The State Loves Unrestricted Immigration

When politicians and high ranking officials want to build their constituency up to win elections, they will appease and kowtow to a certain demographic. The progressives do this especially well and have been masters at building up voting blocs since FDR one four consecutive elections which lasted twelve long years. LBJ did it with The Great Society and took undeserving credit for the Civil Rights Act, which, by the way, mandates forced integration. More recently, Obama used his oratory skills to indoctrinate and persuade the masses that he will bring “Change You Can Believe In” by fundamentally transforming America into a socialist dystopia. They are adept at labeling certain groups of people as the downtrodden, the little guy, the working man, and they love to use their favorite political catch phrase to describe their biggest constituency and that’s the middle class and, ironically, the middle class is being systematically dismantled and destroyed by government at this very moment. They have used and abused everyone to achieve their ultimate goal of power, corruption, and to establish a Utopian land where the “friendly” and “beneficent” government provides all goods and services while we are all collectively worthless and should be unselfish with what we earn by giving it to The State to distribute. That seems to be working out wonderfully in Venezuela where the people of that country are experiencing food shortages and a two class system of the super rich and the very poor. That will be coming here to America very shortly and we can already see these socialist policies taking hold of our lives. There was never freedom to begin with, not under the tyrannical U.S. government, but at least there was a taste of what it meant to be somewhat free about two-hundred and twenty years ago when a minarchist government was set up to preserve individual human rights. That lasted a few years and then the inevitable happened as it always does with any form of government. It grows and becomes an unchecked monster that consumes everything in its path to feed its voracious appetite for control, expropriation, and servitude from the misinformed trance induced masses who think government is wonderful. The progressives use groups like women, minorities, the blue collar working man, the youth, and a host of others to sell the message that the government is your ticket to equality, prosperity, and free stuff. Any reasonable person that knows how The State operates understands that these promises will never come true and they will only benefit certain groups in the immediate short term but the long term prospects are bleak for everyone’s freedom. Unfortunately, very few realize they have become serfs and when they do it is too late.

The group of people that the progressives are appeasing now are the hoards of illegal aliens crossing the border to bilk the private sector for everything it produces. The progressives are ecstatic over the idea of a forty to fifty million person constituency that will vote for them once amnesty goes through and they have the rhetoric and unrestricted power to make this a reality. There may be immigrants who come here to work and live an honest and decent life and that is all well and good, however, there are many more who come here and leech off the handout monstrosity known as the U.S. welfare system. Immigrants come here and get free healthcare, food stamps, public housing, WIC checks, and they do not pay a nickel in taxes that other hardworking Americans have been paying their whole lives. I am of course for no taxes, and a stateless society with private laws, but if we are looking at the way things exist now, we do pay taxes and we do have public land that should be owned by the taxpayers not by non tax paying third world immigrants and lazy bums that were born here and already reside here in America who pilfer their way through life. Additionally, taxpayers are people who are coerced into paying their money to government thieves that they earned through private voluntary exchange. I want to be clear that teachers, MTA workers, police officers, firemen, union bullies, the military, government officials, and all public sector workers are not tax payers but larcenists who live off of the productive private sector through arm twisting and other forceful means. They are paid with stolen private property and are accomplices to the thievery that takes place through taxation. They do not have claim to the public land areas. In an anarcho capitalist system with private property laws, the owners of property would get to decide who they get to sell it to and who is allowed on the property. Then we could have a more open discussion about immigration since it would be up to the individual to decide who they want on their property and in their covenant communities. Would people want drug addicts, criminals, low skilled workers, disease ridden vagabonds, unlettered marauders, that bring cultural diversity to their communities? Or is it safe to say that people want to have doctors, lawyers, successful businessmen, productive individuals, people who share the same intellectual and cultural value system, and people who speak the same language as part of their community? In a pure free society, free individuals and businesses could make this decision without the intrusive force of the government lurking just around the bend. We should be free to discriminate, free to choose, and have freedom of association as long as we are peaceful and do not physically harm anyone in this process. Immigration comes down to private property and freedom of association but the government does not allow us to choose they expropriate and legislate all of our freedoms away and its usually to pacify another big group of potential voters. We have a huge problem in the here and now with the free flow of immigrants into America and it will destroy any small specks of freedom that are left.

