Vote Everyday With Actions Instead Of Every Few Years With Ballots

There is an old saying that “actions speak louder than words”, but how about saying actions speak louder than ballots when it comes to achieving real political change. Some might argue that voting is an effective action that enables people to have a voice in politics and to address concerns and issues that they care about during election cycles. The people who believe that voting is a right, and that by lining up every election year to check off a box for some politician, who distorts the truth while making empty promises, will somehow change the status quo, are severely mistaken and wrong. The idea that voting is a right is one of the problems. It is not a natural human right to have government tell you that every few years they will allow you to select politicians that will at best enforce the income tax and the powers of eminent domain since this is explicitly written in the U.S. Constitution. We are told by many mainstream conservatives that we must adhere to this document that was written over 225 years ago and has been interpreted over and over again through the tyranny of judicial review. The best case scenario brings us closer to limited government, however, the very notion of limited government is far fetched and unrealistic. A supreme court that interprets its own laws, presidents who over step powers and are corrupt, a media that lies incessantly, and Congress made up of a few hundred power elite that represent over three-hundred million people is not a recipe for freedom and permanently restrained limited government. The worst case scenario, and what the voters can really expect, will be a continuation of policies along the lines of where they are now with an increasing tendency to erode away more civil liberties and natural rights, advancement of democratic socialism, more identity politics, class warfare, more booms and busts created by The Fed, more taxes, more regulations, and an offensive foreign policy of invasion and intervention. It amazes me how The State has convinced people that voting is a sacred “right” that we must die for and defend. This is an invented “right” that they can just as easily take away. The State created the vote and made it a privilege with the idea of getting people to cherish democracy and majoritarianism. They also convinced people that government is a kind and gentle institution that protects your private property and natural rights. This is logically impossible since force is used to collect taxes and violent tactics are employed to enforce laws that directly disregard objective human rights.  The political system that embraces democracy can be only be described as mob rule. Ben Franklin said it best, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch”. The idea of voting traps people into voting for the lesser of the two evils. Would you rather vote for Idi Amin or Bashir al-Assad? How about Pol Pot or Kim Jung Un? Maybe a more obvious choice between the lesser of the two evils would be between Hugo Chavez and Josef Stalin. Most would probably say that Chavez is the lesser of the two evils since Stalin was responsible for tens of millions of deaths through famine and Soviet gulags. But where does this leave us with Chavez? A charismatic leader who brought nationalization, food shortages, and despair to his country all in the name of social justice. It’s no different here in America. The choice is between a war monger and a war hawk, between a National Socialist (Republicans) or Democratic Socialists (Democrats), between someone who gives kickbacks to unions, planned parenthood,  green energy firms, and Wall Street or a politician who colludes with military contractors, oil companies, and Wall Street. There is no disntinguishable choice when casting ballots and the system is rigged to control and steal more from the voters who resemble cattle on an extortion farm more than free human beings. There are only a few ways to bring down the political system and to achieve pure unfettered freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Someone once said, “Voting is a suggestion box for slaves”, and it is, so it’s not worth it to bother in this futile and fruitless process of casting ballots to preserve the despotism of the current system. The idea of limited government is just as Utopian as overbearing egalitarian government. It’s not in government’s inherent traits to stay limited and it’s not in government’s capabilities to effectively create equality and social justice through redistribution. So what are we left with? The answer is human action that seeks to uphold pure free markets, private property, the non aggression principle, and the natural order. This can not be achieved by voting for statists. Whether politicians and people are for limited government, The U.S. Constitution, democracy, communism, or theocracy, it does not matter, they are all statists. One of the ways to change things is through voluntary exchange and free markets. Why vote once every few years when you can vote everyday with your money and feet? Elections gives us a few choices during mid term elections and presidential elections which occur only during election cycles which are years apart. The market gives us unlimited choices from what kind of socks we want to buy, to the flavors and textures of ice cream we eat, to the type of insurance we want to protect our private property and well being with. The choices and possibilities are endless but we need an unregulated market that is only checked by the invisible hand for it to work at its full potential. The market must meet demand and compete or be held accountable. The government does no cost accounting and is never held accountable. That’s the difference. The government is collectivist in nature and does not represent individual desires and wants. How does the government represent the individual who does not have any kids but must pay high property taxes for public education? How about the anti-war activist who has to fund the gigantic U.S. military? His individual preferences and feelings are thrown out the window when he has to pay for something he disagrees with through the threat of government force. The State coerces people to use their monopolistic “services” and bureaucracies while it stamps out all other private competition with regulations and buy outs.

