Earth Day is a Religious Holiday for Eco-Marxists

This short composition is not an attempt to convince climate alarmists and environmental socialists that anthropogenic global warming is a giant fabrication by world governments to bring down capitalism. I am not writing this article to sway greenies, who have shortsighted opinions on environmental issues, that what they believe to be fact is based on junk science created by liars, hypocrites, power mad elitists, and pseudo scientists. These eco-tyrants would love nothing more than to bring their leftist global agenda of central planning and ultimate decision making power to fruition on a mammoth and global scale. They will stop at nothing to bring down the last vestiges of the greatest economic and political system on earth, that is, capitalism with private property rights. It would be a waste of time to try to persuade these ideological automatons, that make up the green movement, with compelling arguments against fascistic environmental initiatives enacted by government leaders and supported by so called environmentalists. They do not want the truth. The ends justify the means for these sociopaths who can be separated into two main groups with defining characteristics overlapping between these groups. The first group is the watermelons or enviro-socialists who are using climate change claims, pollution, toxic waste, and overpopulation to bring about redistribution of property, income, and wealth to achieve socialism under the guise of good intentions and the use of fear mongering to prevent “the end of days” if nothing is done. They are watermelons because their outward appearance is green but they are die hard communist red on the inside. The other group are the earth worshippers and the eco-religionists. They will defend the earth, wildlife, and all environmental issues like a snake handler in Tennessee defends his lord and savior Jesus Christ from any criticism. I am writing to expose these lunatics for who they are and what they represent and to reach rational people who cherish capitalism and private property with the intention of further cementing their convictions.

There are scores of people around the world who know that the Eco-Marxists are on a mission to bring civilization back to pre-industrial times. The truth is that anthropogenic global warming is a major con perpetrated by an evil group of people to control large swaths of populations. The temperature data has been distorted and tampered with to fit neatly into the made up story of man made global warming. The computer models have been adjusted on countless occasions to create results that match what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is predicting for future climatic periods around the planet. Their predictions never come true. The truth is that the earth is not overpopulated and there are huge areas of unused land in North America alone that are owned by government. These areas can be homesteaded and put to good use. Instead it’s controlled by government and the result is overgrowth of forests and dead brush that cause raging wild fires which destroy habitats. The truth is that animals and wildlife do not have the same rights as humans. In fact, they do not have any rights at all since they can not petition for them and they survive only instinctually and without the ability to reason using logical deduction. I do not support torture and cruelty towards sentient creatures and I think it is immoral to kill animals in an inhumane fashion. Nevertheless, humans are omnivores and have an absolute right to raise animals for food, as well as, hunting and killing them for sustenance. Animals can be taken as property and there are only recognizable human rights. Otherwise animals would violate the rights of humans during instances where they come into contact with them and kill them. They would also be violating the rights of other animals they hunt and kill for survival. They would not even know they committed these “offenses”. Should we have courts for animals? This is what some green nut jobs believe should happen in their twisted Utopia. The truth is that Rachel Carson is responsible for deaths caused by the infectious disease known as malaria when she helped get DDT banned to “save” the birds. DDT was a pesticide that dramatically decreased the number of malarial cases around the world. Carson believed it was harmful to birds and we would eventually have a “Silent Spring” with no birds singing and chirping all as a result of DDT and its made up harmful effects on the environment. She put animals before humans. The truth is that Al Gore is an environmental mobster who made hundreds of millions on the lies and convenient mistruths of global warming. This guy should be called Al Gorepone and he should be arrested, tried, and convicted on racketeering charges, fraud, theft, and murder. People around the world have died as a result of the policies and laws this crook has helped implement based on vast number of deceptions. This guy would make Bugsy Siegel look like a humanitarian. There are loads of hypocrites like Al Gorepone who say one thing and do another. They sip champagne on private jets while the peasants are told they must stop burning fossil fuels and to limit their use of toilet paper to one sheet a visit and one flush a day. The government elite and their apparatchiks do not obey the authoritarian laws they pass. They do not follow their socialist message for the “greater good”. These laws only apply to the serfs and sheeple.