I am not a big fan of Milton Friedman since he supported the Federal Reserve and all of its shortcomings. I would much prefer reading Murray Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block and Lew Rockwell, but, Friedman said it best when he explained that you can not have an open border with a giant welfare state. Now, many might say one has nothing to do with the other. They are completely separate issues. I would agree if we lived in a political system that was setup to embrace the principles of libertarian anarchy that had no borders and no central planners. There would only be a private law system based on the non aggression principle and private property laws. There would be no taxes or expropriation of any kind. Voluntary trade and capitalism would be the way to prosperity and moral sanctity. This would prohibit the idea of a welfare system that operated from theft through taxes to redistribute wealth. The end result would be less immigration to this particular territory since immigrants would be on their own where they could not rely on The State to support them in any way and they would be subject to private property laws. The way it is setup up now, leads to an unambiguous causal effect that exists between tax subsidized handouts and illegal immigration. It is unavoidable when discussing immigration and it is of course the way The State wants it to be. The immigration dilemma that the U.S. government has created results in a new demographic of voters and dependents that help sustain this parasitic institution of governance. By encouraging millions upon millions of illegals to become citizens which will permit them to vote for social decay, egalitarianism, more cultural Marxism, and to sponsor other family members to come and do the same, would be homicide perpetrated by the government and suicide if freedom loving people stand by and let it happen. If we take a look at where these immigrants come from they are usually leaving places that are run by despotic leaders that have brought hardship and despair to the citizens of that nation. South and Central America, as well as Mexico, have rampant poverty, crime, and corruption. The cities in these countries look like cesspools that you would not consider subjecting the lowest forms of life to for an hour. Why would you want to bring that with you after you leave? This is what happens though, they wave their former countries’ flags and support progressive policies that always lead to economic turmoil and in your face Marxism.

These people call white Americans racist and demand to be treated fairly and they want their free stuff now. Who else would be put up with this lunacy? The State loves the idea of diversity so they can divide and conquer and pit one another against each other. I accept people for who they are individually, I also understand that groups of people want to associate with people that are like them. People who share a common language, culture, and experiences, often want to stick together and segregate themselves into groups. This is a form of tribalism and is inherent in the human species. We see examples of this all the time on college campuses, in churches, and in communities. This is only forbidden and looked at as vile and evil racism when white people want to do the same thing. There is a strategic plan that has been put into place by The State. It has a cold blooded nature with wicked motives when viewed as a breathing thinking ogre that can be broken down into smaller parts of sinister central planners that will go great lengths to preserve the unassailable authoritarianism possessed by this tyrannical cyclopean governmental freak. They love to spread the ideology of “white privilege” and “white America” to keep otherwise tolerant and peaceful people fighting and warring with each other over disagreements that the government creates and instigates to have even more control over the masses. It is a good idea to accept each other as individuals while also having the freedom to associate with who we want for whatever reason. We should be allowed to discriminate, and choose who we want to be around and do business with but it becomes a severe problem when certain ethnic groups and special interests can use their lobbying power to make laws that directly target other groups of people. This is what immigration will do when government is involved and it is not left up to private law societies and private property contracts. This is why free flowing immigration from anywhere is loved by The State, especially if socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and culture can be exploited to the government leviathan’s advantage. It fits right into their playbook of constituency building, passing of more legislation, pitting groups against one another by strategically and cunningly assigning labels to them, and using emotional phrases like “We are a nation of immigrants” or “humanitarianism” to achieve their ends. We are not a nation of immigrants most of us were born here and the immigrants we descended from came here legally and assimilated and any one that was a leech and/or a criminal should have been branded as pariahs. The bottom line is that during periods of mass immigration to America from the 1860s to the early 1920s, I would still support free market anarchism, private property, and covenant communities. If we are to compare the two periods of immigration past and present based on government policies and assimilation of immigrants, it is much more chaotic now and is much more culturally and economically destructive in the 21st century then ever before. The answer to this out of control dilemma is of course anarcho capitalism. If only it were in place to save humanity because The State will always exist to rob and control you while telling you it is there to help you. The State also loves unrestricted immigration to strengthen their power.