Secession is another way to escape the shackles of government absolutism and it does not involve voting. It involves leaving the confines and jurisdiction of intrusive unnatural laws set forth by The State or another authoritarian system. Secession has been tried before and there are examples of success, like America’s secession from The British Crown, and there are examples of failure like in Waco, Texas when The Branch Davidians started their own community (who buy the way I think were irrational religious fanatics) and were met with violent annihilation by government forces. The South fought for independence but Lincoln and The Union soldiers put a destructive and murderous end to that natural right and ambition to preserve the almighty Union (And NO, I do not support slavery, one has nothing to do with the other). Secession would be highly effective if thousands or even tens of thousands of cities, localities, townships, communities, and individuals simultaneously, or around the same time, declared their freedom from government and started their own private law societies. The government would be in an extremely precarious and hopeless situation if it tried to fight these secessionist communities. The war against these communities would have to be waged on thousands of fronts, against guerilla militias and private defense firms. The human atrocities that the government committed would be broadcasted for the world to see. The State would not have the will or the resources to stop this kind of movement and governmental military powers have never been successful in defeating private guerilla armies. Just take a look at Vietnam, The American Revolution, and Afghanistan to have an understanding of why top heavy armies can not defeat organized private militias. The system would collapse and liberty would prevail. This would not be easy and many people would have to be willing to stand up for their rights all over the country in a peaceful but radical way. Education and learning how to be self sufficient and self sustaining are tantamount values in any free society. This would bring permanent change towards freedom and privatization. Whereas, the process of voting only compounds and advances the problems freedom loving people and brainwashed serfs will face. It should not be OK to be given a choice between two masters. How about no masters? Just free will, self governance, private property, and peaceful voluntary exchange.

Finally, people talk about using civil disobedience as a way to bring about change. Hey, it worked for Gandhi and MLK. Why can’t it work in the present turbulent period we live in to oppose freedom-robbers of all shapes and sizes? I do not advocate, nor do I condone breaking any laws. There are so many laws and regulations on the books that I think it’s fair to assume that violations found in these encyclopedias chock full of ridiculous rules and regulations are broken everyday without the person committing the act even being aware that it is deemed criminal by The State for some preposterous reason. With that being said, my point is that no one should go out and knowingly break laws to bring about change, political or otherwise. The way to use civil disobedience effectively would be to obey the laws of the land but also avoid participating as much as possible in government connected activities and services. Do not buy a home in states or localities with high taxes, or better yet, live off the grid, grow your own food, raise your own livestock, and  become totally self reliant. Additionally, dissidents should earn an income at the lowest possible tax bracket and live within your own means, do not to use government services unless they are forced on you, do not associate with ANY government workers (and that includes family and friends, disown them all), avoid travelling on government roads as much as possible, especially where there are toll booths and cameras that ticket you for speeding or making a right hand turn on red without stopping at the white line at the intersection, learn all the loopholes in the laws to avoid paying more taxes and penalties, and do not give power hungry elites your consent by voting every few years. I’m not saying you have to do all of these things to live in peace and freedom, but sacrifices need to be made and freedom always comes at some price. If you do not make small changes now, you might pay dearly in the future.

Too many Americans are content with the way things are and would never give up living in suburbia or their BMW and credit card for more freedom. They’ll just vote and hope for the best. People that want pure freedom and their natural rights to be restored should take a serious look at the points outlined here and start acting on some of them everyday. This idea that elections, and democracy, and politicians are going to change people’s lives for the better is utter foolishness and just plain wrong. The way to be free is to choose to be free. That can only happen if you have your self interests and the people you care about as your main priority and not this fake American Dream you are told about. As long as there is debt, and regulated markets, and war, and poverty, and egalitarianism, and social justice, and theft of private property all designed by The State, there is no American Dream. There is an American Bad Dream that most of us are having and the only way to wake up from this hellish nightmare, is by making our own choices in every single thing we do and not leaving it up to someone else.

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