Israel and Private Property Violations

There is an overwhelming support for Israel from America and other Western nations. The State of Israel is portrayed to be a tiny country that is utterly defenseless against a surrounding Arab Army that extends from The Gaza Strip, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt all the way to Iran.  These Arab Muslim countries and locations, amongst others, are deemed to be a massive threat to the survival of Israel and its people. We are told by the media that Israel is constantly being aggressed against by the “terrorists” in Palestine. We hear how peaceful Israel is and when the Israeli military bombs schools and kills civilians in Gaza, it is not their fault. They blame Hamas and say that they are intentionally putting civilians in harms way so they can use it later as propaganda against the Israeli government. What we do not hear as much from the media is how hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been thrown off the land they owned for centuries. They were forced into exile after Israel declared itself a Jewish State with the help of Britain and The UN in 1948 to make up for the atrocities against Jews committed by Nazi Germany. We rarely hear about the encroachment of Jewish settlements in the West Bank that was supposed to be designated to the Arab Palestinians. And we never hear about the innocent civilians kidnapped and killed by Israeli forces near bordering Israel-Palestinian territories. Why should the Palestinians have to pay dearly for the war crimes and genocide committed by the Germans? Why should they be victimized, demonized, and forced to live in an “open air prison” in exile from their homes for crimes they never committed?

The history of Israel is fascinating and complex. The Romans controlled Israel (Judea) starting in 63 BCE and solidified this control when they made it a Roman Province in 37 BCE. After many rebellions, the Jews were forced out of Judea, more specifically Jerusalem, during the 2nd Century CE. The area was renamed Palestine by The Romans, a derivation of “Philistines” who once nomadically lived in this area. The region eventually became predominately Muslim by the time The Ottomans grew in size and power. Some Jews returned to Israel over the course of centuries and  they resettled. The ideas of Zionism became more prevalent and Jewish emigration from Europe to Israel increased in large numbers at the beginning of 20th century in response to growing anti-Semitism in Europe. The  Arabs and Jews lived peacefully side by side until the Balfour Declaration was issued in 1917 which pretty much guaranteed the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine. The native Palestinians saw the writing on the wall and realized that the Jews would eventually declare Israel the Jewish homeland. There were rising tensions and The United Nations stepped in to “resolve” the conflict. Ultimately, large swaths of Palestinian land was handed over to the Jews who represented a small percentage of the population in comparison to the Palestinians. This is the point where this war and deep hatred amongst these two groups just spiraled out of control. These people have been at each others throats ever since.

It is remarkably obvious to any person that has not been showered with endless streams of propaganda and outright lies, that Israel is the aggressor and private property violator and the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians, mostly of Arab Muslim lineage, are the victims of this violent thievery and the murderous military campaigns perpetrated by the Israeli government which is openly supported by the Zionists living and emigrating there. This conflict is mainly a fight for private property rights in land and in individual life and well being. If you look at a map of Palestine in 1947 and the land owned by Palestinians, it is mostly owned by native Palestinians. After 1947 and up until the present it has been predominantly owned by Jews who essentially just took it away through fear tactics and terror from the rightful owners. They believe they have a right from God to be there and The UN and Britain are culpable in the human rights violations that have taken place against Palestinians so that the Jews could fulfill this biblical prophecy. If you look at the map of Israel in elapsed time from 1948 to present day the land that was inhabited by the Palestinians just melts away like the hot sun melts the last of a lingering late winter snow.

The libertarian perspective on this issue should be unambiguous and simple. The Zionists, Britain, The UN, and many Jews living in Israel stole land from The Palestinians. They put over a million Palestinians in exile by 1967 and in the present day there are over five million Palestinians living in squalor and inhuman conditions on The West Bank and in Gaza. The Israeli government has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians on lands that belong to native Palestinians. There have been dozens of massacres, most notably Deir Yassin where  a hundred people were slaughtered, committed by the Israeli army. The Palestinian response is what gets reported in the news and they of course get labeled as “terrorists” for defending their own land and lives. The Palestinians have not done everything correctly and suicide bombings and some of the actions of Hamas should be strongly condemned. With that being said, the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves against military occupiers and thieves who continue to steal more land in The West Bank. Israel is a military super power with a large nuclear arsenal with the full backing of another imperialist invader in The United States government. Israel is an apartheid state that dwarfs South African apartheid in comparison.

The Jews have been persecuted throughout history and this essay is not an indictment on the Jewish people. The fact of the matter is, all States are unrestrained power structures that are illegitimate, but a State that steals, kidnaps, massacres, oppresses, and uses ethnic cleansing to achieve a biblical fantasy written by wandering analphabetic shepherds of the desert three thousand years ago is fantastically immoral and the apotheosis of tyrannical statist illegitimacy. This is Israel in a nutshell and the problems in this part of the world will not be resolved in any sense until people start realizing that a Zionist theocratic military aggressor does not have the right to exist. Jews should have major grievances with Rome and Germany not the Palestinians. The Romans conquered the Jewish people and stole their property. Nazi Germany systematically tortured and murdered six million Jews. Unfortunately, indigenous Palestinians are paying the price so that the “chosen” people of God can have their land back with little proof of ancestral inheritance rights to the property in question. If your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather lived somewhere centuries ago, what right do you have to go back there and forcibly remove people off the land that they now own? If they acquired the land by force and this can be proven without a smidgeon of doubt, then you should have a property right in that land. This is hard to prove but stolen land belongs to heirs of the people it was stolen from in past years. This is not the case with Israel. The land has been conquered on a number of different occasions by many empires and religions and many people came and went to this region over the last two thousand years. The indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians have been there the longest before and after the Roman occupation and they have a right to much of the land. There is land that Jews legitimately own and any land that has been passed down, sold voluntarily, or acceptably homesteaded where there are no signs of prior use or property ownership, are all instances where pieces of land that can be owned by either group. As it turns out, Palestinians owned and occupied many villages and farms and were just thrown into a mass exodus to accommodate emigrating Jews from around the world. They had to pay reparations for crimes that happened on another continent that were perpetrated by a genocidal German dictatorship. Private property that is forcibly taken is a violation of the non aggression principle. Israel has broken these natural human laws on an unfathomable scale but relies on lowly propagandists to project a different image. There will be justice when all the land is returned to its rightful owners in Israel and private property laws are obeyed and held to a higher standard.

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