Black, White, and Blue

Yesterday, the verdict in the Eric Garner case, where a man was strangled to death by NYPD officers on a street corner for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, was announced to the public. The Grand Jury decided not to indict the officer, Daniel Pantaleo, despite the overwhelming video evidence which clearly shows this officer and a number of others bringing this black male to the ground with excessive force. This ultimately resulted in the demise of this unarmed man, who was accused of engaging in the victimless crime of black market free trade. This decision comes shortly after another Grand Jury decision that took place in Ferguson Missouri on November 24th 2014, where they decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing Michael Brown during a police stop that went tragically wrong. These two incidents, along with a list of others, has stirred up civil and racial unrest in this country. There have been destructive and violent protests in Ferguson and there were also demonstrations in New York City over the last day which were mainly peaceful. People are fed up with the criminal justice system and the reckless abuse of force by the militarized police we now see on a regular basis across America. This, however, is not an issue of race and these atrocities committed at the hands of men and women who are supposed to protect our lives and property is a direct result of the growing and out of control police state. People have to come together to protest the injustices of police brutality and to point out that there is an absence of any accountability for law enforcement personnel who engage in violent and deadly acts to enforce ridiculous laws and petty crimes. This is not an issue of white and black, but an issue that is blue. Whites are also harassed, accosted, and unfairly murdered by the thugs dressed in blue. It’s time to put a stop to this assault on freedom and stand together to abolish The Police State.

On July 17th 2014, Eric Garner was allegedly selling loose cigarettes to make a few extra bucks on a street corner in the NYC borough of Staten Island. The price of cigarettes in NYC is extremely high, not as a result of any economic factors like supply and demand, but because of progressive politicians running the nanny metropia who have decided to put a sin tax on cigarettes since they know what is best for everyone and so public sector pensions can be fattened up.  This created a black market where there is voluntary trade. Garner is approached by at least five police officers, who look like a pack of jackals anticipating their next meal. He does not want to be harassed and states that he is annoyed with the interaction. The police attempt to put him in cuffs and one of them applies a choke hold while he is forcibly brought to the ground. Once there, his head is pushed into the concrete by the weight of one of the officers. He continually says “I cant’ breathe”, but the more important objective is making sure that Garner is arrested and taken to jail for engaging in unapproved commerce, not protecting and caring for his life. There are many talking heads who say Garner resisted, but if you look at the video, this man has his hands up and is not resisting, he is walking backwards away from the blood thirsty hyenas. What happened in this situation is murder, at the very least negligent homicide, and the police officer should be tried like any other person when they commit a violent act that results in someone’s death which was not in response to a deadly threat. That brings us to Ferguson.

On August 9th, 2014 Michael Brown was shot and killed  by officer Wilson in a suburb called Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was not an angel as the media and relatives would like you to believe. He had just finished robbing a small grocery store and assaulting a small Brown-Asian clerk when he was approached by the police. The Grand Jury decided after three months of hearing testimony and viewing pages and pages of evidence, that the officer was in fear for his life and that Michael Brown posed a deadly threat when he first assaulted Wilson and then a short time after charged him like a linebacker. This is not a case that involves racism but a case where the two issues are self defense vs. excessive force. Would a police officer working for a private agency react the same way as officer Wilson? Would a private citizen act the same way? This is a tough case and I can only tell you that if police officers only operated in the private sector where there was strict accountability for their actions, there would be more calculated decisions and they would try to diffuse dangerous situations without using deadly force as often as possible. Otherwise they could be tried for murder since they violated the universal law of non aggression. The rules of engagement and stand your ground have to be looked at closely. There have to be other options on the table when dealing with violent people, like rubber bullets, taser guns, and just waiting for backup while trailing the perpetrator in your car. Self defense is righteous, but there must be a fine and definitive line of when it should be used if the action of defense will result in the death of the aggressor. Officers of the law should be operating with a clear understanding that their actions will be looked at closely by their department and outside arbitrators when they use force in various situations. This mechanism to deter the use of deadly force where it is not warranted is not in place. Instead, law enforcement agencies are giving their employees the benefit of the doubt and creating a culture of using force first and asking questions later.  Now, Michael Brown is not an innocent civilian, and he should not be glorified by protestors as a martyr in this never ending disingenuous saga and false chronicle that says “whites are racists who hunt and kill young black men”. The evidence that was made public shows that Brown was a legitimate threat. If that evidence is accurate, and I am not so sure it is based on how this statist judicial process was handled by a prosecutor  (Bob McCulloch) who might have an axe to grind,  then there is a legitimate reason to believe that self defense came into play. It comes down to a person’s life in imminent danger vs. the unnecessary use of deadly force to stop a threat that could be stopped by using  other tactics. The latter seems to be a more definitive explanation as to what occurred that day. The idea that white people should be blamed and that there is a concerted effort in America by whites to kill blacks is nonsense.   The reality is young black men should not fear whites, they should fear other black men. Ninety three percent of black deaths are caused by other blacks. Some will respond by pointing out that most whites are killed by other whites. Whites killing whites is not an epidemic like it is for blacks in cities like Chicago and other cities across the country. Instances of black on black murder are extremely high and black on white murder is significantly higher than white on black murder. The point is that the issue of black deaths and crime in this country can all be tied to The State (the war on poverty, The Great Society, militarized police, minimum wage laws, the race baiting media, the drug war, and the soft bigotry of low expectations) , as well as, extremely bad decisions that are made by misguided and hopeless people living in the black community. The dissolution of the traditional nuclear family structure is also a contributing factor to poverty, crime, and misery that is rampant in many of these urban and run down suburban communities.

