My Complete Journey From Neocon To Free Market Anarchist

If someone came up to me six years ago and told me that in the year 2014 I would be an unapologetic principled free market anarchist, I would have laughed in that person’s face and then explained why being a paleoconservative that upholds the constitution and nationalism is the greatest political stance in the world. Boy was I wrong, and my journey towards libertarian anarchy begins before mid 2013 when I finally became a free market anarchist  This long political journey began somewhere around 2001 during a tumultuous time. The horrific events of 9/11 were fresh on every American’s mind and this is when I took the political stance of neoconservatism (I called myself a moderate Republican). I thought by the U.S. invading countries like Iraq and Afghanistan under the leadership of George W. Bush, America would be able to prevail in a war against injustice and an uninvited terrorist attack against innocent civilians. I did not look to research some of the causes of this terrible attack but took the word of various politicians that terrorists from the middle east hated America because we were “free”. To be a moderate Republican does not just mean you support a foreign policy of war and interventionism, although that’s a major part of neoconservatism and the philosophy of the Republican party. It also means you support big government policies like the “War On Drugs”, out of control spending, crony capitalism, entitlement programs, the growth of government agencies and bureaucracies, and The Federal Reserve. It also means that you support establishment politicians in The GOP, which I thought were the diametric opposite of Democrats, but the two parties are not much different from one another. Most of their squabbles are over how to stiff the private individual more effectively while simultaneously gaining more power. I realized after the debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan that it was time to be a more principled and educated conservative. By late 2008, after the presidential elections, I decided I would identify as a constitutional conservative and drop any affiliations with neoconservatism and support for big government policies. I wanted to be associated with a political philosophy that embraced the founding fathers’ vision for a limited and constitutional form of government  that respected the sovereignty of the individual. Unfortunately, I did not go far enough in my beliefs. It was not until around two years ago when I realized that the modern conservative movement and the ideas enshrined in the contemporary conservative political philosophy influenced by William F. Buckley Jr., and the like, were deeply flawed as well.

In early 2008, I was reading books by Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and  Dick Morris. I was watching Fox News every night and thought Hannity was a great conservative commentator. Later that year, after John McCain lost the election to Barack Obama, I decided it was time to support real limited government conservatives. I started listening to Andrew Wilkow on Sirius XM Patriot and I learned quite a bit about The U.S. Constitution from this conservative talk radio program. I continued reading books about  conservatism, including The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk and I read books about how the constitution was implemented and functioned to limit the tyranny of the federal government through checks and balances and separation of powers. I strongly supported states rights and made sure I understood the Constitution as it was intended to be understood. I was a constitutional textualist and took every word as it was written in the pamphlet I carried around in my pocket. I certainly knew it was not meant to be interpreted by nine unelected judges. Marbury v. Madison set that precedent in 1803 and is the reason why limited governments never stay limited.  When The Tea Party came along in 2009-2010, I supported that movement and I was able to stand by, and effectively articulate, my own ideas and convictions when speaking to someone about politics at this point.  I was always prepared for a debate with someone on the left or a family member that took an opposing point of view. I eventually came to the realization that The Tea Party just represented a different brand of big government and hypocrisy.

There was another crucial phase in my political development which happened earlier. So let me take you back a little. One day, in late 2008, I was told about Michael Savage by a family member. He told me that Savage was a cynical outspoken and humorous conservative talk radio host and that I should listen to him one day to hear his worldly views. I listened once and quickly became a regular listener to the program. He was the greatest voice I heard in the conservative movement. He did not really talk about the Constitution on his program but he talked about “Borders, Language, and Culture”, a phrase he coined and made part of his broadcast on a daily basis. He spoke about things that the media swept under the rug and he was not afraid to speak his mind, no matter how controversial the topic. I loved the fact that he was gutsy and talked about conservative issues that I identified with like the threat of Radical Islam, the deterioration of American society, immigration policy, and why Obamacare would fail. Plus, he had a knack for telling great stories. Couple this new discovery with constitutional conservatism and reading a few books by Patrick J. Buchanan, and I now considered myself a Paleoconservative who stood by the original intent of the constitution and supported The Tea Party movement. That all eventually changed. I would remain a Paleocon for the next few years, however, all of this was short lived because I finally found Libertarianism in late 2012 and it has changed my life forever.

Like many voters, I voted for the lesser of the two evils in 2012, and cast a ballot for Mitt Romney. It was a horrible thought to think Obama would be reelected and I would have to endure another four years of hardcore leftist and progressive policies under this despotic ideologue. The talking heads, populists, and neocons on Fox News told conservatives that Romney was a shoe in and that he would be our next president. They were of course wrong and I realized Romney was no different than Obama. He would also support big government policies. I had already been exposed to Libertarianism from a friend at work and the more I listened to the message Ron Paul was conveying on peace and prosperity, the more I became attracted to the libertarian way of thinking. When Romney lost the election that was it for me and the whole political process. I was fed up with mainstream conservatism and all of its old and unrefreshing ideas. I was tired of Fox News and the agenda they pushed down their viewers throats night after night. I was sick of The Republican Party putting up establishment big government neocons to run for office. And, most importantly, I was sick of the inconsistencies, mistruths, and tyrannical notions that became embedded in conservatism like the “War On Drugs”, policy making that was guided by religion, and the perpetual cries for war from the numerous party war hawks like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. What I was looking for was a philosophy that truly embraced freedom. Individual freedom, economic freedom, and the freedom to do what you want as long as you do not violate anyone else’s natural rights. This would be consistent and moral. I was now officially a libertarian. I started reading books by Ron Paul, End The Fed and The Revolution, and I began to realize that this man is not the same lunatic the Republican Party portrays him to be at debates. This man stands for pure free markets and non aggression. Ron Paul is a brilliant person and I am glad I opened up my mind and read his works. It was not long until I was introduced to a new philosophy that would build on the principles of libertarianism and take them to their logical conclusion. My friend at work told me that The State is a coercive monopoly power and that all goods and services can be provided entirely by the private sector. I had a hard time digesting the idea of security, courts, roads and national defense being handled by the private sector. How was this possible? He then told me about the Lew Rockwell phone app, anarcho capitalism, and Murray Rothbard, the father of modern libertarianism, and this is where the search for the most moral, consistent, logical, political philosophy that embraces freedom, peace, prosperity, and non aggression ends and where my journey to educate the world about this awe inspiring philosophy of liberty begins.

