The Authoritarian Net Neutrality Plot

The overreaching, egomaniacal, inept, murderous, insidious, thieving, power mad, U.S. government is trying to take full control over the last free vestige of free expression and thought. These fascistic tyrants of the lowest ilk are trying to regulate and control the internet under the guise of neutrality and consumer protection. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to have these new net neutrality rules go into effect which would prohibit Internet service providers from blocking traffic on the internet or using prioritization through pricing for websites. This is an utter abomination and a direct assault on the free market. There is no such thing as net neutrality in the free market and this notion that government is going to make everything fair and equal on the internet is just a ploy to get their foot in the front door of internet regulation. They will eventually overhaul the whole system and work with Big Corporations to make sure content is restricted to propaganda and messages that are preapproved by The State and that all new rules and guidelines are met by internet users under the direct threat of these new laws passed by no-nothing government apparatchiks.

First off, the government creates problems that do not exist and then steps in to fix the fictitious crisis. They have done this time and time again. They overregulated the private healthcare market through various bureaucracies like The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The healthcare system has been systematically destroyed by the statists. Markets have been distorted for decades by entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The Big Pharma industry and lobbyists are in bed with government and that has led to less competition and the monopolization of healthcare which result in sky high prices. So the politicians step in and create an even bigger market distortion with the king of all regulatory, freedom robbing, collectivist, pieces of legislation ever passed in history known as Obamacare. This is just one example out of a long list that could fill a textbook on how government is not the solution to any problem. These politicians create dilemmas intentionally. These problems also appear as unintended consequences since they are so ineffective at everything they touch, and they fabricate predicaments out of thin air. This is so they can be their own saviors and show how great government is at providing “solutions” to real “problems”. Why would anyone support this vicious cabal of liars and liberty larcenists with something as free and unregulated as the internet? Of course the sycophants, special interests, and useful idiots are on board with what seems like an amicable new rule to help consumers. The individual who knows how The State operates is already aware of the malicious intent that will play out over time.

The free market operates in a way that allows for priority access or service. This can be seen at supermarkets with display cases, airports, bookstores that showcase new releases and bestsellers since the publishers pay and the bookstores profit. This should not be any different when it comes to the internet. It is of course inevitable though. The State must control all aspects of the free market and our lives. They just move cumulatively so the average programmed American robot has no idea of what is ahead. Even worse, these brainwashed boot-lickers openly support government intrusion and takeover of private services. Like the imbeciles holding signs supporting  “net neutrality”.

We already know The NSA has been and will continue to spy on all our communications and daily interactions. It is a rejuvenating dose of optimism to know whistleblowers like Edward Snowden are out there to shed light on these shadowy figures working in the darkness of top secret agencies. Unfortunately, there are not enough whistleblowers and  one step forward means ten steps back. We must speak out to keep the internet free. People are becoming more knowledgeable and aware about the illegitimacy of The State. They are realizing that The State is an old idea and is obsolete. This threatens the statist system and they will work to silence all dissenting voices. Even the progressive liberals and suck-ups will be silenced until the only words left will fit in a tiny booklet authorized by government elites. Speak up before it is too late!

Brian Williams is a Drop in an Ocean of Media Lies and Distortion

Last week Brian Williams took himself off the air as NBC’s evening news anchor after admitting that he told lies back in 2003 about his experiences during the Iraq War. More specifically, he fabricated a story about being hit by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) while flying in a helicopter in Iraq on assignment. He was ultimately suspended for six months without pay by NBC news. This appears to be the right decision. How can an organization that claims to tell the truth and report the news have a liar and a storyteller as the face of their primetime broadcast? The real problem is that NBC news and all the big news corporations just like it are not truth tellers and reporters of facts to begin with. They are distorters of facts, propagandizers of the lowest ilk, charlatans with political agendas that fall in line with one of the two political factions, and elitist prevaricators who are only concerned with their social status. Unfortunately, Brian Williams is just the tip of a very massive iceberg of equivocations.

Someone who tells bald faced lies that works as a news reporter deserves to be fired if that news organization wants to preserve any integrity and retain a viewership. But what about the news organization itself? Why is it alright for the mainstream press/media to work as propaganda mouth pieces for The State? The Democratic and Republican parties are made up of pseudo intellectual central planners that need a partnership with media corporations to spread their message of statism. The media corporations need the politicians to get favorable regulations passed and public relations that helps their image. This a perfect relationship and is why ordinary people are so misinformed and brainwashed into oblivion.

