Orwellian Red Light Cameras In Dystopian America

I rarely open my mail to find a picture of my car with a ticket attached to it for “running” a red light which was taken by an expensive spy cam usually on my way to work so I can make a living so part of it can be expropriated to fund more government programs, projects, and experiments. But when I do receive these bureaucratic nasty grams, I think back to a novel I read during my freshman year in high school and begin to be swallowed in utter amazement of how accurate George Orwell’s dystopian tale 1984 has become in describing the frightening world where we now dwell in the year 2014. The newspeak is of course the word “safety” which leads the minions to believe that these laws are helpful, worthwhile, and of course gives the impression of an amicable and just government. This is of course a coded term used by the statists and administrators that work for Big Brother to hide the real meaning and agenda behind these traffic cameras which is control and revenue. The State of New York where I currently reside can not generate enough revenue at a faster rate to keep up with their dreams and authoritarian ambitions for a socialist paradise which is kept on the speedy and narrow path. There are union workers where I live working on the same road and highway construction projects for years. It has not accomplished anything but more traffic, gridlock, and overpaid construction workers sitting around drinking copious amounts of coffee as they happily ponder how big their pension check will be upon their retirement. This would never happen if private owners and construction companies owned and maintained the roads. New York has a load of liabilities, and where I live you have the teacher’s unions, police unions, and worker’s unions sucking the tax payers dry (tax payer = a person whose income has been stolen that was earned through voluntary private exchange). The politicians on Long Island and in the surrounding metropolitan area are the biggest crony capitalist weasels on the planet and they will make sure revenue generating cameras are placed in many places as possible so they can pay off their donors and keep the progressive plan to control the masses alive. These cameras have absolutely nothing to do with safety. In fact, accidents at these intersections are almost identical to the numbers reported before the cameras were installed. The statistics show that accidents caused by “running” red lights are slightly less, however, rear end collisions caused by people slamming on their brakes at these intersections has increased dramatically. There has been no substantial evidence that these cameras make the roads safer, it is to the contrary. The only evidence is the revenue streams that continue to pour into the coffers which would lead any reasonable person to believe that these cameras only exist to rob and steal from the private sector and of course have more control over your every movement. People will say if their is so much opposition to these cameras wouldn’t politicians be forced to do away with them? The bottom line is people get upset for a few minutes when they see the ticket in the mail and then forget about it. They go back to their busy, mundane, meaningless, consumerist lives and will only think about the cameras again when another ticket arrives. There is also an army of progressive liberals who support these cameras and can be heard saying stupid emotional phrases like, “if a camera saves one life, they are worth all the money in the world”. It’s hard to combat far left lunatics like this since everything leftist politicians and progressive ideologues do is based on emotion and pseudo intellectualism which misinformed drones by into on an ongoing basis. You might also hear people say that “these are public roads and if you do not want to get a ticket take the bus”. This is of course another idiotic statement. The roads were built by the government and union slobs through coercive monopolization, and travelers have no choice but to use these roads so they can get to their destination or use another monopolized over priced public transport system by way of mass transit made up of dilapidated buses and trains to move about “freely” in our new dystopian land. Government roads with private cars or government roads with government buses. Which do you prefer? The choice is comparable to Obamacare or Cuban style healthcare. Take your pick. A horrendous democratic socialist program that limits choice and redistributes income or a Communist program that gives one choice while impoverishing and leaving helpless people to die without a chance. This is how The State operates. The State uses force and monopolization to conquer and control territorial areas of people and expects you to be grateful and appreciative of all the “services” this Goliathian system purports to provide.   Forcing people to use a product and then asking them to be grateful is like buying milk, cheese, and eggs for a lactose intolerant person and then forcing them to pay for it at gunpoint, and when they object to these aggressive actions, the buyer of these groceries says “it’s for your own well being, you should be thanking me, I bought you food to eat”. Roads and highways should be privatized and that way we would have competition, more choices, less traffic, and tax dollars that we would be able to keep which would enable people to voluntarily choose where to spend the fruits of their labor.

This is of course only the beginning of what will be coming further down the trough on a revenue farm ruled by corrupt politicians, meddling bureaucrats, and power hungry control freaks, where phone and internet spying, police militarization, and surveillance cameras will just become part of a routine day for the obedient “sheep”, “goats”, and other amenable occupants. Politicians are already planning to put speeding cameras in school zones in my community and they will most likely add more red light cameras throughout my county as they will also raise the fine. The fine has already gone from $50 dollars to $80 dollars. The liberal fascists will say that if you don’t break the law, you wont have to pay the fine. That sounds lovely but for the fact that these cameras ensure that we are guilty until proven innocent and these laws go against the 6th amendment as well in that we cannot cross examine a red light camera. What if the camera and the video it records is setup to purposely catch innocent motorists or it malfunctions? This is not due process. Finally, where does this end? Red light cameras, speeding cameras, then on to cameras that watch for “reckless” lane changes, cameras that check inspection and registration stickers, cameras that peer into your car to see if any narcotics are in view, cameras at stop signs, and the list goes on as far as your imagination will take you on this journey through an Orwellian nightmare. When there is millions to be made, politicians are happy, donors are happy, and the surveillance companies are happy. When the masses can be controlled with little to no opposition through propaganda, doublespeak, newspeak, all coated with a patina of government benevolence, individuals and whole civilizations will be doomed to live in a depressing, dark, wicked, frightening place that Orwell could not even fantasize about or envision in his most wild and fanciful dreams.