Defending Discrimination and Defined Communities

What would you say to someone who told you that if you did not date short, fat, redheads of the opposite sex then you would be carted off to jail for discrimination and if you resisted you would be shot on the spot? I think most sane people would be adamantly against use of force to make a person choose a person they would like to date or be in a relationship with. Should people be forced to invite people into their homes that they do not want there for whatever reason? If The Black Panthers are holding a meeting, it would be unlikely that the Ku Klux Klan would be allowed to attend. If the Pagans are having a party at their motorcycle club headquarters, then you will not see any Hells Angels at that party. If you are holding a fundraiser at your home for lung cancer awareness, you probably will not have smokers walking around and mingling at the event. The point is that people discriminate everyday. People discriminate when they pick the food they want to eat. We discriminate when we decide what neighborhoods we enter and places we travel based on the crime statistics and culture of those areas. We discriminate when we choose our friends. Do I want dishonest troublemakers as friends or do I want to be friends with people who have integrity? Women’s and Men’s Clubs discriminate. Nudist colonies discriminate. The Vatican does not allow Jewish Rabbis to join the priesthood. Modeling agencies do not allow 400 lb. 5’1′ women with acne to walk down the runways. The NBA is mostly made up of tall athletic black men. Life insurance companies discriminate against men, smokers, skydivers, and freelance journalists who travel to The Middle East. They are a higher risk so they must pay a higher premium or be declined altogether.  People discriminate when they date. Gay people and heterosexuals alike discriminate against a large percentage of the population. Should we call them bigoted? People might say that’s involuntary discrimination and they do not have a choice. It’s still discrimination and it should be allowed to be freely expressed in our actions. Furthermore, there is always a choice. A person does not have to date. Force can only be used to eliminate your choices. But even if you do have a choice, why is it acceptable to use government violence to limit or abolish your choices? The problem arises when it is a business or institution that offers service to the public. Your freedom of association and choice should not be taken away from you with the threat of aggression from The State if you put a cash register and an advertisement on your private property. People have every right to discriminate based on self ownership of their body and the legitimate acquisition of privately owned property.

In an anarcho-capitalist society you might have businesses that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and creed. Many people say this would be a horrible place to live. A society that discriminates based on outward appearance and attributes that have been designated by nature and the circumstances into which a person is born seems harsh. I think racism and homophobia are ignorant belief systems. Discrimination based on race or gender alone without considering any negative sociological, behavioral, and cultural tendencies exhibited by these certain classes would be irrational. Nevertheless, the free market will weed out businesses that put signs in their windows which state they will not serve certain types of people. If an Israeli grocer will not serve Palestinians, and vice versa, they will lose business and people that are denied services will go somewhere else. If a Christian or Muslim business does not want to serve homosexuals the same scenario applies. A homosexual horticulturist may only prepare flower arrangements for gay couples. That’s fine. These  businesses will not be around very long. Businesses that do not strive to accommodate all consumers will lose money to their competitors and will ultimately fail. The free market can effectively regulate racism and bigotry without the use of violence. Voluntary exchange works just fine. There are instances when it is rational and moral to discriminate along the lines of race, religion, age, gender and sexual orientation. This is based on a substantial percentage of that particular group’s members showing negative attributes and behaviors that can be consistently observed and qualitatively and quantitatively regarded as general rules for the specific group in question.

