Maya Angelou | Honoring Another False Marxist Icon

It was not too long ago in December of 2013 that the American media devoted copious amounts of time to praise and show gratitude to the deceased South African leader Nelson Mandela. The far left nutcases who work for the government media complex went on for days about how wonderful this man was for freedom. They talked about how the legacy he left behind was one that should be looked at with honor and esteem for he was the great liberator of blacks in South Africa from the white “devils” who ruled over them. If any fair minded person who took the media for what they are, a bunch of deceptive, leftist agenda driven, cultural Marxist propagandizers, they would have instantly realized that Nelson Mandela was anything but a mild mannered liberator who was worthy of literary shrines and sycophancy that lasted for days with no end in sight. Further reading and research would have illuminated the real character and historical significance of this man. He was a communist through and through and often paraded around with high ranking officials of the Cuban government including Fidel Castro and card carrying communists like the Lithuanian born Joe Slovo in South Africa who became one of the leaders of The MK, a military arm of the African National Congress that used violence to send a political message. There is a picture of Slovo and Mandela together with a red flag with a hammer and sickle waving behind them at a rally. The MK was the organization that Mandela founded and it sponsored acts of terrorism and guerilla attacks, mostly in the form of bombings, for years against innocent civilians and the South African government. He can be seen singing songs about killing whites and used race to climb the political ladder throughout his infamous life. This man was a murderer and a racist commie low life, not someone we needed to hear about on the news until our minds entered into state of delirium and suffered a cognitive cleansing of dystopian proportion, but this is what white guilt, cultural marxism, political correctness, and the ruthless far left will have you endure to get their message of “tolerance”, only for their progressive ideas, and utopian socialism across to the brain dead cattle that make up the American population. They are doing it now with the recent death of the anti-Semitic, uneducated, radical feminist, race hustling marxist Maya Angelou, whose writings that are regarded as the next best thing since Shakespeare, Dickens, and George Elliot, are actually sub par and unlettered when compared to a list of what any somewhat educated person has read during their lifetime. She is being praised simply because of her skin color and America must watch and listen as we are lectured on how this woman was a hero for civil rights and how she fought for equality. It is a bunch of nonsense and anyone who pals around with hateful and bigoted religious fanatics from the Nation of Islam, like Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhon, should be looked at with revulsion and experience instantaneous feelings of qualmishness, as Angelou associated with these incendiary racial arsonists at different intervals during her life. Many will say she had a difficult life. She was raped as a young girl and had a rough upbringing that would not be ideal for any youngster. This is unfortunate, however, many people have difficult lives and face incredible hardships but they do not overcome them by blaming other groups of people for their problems and becoming prostitutes. She is described as an epic “writer” and is best known for her book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and it is very apparent that she sees black people as forever being the caged bird and whites the oppressors. She also uses this metaphor to describe other oppressed people she identifies with in her life. She obviously did not have any compassion for the Cuban people who suffered under the brutal, fifty-five year and counting, reign of the Castros. She supported these psychotic power mad dictators of Cuba and for that we have to honor this woman? We need to start supporting people that have qualities which will help people become free without using scapegoats that have no correlation to the problems the victims of malice and coerciveness are facing at that time. We need to laud and acclaim people that peacefully stand up to government tyranny in all its forms. The people that denounce radical feminism, cultural marxism, political correctness, the far left storytellers in the media, the race hustlers, the public sector unions, religious zealots, the money counterfeiters, the central planners, the surveillance state, and the police state, are the ones that should be read about and admired and the people that use government force, violence, and mistruths to achieve their ends of egalitarianism, syndicalism, and social justice need to be polemically addressed and non violently fought against to preserve our natural human freedoms. It is a relief that people like Mandela and Angelou are no longer here to propagate their dangerous ideologies based on statism, theft of private property, social justice, racial animosity, and collectivism.

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