Most networks and publications are leftist and work for The Democrats and progressive liberals. Their agenda is supporting democrat politicians no matter what they do or say. Even if it goes against the liberal ideology and is done for political expedience. The main message we hear from rags like The New York Times and The Washington post, along with channels like NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS is that government is good and necessary. They claim that without government people could not survive. The government is here to provide social justice, healthcare, minimum wages, and make everyone equal with equal economic outcomes. The illegal alien on welfare, the feminist who has an abortion, the union worker who demands a higher wage at the expense of the productive individual, and the homosexual couple that demands a private bakery make them a wedding cake are the people that these ideologues want you to praise and worship. People like Melissa Harris Perry, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, and a list of others, are not interested in reporting the news. They are interested in propagating ideas that have been proven wrong over and over again. They are crusaders for big government, altruism, and collectivism on a grand scale. There is some light at the end of this very dark tunnel. People are turning to alternate forms of media and making more informed choices and formulating their ideas based on a wider range of information.

Fox News is no better and is controlled by the Republican Party. Roger Ailes is a former political consultant to republican politicians and Rupert Murdoch is a major campaign donor to republican political campaigns. Fox News is made up of big government neoconservatives and apologists for the republican party. Anchors and commentators like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, and Karl Rove are warmongers and they support big government policies as long as they are passed and signed by republicans. This organization is just as disgraceful as the rest of the news outlets that make up the government media complex.

It is time to abandon the mainstream media and to start reading and listening to news organizations that do not have an agenda and a partnership with the government. It’s fine that Brian Williams was suspended but he just represents a minor symptom of a  much larger pestilence.  The only cure is the free market and the individual who yearns and strives for the truth.

Laws Against Libel and Slander Violate NAP

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines libel as: the act of publishing a false statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone and, similarly, slander is: to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone as defined by the same dictionary. These two words are obviously synonyms with slightly different definitions and they are used to describe an act that is vicious and iniquitous but, nevertheless, it does not violate the non aggression principle (NAP) and must be tolerated in a society that practices and lives under the ideas enshrined in private property anarchism.  What type of property can a person own? We of course own our own bodies, any unclaimed or unused property that is homesteaded becomes private property, and property that is exchanged voluntarily or through contractual agreements is another way to obtain ownership of property. People do not own other people’s bodies and so they can not own other people’s thoughts or ideas. In fact, ideas and thoughts are not scarce so in essence no one actually owns anyone’s ideas or thoughts, not even the ones you formulate. The same goes for a person’s reputation. While it may be valuable to the person whose reputation is out there amongst a variety of different people, it is not something this person actually owns. There is no way to own what someone thinks about you whether it is good or bad, true or false. The one action that does violate private property rights is the unfortunate circumstance when someone is sued for printing something or saying something that is claimed to be false by the plaintiff which results in damages being paid for by the defendant. This is a major violation of free speech and is theft of private property since the party who has brought forth this lawsuit is looking to “regain” property that is intangible and not able to be owned in the first place.

If someone prints or gives a speech about a particular person and what the writer or speaker says is true, how can this be punishable by draconian laws? We would never hear the truth again if it meant that “priceless” reputations were at stake. The crux of the debate centers around what should happen if lies are told about a innocent person which tarnishes their reputation and causes them irreversible harm. The problem with this is that people have a right to their opinions, they have a right to tell vicious lies, they have a right to virulently condemn people and their actions. As long as free speech is done on private property where it is permitted and it does not violate private property, like yelling “FIRE” in a crowded venue, then there is absolutely no legal recourse that can be taken in a just libertarian order. People who believe lies have been told about them can fight back by responding to false allegations with non violence. They can respond in videos, articles, ask admirable members of society to speak on their behalf, and if you have a good character you should have nothing to worry about in the long run. The person spreading lies should be asked to prove his statements or otherwise lose his credibility. If someone hires a reporter to ask a few hundred people who know you in your neighborhood, along with family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances, what they think of you, most answers will hopefully be favorable. Most likely you will get satisfactory feedback if you are a decent person. However, there is a good chance that a percentage of the people interviewed will give negative responses about the kind of person you are and they may even lie for their own twisted reasons, among other underlying motives. This must be brushed off and disregarded as just immoral behavior in a world that cherishes free speech. Allegations that accuse or blame someone for committing a wrongful act that violates NAP like rape, robbery, murder etc., must be substantiated with incontrovertible evidence and then brought before a private court where a decision is rendered based on the testimonies and the facts of the case. The person who is the accuser will be monetarily penalized if what he is saying is false. This is to limit the number of cases where the accuser is making up false charges that may result in property theft of the accused in the form of lost wages and lawyer fees. It also mitigates the loss of resources allocated by private courts when arbitrating bogus cases.

The truth should always be searched out by using reliable resources. For instance, when the person that is claiming to be “slandered” by a “slanderer”, sometimes it turns out that the “slandered” is the liar and the “slanderer” is telling the truth. The truth must be foraged for in a world plagued by dishonesty.  Even if this is not the case, and the truth is clear, it still holds that all thoughts, ideas, lies, defamatory remarks, and offensive comments must be protected and preserved so that discourse and discussion do not come under the threat of slime bag lawyers and so that legal theft is not a normal occurrence committed by the arbitrary justice system.