Let’s say a taxi cab driver or owner of a taxi cab service chooses to discriminate which neighborhoods he goes into to pick people up based on crime statistics. This driver would be justified in making that decision. Furthermore, if they do decide to provide services in these neighborhoods but they selectively refuse to pickup young black males they would also be justified in discriminating this way. White and black cab drivers have put this policy into practice based on experience. It is their moral obligation to protect their life and property and they can only do this by lessening the risk of violent assaults, robberies, and sometimes murder. The statistics are very clear in showing that most violent crimes like rape, assault, theft, and murder are committed by young black males. The opposing side will say that stats can be manipulated to fit an agenda, however these conclusions are cut and dry. Murder is murder. Stealing is stealing. Why would victims, some of which are black, make up stories about who assaulted and robbed them? It’s illogical and does not make sense. Ghetto merchants will charge higher prices for merchandise in low income crime ridden neighborhoods where minorities live. Their insurance is high so their prices must be high. Crime would need to go down and if thugs and barbarians stop burning down their neighborhoods during race riots you might have a favorable change in prices. Restaurants can say we do not allow children in our establishment. They are noisy, disruptive, and lack fine dining etiquette. This is fine and acceptable in any free society. In an anarcho-capitalist society you will have restrictive communities. They are also referred to as covenant communities and I will refer to them as defined communities. They have a right based on private property and voluntary contracts to restrict people and behaviors for whatever reason they feel necessary. There are communities that might be atheistic or secular and they do not want dogmatic religionists poisoning the well of free rational thought. They can restrict the faithful from their communities. You might have a community that prides itself on traditional marriage. They will unapologetically ban gays and communists. You might have a community that wants to preserve African culture and traditions. They may invite western cultures to visit and learn about their culture but they can also restrict people living there who may come into conflict with their values. These examples would be found in an anarchist society with thousands or tens of thousands of communities living the way they believe is the best way to live. There will be gays allowed in more culturally conservative communities as long as they are not militant and do not try to tear away at that fabric of that community. You may even find secular communities allowing religious people to live amongst them, as long as they keep their faiths and beliefs they find comforting to themselves. They would probably live in a community that upheld religion though, unless there was some endearing and intangible benefit of the religious person joining the secular community. These are all voluntary sub communities, organizations, associations, and clubs that make up a much larger libertarian anarchist society. It’s all voluntary and that’s why it is moral. The argument can be made that certain communities will thrive and others will self destruct. The communistic communities will be a disaster. The communities that embrace free love, egalitarianism, communal property, hedonism, drug use, multiculturalism, militant homosexuality, religious fanaticism of one variety or another, abortion on demand, diversity, prostitution, hardcore environmentalism, will suffer and eventually implode. We got a taste of this at Occupy. The societies that value free trade, capitalism, secularism, individualism, private property, decency, and a western bourgeois class structure will flourish and prosper immensely. They would have to restrict marauders, beggars, social justice crusaders, commies, drug addicts, and other misfits from entering this voluntarily designed and completely privatized aristocratic mini civilization. The miscreants, bad decision makers, aggressive pseudo intellectual leftists seeking “equality” through theft, and the bottom feeders must be left to fend for themselves on the fringes of productive societies.

You might hear that discrimination is wrong and that government must step in to enforce anti-discrimination laws. The government discriminates on a colossal level and when they do it they have the law and violent enforcement on their side. Jim Crow was forced segregation that could not be escaped in The South. The government encourages and imports third worlders into communities and schools that have been paid for with stolen income through taxes and regulations. This is forced integration. The government discriminates through affirmative action laws. These are violations of people’s right to choose. People will organically segregate themselves into different communities since they feel more comfortable being around people who share the same values and culture. That’s observable now on college campuses and in communities all over. Some people will assimilate and mix. Either way these choices are voluntary and should be void of any government coercion. The right to restrict people from entering your private property for any reason is legitimate under private property law. The government on the other hand uses force when deciding who is prohibited from discriminating against protected classes of people like gays, blacks, and women. This is discrimination by the government. Anti-discrimination laws are in fact discrimination laws backed by the murderous and thieving government. Moreover, affirmative action laws and other quota laws are blatant discrimination laws enacted and enforced by the same criminal organization. Discrimination based on the freedom to choose and private property is an innate human behavior. You own your body and property. The threat  of fines, jail, and murder for not participating in commerce with someone is the epitome of violence perpetrated by The State. It’s time to defend discrimination.

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