Support Free Trade With Cubans While Denouncing Their Communist Leaders

This January 1st, 2015 will mark the fifty-sixth year since Fidel Castro and his brother Raul have ruled over the Cuban people with an iron fist. This oppressive regime has brought nothing but misery, hardship, and despair for over 5 and half decades as a direct result of the militant communist policies that these tyrants have put in place. There has also been an embargo placed on imports and exports leaving and entering Cuba since the early 1960s by The United States government and it has not been lifted since that time. There have been a few recent developments over the last few days which suggest that diplomatic relations with Cuba and The United States will be entering a new phase. Many people are speculating, based on this new doctrine of peaceful relations with the Castro’s, that more doors will swing open and that the embargo will eventually be abandoned and tourism to this impoverished nation will pickup where it left off before Flugencio Batista was ousted and Fidel Castro became the revolutionary dictator who promised Cubans a much brighter future. There are mixed feelings about what should happen and who is responsible for the suffering of the Cuban people. Some say the embargo or trade blockade is to blame. Many say The United States should never do business with the current Cuban government since this conveys approval for the murderess comrades who control the country. These two sentiments are wrong and in the name of principled libertarianism and freedom, people should support free trade with the Cuban people while fiercely denouncing the despotic Cuban government.

This idea that the embargo has be the main cause of economic and social failure in Cuba is just an outright mistruth. I do support the blockade on Cuba, and I will explain why in a few moments, but the truth must be exposed as to why the situation in this tiny country, ninety miles away from a state run capitalist country, has deteriorated to hopelessness and rampant poverty. The short answer and the best answer is socialism, which started in 1959 when the six year revolution ended with Fidel Castro seizing the throne. The political ideology implemented by the dictator shortly morphed into hardcore militant Communism and the country has been the text book case study of “Why Communism Never Works, And Never Will Work”, ever since. The human rights violations that any clear thinking and objective person would acknowledge when presented before them, are numerous and horrific. This totalitarian government has unjustly jailed, tortured, and murdered political dissidents for decades. They have presided over unfair trials. The people of this nation are censored beyond belief and their opinions must be held to themselves for fear of ending up in a vermin infested prison. Cubans cannot leave the country unless they are first granted permission by the government. Almost every aspect of the economy is nationalized including, but not limited to education and healthcare. Education is used to indoctrinate and propagandize vulnerable children and adolescent minds. Many of the adults that live in this society have bought into the deceptions and disingenuous filth the regime churns out on a daily basis. The ones who do not buy into the garbage are forced to be silent for fear of losing their lives and never seeing their families again. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Contrary to popular belief on the American left, Cuban’s healthcare system is abysmal and the clinics and healthcare facilities are in putrid condition. There are dog kennels and commercial farms where cattle are penned with better conditions. The hospitals you see on television and in far left documentaries made by long forgotten fat slobs who make millions but detest capitalism, are for the elite class in Cuba. The problems in Cuba must be blamed on the evil Castro brothers and their wicked vision of a Communist Utopia. The embargo has not worked and has caused a few problems for this country but the bulk of the plight endured by the citizens of this country should be placed directly on top of these monsters. The government has been able to trade with other countries and they have not been totally isolated. Their policies destroyed Cuban civilization and for that these oppressors should be reviled and castigated from now until the human race goes extinct. With all of that being said, people who cherish freedom, human rights, private property, non aggression, and capitalism, must support free trade with the people of Cuba.

The libertarian who supports unfettered free markets is someone who supports the idea of free trade with all people, societies, and countries. Whether it be trade from afar or commerce that is engaged in from hand to hand, this is the only way to create and spread wealth while simultaneously respecting the natural human right to pursue one’s own interests and property in a non coercive and non violent manner. I am not interested in the political implications that free trade and travel will have on The United States and Cuba. I am sure the politicians here will get something out of these new talks and arrangements, as I am sure the Commies will also benefit. Hopefully free trade will make and tourism will bring some much needed prosperity to this nation. The people of Cuba, although not easy to point out, must also be held responsible for their demise. Governments, rogue and democratic alike, can not survive if public opinion is not in their favor. The main point of this essay is to bring home the point that socialism, nationalism, trade embargoes, politics, violent revolutions, and governments fighting other governments never fair well for the individual. Support free trade and emphatically repudiate all forms of socialism. The human species will be much better off once they heed that small piece of advice.

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