Environmental socialism is a septic plague which seeks to destroy civilization and humanity. These commies use environmentalism to advance their collectivist agenda. Then there is the hardcore green movement and authoritative environmentalists who put animals, pollution, climate change, CO2 emissions, and wind turbines before humans. They are dogmatic religionists and one of the most dangerous of their kind. They are right in line with Islamists and The Westboro Baptist Church. Their cult is void of any specks of reason. The environmental movement based on private property and contracts is righteous and is the only way to look at environmental issues. The Eco-Nazis, or hardcore greenies, are polytheistic believers. There main god is the earth and its environment. The prophets and disciples are Maurice Strong, Paul Ehrlich, Al Gore, Rachel Carson, and Michael Mann. There are more who can be added to this list, but this is supposed to be a short essay. They deliver the gospel of earth worship chapter and verse in “scientific” journals, books, and public appearances. The churches and temples are the IPCC, college and university campuses, global warming and climate conferences, and the deceptive media corporations. These institutions and outlets that are feeding people with propaganda and sub par scientific theories use government workers, pseudo scientists funded by stolen taxes, and paid talking heads to disseminate this freedom stomping nonsense. The churchgoers are the Lilliputians and youngsters on college campuses who are conditioned to become climate activists armed with misinformation and threats of government violence as their weapons Their Holy Day is a holiday called Earth Day. On this day they join hands, march in solidarity, and sing songs about mother earth. They are supposed to be friendly peace loving hippies. But what’s peaceful about stealing money to bring about change based on false pretenses? What’s kind and loving about human population control by any means necessary? Sterilization and forced abortion has been talked about in these eco-circles and organizations. What’s good about controlling people through legislation and regulations? There is a startling resemblance to The Third Reich who were ardent environmentalists and population controllers not long ago. They did it for Germany. Now it’s done for our own good. It’s done to save the planet from pollution and capitalism with the backing of the tendentious and corrupt peer review process along with the bias of many so called scientific journals. The result is less freedom for regular individuals and more consolidation of power for a select group of elitists.

This giant rock called earth that orbits one out of billions of stars in our solar system, for the last 4.5 billion years, and will do so for another 5 billion years or so, is not conscious and aware of what humans are doing during their inhabitation of this planet. It does not have feelings and does not care about pollution and color coded recycling bins. This planet has endured asteroid collisions, tsunamis, cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Ninety-nine percent of all the species that ever existed on earth have gone extinct. In the grand cosmic scheme of things human beings are insignificant animals living on an insignificant planet. Human existence is finite and it has no purpose or meaning. We can give purpose and meaning to our short lives in many ways. We are free and rational beings governed by the laws of human nature. But it is extremely arrogant and evil to think that our purpose is to save the planet from human beings. The eco-maniacs will steal, murder, control, and shackle mankind with the hope of achieving this ludicrous objective. The universe does not even know we exist. We are not that important in the “eyes” of the cosmos. I only believe in respecting human rights in private property when it comes to preserving the environment. Contracts, private ownership of land, and private courts could solve air pollution and waste disposal. It would not be to save the planet. That’s just idiotic. Who cares about green energy subsidized by the government tax expropriators? Let the market decide. Who wants to sort through their garbage to avoid fines in order to recycle? Screw recycling. Capitalism and private property is the answer to poverty and pollution, not bureaucratic climate change peddlers who want to enslave the masses. This tyrannical hardcore religion called the green movement is a hindrance to human development and advancements in our civilization. It’s irrational just like any other pontifical credo. It must be peacefully stopped before we all become slaves to an oblate spheroid named Gaia for no purpose other than to stifle human productivity, devolve as a species, and give superior decision making powers and stolen wealth to the global statists. Their plan is not to save the planet. They want to rule it. The enviro-religionists want to save the planet. They want to conserve every ecosystem and eradicate every pollutant and polluter from existence. They will violate human rights with the use of deadly force if need be to achieve this heinous goal. Religion can make ordinary and otherwise rational people do extremely violent and irrational things.

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