Brian Williams is a Drop in an Ocean of Media Lies and Distortion

Last week Brian Williams took himself off the air as NBC’s evening news anchor after admitting that he told lies back in 2003 about his experiences during the Iraq War. More specifically, he fabricated a story about being hit by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) while flying in a helicopter in Iraq on assignment. He was ultimately suspended for six months without pay by NBC news. This appears to be the right decision. How can an organization that claims to tell the truth and report the news have a liar and a storyteller as the face of their primetime broadcast? The real problem is that NBC news and all the big news corporations just like it are not truth tellers and reporters of facts to begin with. They are distorters of facts, propagandizers of the lowest ilk, charlatans with political agendas that fall in line with one of the two political factions, and elitist prevaricators who are only concerned with their social status. Unfortunately, Brian Williams is just the tip of a very massive iceberg of equivocations.

Someone who tells bald faced lies that works as a news reporter deserves to be fired if that news organization wants to preserve any integrity and retain a viewership. But what about the news organization itself? Why is it alright for the mainstream press/media to work as propaganda mouth pieces for The State? The Democratic and Republican parties are made up of pseudo intellectual central planners that need a partnership with media corporations to spread their message of statism. The media corporations need the politicians to get favorable regulations passed and public relations that helps their image. This a perfect relationship and is why ordinary people are so misinformed and brainwashed into oblivion.

Most networks and publications are leftist and work for The Democrats and progressive liberals. Their agenda is supporting democrat politicians no matter what they do or say. Even if it goes against the liberal ideology and is done for political expedience. The main message we hear from rags like The New York Times and The Washington post, along with channels like NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS is that government is good and necessary. They claim that without government people could not survive. The government is here to provide social justice, healthcare, minimum wages, and make everyone equal with equal economic outcomes. The illegal alien on welfare, the feminist who has an abortion, the union worker who demands a higher wage at the expense of the productive individual, and the homosexual couple that demands a private bakery make them a wedding cake are the people that these ideologues want you to praise and worship. People like Melissa Harris Perry, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, and a list of others, are not interested in reporting the news. They are interested in propagating ideas that have been proven wrong over and over again. They are crusaders for big government, altruism, and collectivism on a grand scale. There is some light at the end of this very dark tunnel. People are turning to alternate forms of media and making more informed choices and formulating their ideas based on a wider range of information.

Fox News is no better and is controlled by the Republican Party. Roger Ailes is a former political consultant to republican politicians and Rupert Murdoch is a major campaign donor to republican political campaigns. Fox News is made up of big government neoconservatives and apologists for the republican party. Anchors and commentators like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, and Karl Rove are warmongers and they support big government policies as long as they are passed and signed by republicans. This organization is just as disgraceful as the rest of the news outlets that make up the government media complex.

It is time to abandon the mainstream media and to start reading and listening to news organizations that do not have an agenda and a partnership with the government. It’s fine that Brian Williams was suspended but he just represents a minor symptom of a  much larger pestilence.  The only cure is the free market and the individual who yearns and strives for the truth.

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