The bottom line is that whites are pulled over and harassed by police, they are searched by police, and are killed by police in staggering statistics along with every other race. There are definitely more blacks that are stopped and imprisoned but this is a direct result of the violent crimes that are committed by blacks in comparison with other races. There is no comparison, violent crimes by blacks are much higher. There are socioeconomic factors that contribute to this and the government is responsible for most of them. But the reason we only think blacks are the victims of these coercive and intrusive encounters, is because this is the narrative the race hustlers and government media complex want you to absorb on a daily basis. Al Sharpton, a hypocritical leftist tax cheat and race pimp who lives off of racial unrest, tension, and mayhem, could not have built a lucrative career based on lies and rhetoric if it were not for the media and other agitators who support him. There is a smattering of racist police officers across the country and some extreme right wingers have infiltrated the ranks of law enforcement departments, but that does not mean that the overwhelming majority of whites in America are racist. The exact opposite is true and to think otherwise is just plain irrational. The race game has diverted attention away from the larger problem at hand, which is the unrestrained liberty stomping police state.  We must all come together as humans, that possess inalienable natural rights, and denounce the police state and all violations of freedom.

I was reading some of the signs at these protests, and they said “Black Lives Matter”. How about we see more signs that say ” Human Rights Matter”, “Black Lives Matter In Chicago”, and “Abolish The Police State”. That is what this all about, accountability and natural objective rights. There are people who say that selling cigarettes on the street and stealing cigars are illegal. This is true. If you steal private property you should be punished but not with your life. A privatized police force would do everything in its power to mitigate the use of deadly force since they would be held accountable through profits and losses and a private court system based on the non aggression principle. Public sector police officers literally get away with murder. Michael Brown put himself in a dangerous situation and clearly was not “a gentle giant”, but I think other options were available to the officer besides firing his gun ten times. As far as selling cigarettes on the black market, and the War On Drugs, and checkpoints along roads/highways, stop and frisk, along with minor traffic violations, illegalized gambling, and illegalized prostitution, these are laws that should be abolished since they are all set up to prohibit voluntary exchange, violate private property rights, and the freedom to choose. These types of laws are put in place to control people and to make police officers into brutish tax collectors.  And preposterous laws are not worth losing your life over. The perpetual passing of tyrannical laws that are profoundly illogical are there to serve a few purposes. The most apparent reasons these laws are on the books are to steal through fines and tickets and to display power through threat of force. The legitimate privatized cops would be concerned about returning stolen property and investigating only murder, rape and other cases involving violent crimes. Law enforcement should not be involved in kicking in front doors and “accidentally” killing people over a gram of marijuana. They should not be shooting twelve year olds playing with bb guns, they should not be tasering 14 year olds for arguing with officers, or 75 year old Margaret Kimbrell for refusing to leave a nursing home where she was visiting a friend. The issue here is not whether you are black, white, brown, yellow, purple, or turquoise with orange stripes. The issue here is that the people who wear blue and are suppose to protect liberty, have become militarized. They enforce absurd laws but too often they disregard the most important laws. Those are the laws of natural human rights and private property. There is no accountability since they are a monopoly with no competition and they can end lives to enforce freedom robbing laws all with impunity. This is about race, but it’s not black people vs. white people. It’s about the human race standing up against the violent, thieving, antisocial, and malicious apparatus called The State.

Sources and Notes:

A Government of Wolves by John W. Whitehead page 147

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