Some that have adopted the ideas of free markets without State intervention, identify as anarcho capitalists, libertarian anarchists, Austro-libertarians, private property anarchists, or just anarchists. I prefer to call myself a free market anarchist. It’s important to distinguish ourselves from left libertarians, anarcho socialists, and anarcho syndicalists who stand for egalitarianism and collectivism. Free market anarchists believe in a sound monetary policy that  starts with a salable commodity as currency, like gold or silver. We believe in unrestricted free markets and the right to private property. We also hold the non aggression principle to be the central tenet of anarcho capitalism or free market anarchy. This simply means that no one may use coercion against anyone’s physical body or private property except in cases of justified self defense. What could possibly be wrong with a doctrine that speaks to the ideas of freedom and peace. The notion that government can protect private property is one that can be thrown out since there is a glaring contradiction in this statement. A government that expropriates from people through taxation (theft) cannot possibly be the ultimate protector of private property. They steal private property in order to “protect” private property. This is nonsensical proposition and tyrannical in nature. The State has a monopoly on decision making authority, legislative power, the power to tax, and, of course, a monopoly on the use of force through various security agencies (police, FBI, CIA, DHS) and defense agencies (U.S. military, national guard, DoD). The only way to have a moral political system that raises the standard of living and respects natural human rights is through free market anarchism. The economy would be based on Austrian Economics which was deeply enhanced by Ludwig Von Mises and is based on human action, rationalism, and free markets, as opposed to, positivism, empiricism, and Keynesianism. The moral side of issues would be settled by Rothbardian ethics which focuses on free trade, voluntarism, contracts, private property, the non aggression principle, and anti state cultural conservatism.

I now understand that government is an old concept. Government can not bring about peace, economic growth, and protect individual rights. Governments are about control, and power, and they try to maximize their influence and domination as far as they possibly can. Individuals, unfortunately, suffer from all these unnecessary wars, and economic interventionism along with central planning that governments inherently perpetuate. The standard of living is lowered and the elites become richer all at the expense of the private business owner and taxpayer. The U.S. has stifled economic growth through regulations, entitlements programs, bailouts, cronyism, and taxation. It has also committed atrocities since its inception but has been extremely imperialistic and hegemonic since the beginning of the 20th century and especially after World War II. This can all stop by spreading the ideas of libertarian anarchy (pure libertarianism). If we can use education, the principles of secession, pacifist civil disobedience (non violent), libertarian activism, disownment of all statists and government workers, and boycotts of all businesses that support war, big government policies, and that collude with big government, then, there is a good chance people will start to realize that the concept of freedom, higher living standards, protection services, a sound currency, private property, and a chance to live your life the way you want is imperative and something government can not effectively provide. It will never be able to accomplish these things in a satisfactory way simply because it is incapable and it exists for a different objective. It’s created for a totally different reason. It is there to steal, murder, control, spy, and plan for more power and superiority so a handful of parasites in ivory towers can control the masses. Neoconservatism, democracy, liberalism, progressivism, and socialism are destructive and tyrannical. Some more than others. Open your heart and mind to free market anarchism. I did and it’s the only way civilization can be saved.

I no longer watch Fox News for any reliable news content and information about current events. When I do watch this network it is strictly for entertainment purposes or it’s because I am curious to find out what type of misinformation and propaganda they are disseminating on any given night. All the major news organizations have an agenda and are using their power to circulate deceptions and propaganda that benefit The State apparatus in one way or another. I occasionally listen to conservative talk radio to get their perspective on issues and to see where I differ on the issues they are discussing. I usually find myself in strong disagreement with what many of these conservative pundits are saying about the problems of the world and how we can fix them. Once in a blue moon I’ll tune into The Savage Nation (Michael Savage) to get a dose of pessimism and some humor, but by and large, I have abandoned all of these conservative media outlets and I now concentrate on devoting my time to libertarian websites for information and knowledge. The Mises Organization and Lew Rockwell’s site are great sources of information. I also recommend reading the works of Murray N. Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Ludwig Von Mises, Robert Higgs, Stephan Kinsella, Tom Woods, and Lew Rockwell. If you are a limited government conservative or even an anti war, anti media, leftist who wants the truth and wants to be left alone from government intrusion (notice I did not say socialists, communists, or progressives, they have not caught up to logic and reason), then there is a philosophy just around the corner that is waiting for you to learn about and include in your life. It’s free market anarchism and it is my last stop on this political expedition in search of the moral and logically consistent truth in politics and in everyday life. Now I just have to spread the message of liberty and peace through the ideas of libertarian anarchy.  I truly believe my life here on earth would have been worthwhile if I can convince a few to join me in educating people about the true libertarian tradition of non aggression, private property, and free markets.

(I’m still culturally conservative, barring any religious convictions. The difference now is that I wholeheartedly stand up for the rights of people to do whatever they please as long as they do not violate the non aggression principle.  I would consider myself a Hoppean, which is someone who follows the anarcho libertarian philosophy of Hans-Hermann Hoppe.)

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