The Authoritarian Net Neutrality Plot

The overreaching, egomaniacal, inept, murderous, insidious, thieving, power mad, U.S. government is trying to take full control over the last free vestige of free expression and thought. These fascistic tyrants of the lowest ilk are trying to regulate and control the internet under the guise of neutrality and consumer protection. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to have these new net neutrality rules go into effect which would prohibit Internet service providers from blocking traffic on the internet or using prioritization through pricing for websites. This is an utter abomination and a direct assault on the free market. There is no such thing as net neutrality in the free market and this notion that government is going to make everything fair and equal on the internet is just a ploy to get their foot in the front door of internet regulation. They will eventually overhaul the whole system and work with Big Corporations to make sure content is restricted to propaganda and messages that are preapproved by The State and that all new rules and guidelines are met by internet users under the direct threat of these new laws passed by no-nothing government apparatchiks.

First off, the government creates problems that do not exist and then steps in to fix the fictitious crisis. They have done this time and time again. They overregulated the private healthcare market through various bureaucracies like The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The healthcare system has been systematically destroyed by the statists. Markets have been distorted for decades by entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The Big Pharma industry and lobbyists are in bed with government and that has led to less competition and the monopolization of healthcare which result in sky high prices. So the politicians step in and create an even bigger market distortion with the king of all regulatory, freedom robbing, collectivist, pieces of legislation ever passed in history known as Obamacare. This is just one example out of a long list that could fill a textbook on how government is not the solution to any problem. These politicians create dilemmas intentionally. These problems also appear as unintended consequences since they are so ineffective at everything they touch, and they fabricate predicaments out of thin air. This is so they can be their own saviors and show how great government is at providing “solutions” to real “problems”. Why would anyone support this vicious cabal of liars and liberty larcenists with something as free and unregulated as the internet? Of course the sycophants, special interests, and useful idiots are on board with what seems like an amicable new rule to help consumers. The individual who knows how The State operates is already aware of the malicious intent that will play out over time.

The free market operates in a way that allows for priority access or service. This can be seen at supermarkets with display cases, airports, bookstores that showcase new releases and bestsellers since the publishers pay and the bookstores profit. This should not be any different when it comes to the internet. It is of course inevitable though. The State must control all aspects of the free market and our lives. They just move cumulatively so the average programmed American robot has no idea of what is ahead. Even worse, these brainwashed boot-lickers openly support government intrusion and takeover of private services. Like the imbeciles holding signs supporting  “net neutrality”.

We already know The NSA has been and will continue to spy on all our communications and daily interactions. It is a rejuvenating dose of optimism to know whistleblowers like Edward Snowden are out there to shed light on these shadowy figures working in the darkness of top secret agencies. Unfortunately, there are not enough whistleblowers and  one step forward means ten steps back. We must speak out to keep the internet free. People are becoming more knowledgeable and aware about the illegitimacy of The State. They are realizing that The State is an old idea and is obsolete. This threatens the statist system and they will work to silence all dissenting voices. Even the progressive liberals and suck-ups will be silenced until the only words left will fit in a tiny booklet authorized by government elites. Speak up before it is too late!

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