The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Myth

In the immediate aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri shooting on August 9th, 2014 involving an unarmed black teenager (Michael Brown) and a Ferguson police officer (Darren Wilson), the rallying cry and mantra “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was taken to the streets in protest of white police officers unjustly killing unarmed black teenagers. A few witnesses were interviewed after the shooting took place and one of the witnesses was Dorian Johnson who said Brown had his hands up and was surrendering to the police before he was shot execution style. Dorian Johnson was also a close friend to Brown and actually acted as an accomplice in a convenience store robbery that happened a short time before this fatal encounter with the police. The story that Johnson told sparked a national movement and it was all based on a bold faced lie. After a grand jury viewed the evidence in the form of photos, forensic evidence, and testimony from 60 witnesses, it decided that officer Darren Wilson should not be indicted for the shooting of Michael Brown and that Wilson was acting in self defense. There is a problem with the use of police force in America today and it is hard to see how government employed revenue farmers that often abuse their power can be seen as protectors of people’s rights. Even so, people still have a right to defend themselves against aggressive acts and deadly force. This appears to be what happened in this case. The police officer might have been able to diffuse the situation by staying in his car and waiting for backup, however, they are trained to stand their ground and to pursue suspects. It all comes down to the narrative that the rabble rousers, the racial fomenters in The White House, and the leftist media want you to ingest on a daily basis. The storyline goes something like this, “Whites Have Privilege”, “Black Lives Matter”, “White People Hunt Down and Kill Unarmed Blacks”, “This is Still 1965”, “Black People  Are Still Oppressed” and “Racism is Systemic”. The last one has truth to it on many different levels. The point is that the media and the race demagogues take a story and spin it to fit one of the aforementioned storylines. Most of the time it turns out to be fallacious.

We have professional athletes, musicians and entertainers at a number of venues holding their hands up in what seems like a moment of solidarity to denounce black deaths at the hands of police. Members of the U.S. Congress also raised their hands up to make a  point based on mistruths. These people are misinformed and are spreading a message that is based on something that never happened in Ferguson. The idea that Michael Brown was walking home from the library minding his own business and was then shot by a white officer who stopped him for being a suspicious black man is utter nonsense. The facts have been corroborated by dozens of witnesses, mostly black, and mounds of forensic evidence. The non aggression principle (NAP) was violated three times that day. They were all violent breaches of NAP.  Brown, just committed a felony when he robbed a convenience store and assaulted a clerk. When he was confronted about it by a uniformed police officer in a marked car, he behaved like a vicious animal. He attacked the police officer and reached for his gun. He is no longer unarmed when he reaches for a deadly weapon. Then Brown charged Wilson like a bull full of rage and the officer defended himself against an imminent deadly threat. There was not going to be a fourth violation of NAP and the officer clearly acted in self defense. Any private citizen would have had the right to respond the same way this police officer did in this deadly situation.  Should the officer have stayed in his car? This is a reasonable debate to have and maybe the rules will change in light of this horrific incident. In a libertarian society where you have competing private police agencies, or security agencies, some will stay in their cars until backup arrives and some agencies will make sure the stolen property is reclaimed at all costs. If someone steals an apple from your apple tree on your private property, you have the right to take it back with force since force has been used against your private property in the form of trespass and theft. If the thief now decides to use deadly force against you while you are taking back your apple, then you can respond by also using deadly force to preserve the self ownership of your life. It is no different if you pay and hire someone to defend your life and private property, the same way you hire someone to paint your house. Once someone initiates force against your private property you have a right to defend yourself as long as the response is proportional to the initiation of force by the aggressor. A person who merely trespasses or steals from your property can not be killed for these violations of the non aggression principle (NAP). The amount of force used in self defense of reclaiming your private property must not be excessive as to make the person defending himself/herself the aggressor. Now the very existence of a police force violates NAP. The force is paid for with stolen income from taxpayers and they have a monopoly on security services. They are a tentacle of the illegitimate plundering State. With all that being said, a person who works for government still has a right to life.

