People, Places, and Things I Find Loathsome

I have been called pessimistic, a doomsayer, cynical, and negative by a few people during my life. In the last five or six years more friends, family members, and co workers have told me that I seem to find the worst in things and I can be overly critical of the world and its inhabitants around us. This is partially true and with all the corruption, war, tyranny and an overall deterioration of civilization, it’s difficult for any truth seeker not to be a bit gloomy. I am pessimistic and I do bring a healthy cynicism to my daily life when interacting with society and its members. I do not consider myself a negative person or a doomsayer. I think it is very important to be observant and critical of our environment, as well as, have constructive opinions that may be harsh in nature to bring a more realistic understanding to humankind of the grim and unpleasant truths that are on many of our minds, or out there in the world, but are repressed in favor of optimistic, imaginary, and unrealistic world views. I like to think of things as realistically as possible. I find the best way to do that is to have a good understanding of right and wrong, truth and nonsense, and a value system based on logic, reason, nonviolence and the absence of coercion. I do not care if people agree with me, most people who do disagree with me do not come up with any cogent or satisfactory arguments to refute my stance. They just say they disagree or that I’m offensive which is hardly an intellectual comeback. I have a right to an opinion and in a few short sentences you will be reading about the things, people, and places, I find loathsome. I’m hear to tell you that it is quite alright to be a contrarian, a polemist, and someone who speaks out against injustice. It’s righteous to speak the truth and not to sugar coat the actual state of things as we experience them. It is natural to seek the truth and gain knowledge and we have a human right to say whatever we want  even if the political correctness police or its evil twin, cultural Marxism, are standing right behind us ready to bop free speech over the head. I complain regularly about what’s happening on this planet and I could write a book about all the things that I find bothersome and nauseating but I’ll just write a short diatribe on the way I see things. I don’t care if you are offended, there is no right not to be offended. I will speak about these things until I can’t speak no more or until someone shuts me up, which, by the way, will be a painstaking task I can assure you. Where do I begin?

There’s nothing like sitting in your favorite spot of the house with a thought provoking book away from the rat race and the planet’s most annoying and inconsiderate inhabitants. Humans can be wonderful and humans have done some of the most unthinkable and horrific things one could conceive or possibly imagine. People, not all people, are crooks, thieves, murderers, corrupt, mean spirited, sinister, jealous, power hungry, inconsiderate, rude, crude, back stabbers, con artists, rapists, racists, arsonists, liars, drug users, pedophiles, beggars, moochers, leeches, snakes, opportunists, charlatans, cheaters, beaters, vandals, and involved in scandals just to name a few on a long list that could go on ad infinitum. Do I run into people like this everyday? No, but I bet you run into several types just mentioned which could ruin anyone’s day. First off, and this is in no particular order, I detest beggars, hobos, bums, street wanderers, sundowners, vagrants, tramps, and bindle stiffs that accost me for money at the airport and in the subway. Sometimes they harass me while I’m walking down the street or even when I’m in my car. I don’t want my windows washed with a dirty rag and I don’t care what your sign says. These people are scammers. They are downtrodden and pathetic losers largely as a result of their own poor decisions. Unless you have exhausted every job opportunity and you can demonstrate that you are not a drug addled low life that ended up where you are because of a Mount Everest of bad decisions, then leave me alone. People are free to give money to these outcasts, but I will not be one of them. Real private property laws would fix the problem of bums harassing innocent patrons of these public places. It’s why you don’t see many bums sleeping in the aisles of Macy’s or bothering people at The Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld. Race hustlers, race baiters, race agitators, and racists of all colors and stripes need to be denounced and spoken about with unrelenting criticism. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, James Cone, Louis Farrakhan, and all the other black rabble rousers and  supremacist groups are disseminators of hate, they tell mistruths, and use propaganda and exploitation of minorities to line their greedy pockets and to gain political clout. White supremacists are no better along with Hispanic supremacist groups who spread messages of violence and small minded unintelligible rhetoric. I abhor all racist groups including, but not limited to, The KKK, La Raza, and The New Black Panther Party. It’s fine to want to be around your own race and culture. It’s fine to only want to associate with certain people even if those decisions are based on race and culture. It’s fine to voice your opinion about race relations and controversial ideas regarding ethnicities, race, and ethno cultures. In a free society it’s fine to be a racist. I would say being one makes you an ignorant person, but it does not violate the non aggression principle and it should be permitted without threat of violence in a truly free society. I am against forced integration or forced exclusion. People are free to associate and say whatever they like in a free world. The line must be drawn when there is violence and threats of force. Furthermore, the groups and organizations that have race related agendas that use lobbying power and government force to bring about social “justice” by vilifying another group of innocent people must be exposed as troublemakers and agitators.

