murray Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Tom Woods, and Lew Rockwell. This plan of action might have been tried in the past but it needs to be a mission with an unwavering commitment from freedom lovers. The message of private property, non aggression, voluntaryism, and pure free market capitalism will prevail if we work hard at it. Always be assertive but never aggressive or violent. Formulate cogent ideas and debate them well and I think we can bring more and more people to the Libertarian movement and anarcho capitalism as the only political philosophy they will fight to uphold. Forget about the political process, it has never and will never ever work. Ideas, passion, drive, and the love for freedom will lead us to a universe where we can go wherever we want and do whatever we want as long as we do not hurt or steal from one another. I hope to see these ideas from the great libertarian philosophers become a reality one day. Hopefully I’ll be around to see it.


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