The race issue has been smoldering for years. The fire has been relit and fanned by the current dictatorship in Washington D.C. under Obama and Holder. They have constantly stuck their noses in local issues where a white and black have been involved in a fatal shooting, but they never tell you who the aggressor was in these situations. Trayvon Martin did not run back into the house he came from when a strange “white cracker” was following him on a dark rainy night.  No, he went up to him (George Zimmerman) and punched him the face and began to fight and reach for his gun. These unarmed teenagers should not be compared to Emmitt Till who was brutally murdered for being black in the wrong part of town. That is an insult to Emmitt Till.  Furthermore, we do not need a president who has had a silver spoon in his mouth since he was a kid talking about oppression and crippling racism across the land. This man went to Ivy League Schools and was pampered his whole life through affirmative action programs and privileges not many people get in their lives. The president and Holder are talking about racist emails they dug up. They were written by Ferguson Police Officers . They could not convict Wilson of any crime, so they had to keep the narrative going in full swing. How about sitting in the church pews of a man, Jeremiah Wright, who hates whites for twenty years and then saying I never heard any anti-white rhetoric. Wright constantly talked about the “white oppressors” to his congregation. How about allowing and constantly inviting a trash can filled with racism and hate to the White House on a regular basis. How about that racism? When someone as low and evil as Al Sharpton is advising another communist community organizing race agitator in our “Dear Leader”, you know we live in an authoritarian cultural Marxist dictatorship. Al Sharpton has been wrong on every racial case he supported and lied about, including this one. He does not care about black people. He exploits them gets paid, sounds off with his big mouth and unlettered inarticulate speeches how racist white people are and then he leaves. This is a life form that is lower than a paramecium and the sad but harsh reality is that Obama and Holder are cut from the same cloth as Sharpton. The only difference between the maggot Sharpton and the president is that the president is not as rough around the edges. He is able to make the rhetoric sound like it’s credible with it’s patina of pseudo-intellectualism. It’s divide and conquer and racial animosity at its best.

The idea that racism is systemic has some truth to it and it is very apparent that The State is racist. There is a history of white racism in America with its roots firmly planted in government policy and laws. When politicians constantly tell minorities you are nothing without government, this is racist. Look what slavery, Jim Crow, welfare, abortion clinics, The War on Drugs,  gun control, public housing, government schools, and false promises have done to people of color across the country. This is the government. When you couple this with the dissolution of the black family you have major social problems, violent crime, and hopelessness in these communities. This is not a problem that whites solely caused, it’s a problem Big Government has caused over many years which started to get better but got worse under LBJ and The Great Society.

There will always be racism deep in people’s psyche and nature. Non violent racism is a right, after all it is a thought. People who are racist are ignorant fools and would most likely be ostracized in a free society. The idea that only whites can be racist is also another one of these revised definitions of what it means to be racist. Racism: poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race : the belief that some races of people are better than others (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Anyone can be racist. What must happen for people to live in harmony is for people to call a spade a spade. The constant depiction of blacks in America as an oppressed minority in the 21st century is just rubbish. There are politicians who benefit from this, along with propagandist  media outlets and people who have something to gain from playing the victim card. The bottom line is that blacks are CEOs,  highly paid professional sports athletes , and leaders in high government offices. We have the NAACP, The Congressional Black Caucus, National Black Chamber of Commerce, BET,  Black  History Month, and a national holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. This is not indicative of a violently white racist country. This is not 1965 and Black Lives do matter but maybe these protestors should march in Chicago and outside abortion clinics where blacks are killed everyday. Well that does not fit the leftist agenda. It does not go along with what the race hustlers want to use as commentary which is “Blacks are oppressed and Whites are the privileged oppressors”.  How about we all stand up against the dividers, and exploiters, and the violent leftist anarchists, and The State. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and stop finding scapegoats to put all our problems on.  The demagoguery, victimization, and racial fomentation is nonsense and it’s a slap in the face to hard working individualist black Americans who want to succeed in their lives. People know that these stories are factually inaccurate and are used to ignite civil unrest. It’s time to be rational and call out the liars, propagandists, race brewers, and people playing this tired victim card. The race opportunists are the scum of the galaxy and the truth is the only thing that people should want to hear.  It’s time to stop the cycle of myths and bogus chronicles perpetrated by The Sate and its minions which creates hatred and violence. Let’s strive for freedom, individuality, self reliance, and private property rights.

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