I absolutely can’t stand socialists, Marxists, leftists, progressives, democrats, communists, fake libertarians who call themselves left libertarians or any other political group, or ideology, that stands for collectivism and wants to destroy the individual. Political groups that are hell bent on achieving egalitarianism and a democratic socialist Utopia where possessions and property are evil and The State and social justice are praised must be harshly condemned every conscious moment of everyday. I find religion and religious zealots like priests, rabbis, sheiks, clerics, imams, witch doctors, snake handlers, medicine men, Islamists, Christians, Zionists, polytheists, monotheists, Sunnis, Shi’ites, liberal Jews, conservative Jews, Baptists, monks, Mormons,  scientologists, Buddhists, Hindus, Satanists, and any other religious affiliations to be irrational, dangerously dogmatic, and in most instances wicked and nefarious. Religion has brought death and destruction for millennia. The Inquisition, conquests, religious wars, 9/11, and torture of children just to name a few injustices on the reproachable resume of religion. Feminists and The Women’s Movement is guided by a false premise that men are oppressors and women are victims. This is categorically untrue and absolute nonsense. Women make less because they work less in less demanding fields and careers. They also have larger gaps in their employment history. If anything there is a “War on Men” and we can see it in the divorce courts, the media, entertainment, commercials, and paternity fraud. Feminism should be looked at with disdain and disgust. It has been the direct cause of the genocide of unborn human babies in the name of “reproductive rights”. This is a complete and utter disgrace to humanity. We are also browbeaten by these militant feminazis that see birth control as a right that must be paid for by private business owners and taxpayers.. Free birth control is not about free choice, it’s about getting something for nothing by expropriating the hard earned income from individuals, families, and  businesses in the private sector. Where is their free choice (businesses/taxpayers) to not have to participate in your pleasure pills? Environmentalists and climate alarmists make me want to pull my hair out of my head. The “science”, or pseudoscience, is soft at best and it’s another intellectual and statist collaboration to gain more control over the masses and steal more money for the “common good”. The IPCC gets more tax subsidies and government elites pass more green fascist laws to further enslave the minions. How wonderful!  How did the five known ice ages end? Did wooly mammoths melt the ice away with an enormity of carbon rich flagellants? Did the hunters and gatherers of the time melt the ice with fires lit in their cave dwellings? What garbage! The EPA, Al Gore, The Green Party, PBS, and brain dead climatologists that work for Leviathan are all equally revolting and people need to hear the truth about this giant con game. Any climate change that occurs is due to natural activity that is taking place on the earth through the climate cycle and geothermal forces, as well as, solar phenomenon, like sun spots.  Unions, and I mean all unions, from teacher’s unions, international unions, labor unions, private unions, police unions, firefighter unions, railroad unions, restaurant unions, carpenter unions, uptown unions, and downtown unions are gangs of thieves that are well organized and ready to use violence and coercion and political cronyism to steal from the private sector. Unions and public sector jobs need to be replaced with total privatization of all goods and services.

Those are a few things and people I find repugnant. There are also places I try to avoid like the bubonic plague. Places like the post office where you wait in line only to be greeted by a miserable grumpy bureaucrat who overcharges you for a service the private sector could obviously do more effectively and with a smile. They are insolvent as an organization and this was easily predictable when government mandarins are at the helm. Washington D.C. and M.I.T. are places made up of liars and people paid by the sheeple through monopolization of taxing power. Professors and politicians are not held accountable since they are on the dole and have tenured positions. Politicians have monopoly powers and that transcend taxation. They print their way through a crises and legislate to control and gain support from the unsuspecting masses. Intellectuals, mainly leftists, propagate the message that government is good and serves an important purpose and government pays these individuals to spread this message. A symbiotic relationship if I have ever seen one. I will not be visiting the nation’s capital anytime soon, and I would never subject my kids, if I have them, to public schools to be indoctrinated or any quasi private universities run by psychotic progressives. The roads, especially in New York, where I live are especially irritating and in pitiful shape. The taxes here are some of the highest in the country. There should be no reason why I’m driving through pot holes the size of Olympic swimming pools. The congestion and traffic is mind numbing and likely the cause of any high blood pressure and anxiety I experience and most of it is caused by the consumerists on their way to the dreadful mall to buy more insanely stupid junk to impress people they don’t even know. The wasteful construction projects in the area don’t help either, on top of the unwary and heedless dumbbells driving on the roads that are likely to cause an accident or just make your entire journey intolerable. How about toll booths? You have the dregs of humanity sitting in these sardine cans breathing in toxic fumes and it’s no wonder that are the nastiest and most unfriendly specimens on the planet. Exorbitant fees to go over a bridge that was paid for through taxes decades ago, all to drive on roads on and around the bridge that look like roads in the uncivilized third world. Of course, these tolls are to pay the inept and incompetent toll booth workers and the MTA. Such a disgraceful waste of capital and money that could be invested to create more wealth and real innovative and productive jobs that raise the standard of living.

Well that about sums it up for now. I can go on and on but who would listen? Pessimism is a virtue, it does not set you up for disappointment and it allows you to look at things through a clear lens and not rose colored glasses. I try to be a realist and shed light on what is the cause of all the problems we now see in our world. Also, I find neocons, war mongers, control freaks, nanny statists, and republicans repugnant too. And in case your wondering egalitarians, Hollywood, Wall Street, public streets, banksters, The Federal Reserve, bailout recipients, animal abusers, crony capitalists, morally depraved celebrities and reality TV stars, rudeness, stupidity, ill manners, envious or abusive family members, religious holidays, long lines in the supermarket, police militarization, drug addicts, drug prohibitionists, imperialism, fascists, totalitarians, authoritarians, central planners, military invaders, tax raiders, foreign aid, Medicaid, welfare queens, parasites, harlots, starlets, immigrants who occupy and steal private property, the dentist’s office, the airport, government regulations, interventionism, the media, and abortionists can go on the list of people, places, and things I loathe too. I love and uphold freedom, individualism, libertarianism, decency, private property, justice, rationalism, objectivism, freethinkers, and capitalism. Have a nice day!

The above harangue is just a way for me to write an exposition of my views. I do not condone violence and I encourage peace, prosperity, and the right to express any and all opinions.