Foreign Occupiers Are Not Heroes

There are two national holidays that celebrate the “sacrifices”, “heroism”, and “patriotism” of the men and women in uniform who fight around the world to protect the freedoms of American citizens here at home. Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen soldiers who fought against the ills of the world and who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our way of life. Veterans Day is a day in which we are supposed to thank our servicemen and women of the military for all they do to keep us safe from the pernicious threats around the globe. If we take a closer look at the military history of the United States of America we will learn that it is not this epic tale of liberation, humanitarian aid, patriotism, and justice. Rather, the record clearly shows one of invasion, conquest, imperialism, murder, and occupation amongst other horrific acts that have occurred around the world. The idea that going into a sovereign country to occupy it so that undefined threats can be eliminated is not something to honor. This has been done time and time again throughout the history of this government. If this was the worst thing that was done in the name of “patriotism” sensible minds might be able to look in another direction. But with this occupation comes murder, theft, and instability. This propaganda that we are the kind liberators of The West and the evildoers are trying to take our freedoms must be looked at and examined in a more direct way.

If you lived under Saddam Hussein you would most likely rejoice at the moment of his demise. After all, this man was a brutal dictator who killed his people in the hundreds of thousands. What if the soldiers who told you they were there to free you, indiscriminately killed your family members, brought chaos to your homeland by inflaming sectarian wars, and paraded through your neighborhoods in military vehicles? Would this type of occupation be tolerated anywhere? Chris Kyle is lauded as a military God for killing hundreds of people who had nothing to do with 9/11 and the rise of Al Qaeda. In fact, the United States had more to do with the strengthening of Al Qaeda than the insurgents in Iraq. The U.S. armed and trained the Mujahideen during their fight against the Russians. The U.S. has occupied parts of The Middle East for decades with no signs of leaving these lands. This creates enemies abroad that hate the U.S. government. These military infringements against the people across these region coupled with a violent and blood thirsty ideology grounded in Islam, creates a cocktail for incessant conflict and war. Many of the people Kyle was killing were protecting their homeland from conquest and genocide. The opposite is reported here in America. We just here the same narrative over and over again. That is, American soldiers are benevolent protectors of humanity and are fighting for justice. They will bring democracy to the world and we will all live in peace. This has not been the result since The War on Terror began. The destruction in Iraq has been unfathomable. There have been hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed during this fighting and now the region has spiraled into turmoil as the armed rebels and ISIS militias are savagely murdering people across Syria and Iraq. This is a direct result of the U.S. military invading Iraq, arming rebels and removing dictators (Gaddafi) during the Arab uprisings during the Spring of 2011, and leaving Iraq with a wobbly political structure that was extremely vulnerable to attack from other threats in the region. The policy should be to allow these people to solve their own problems. Americans have been taken to the cleaners with the funding of these unnecessary wars and are now living in a police/surveillance state as a result of these made up threats. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than being killed in a terrorist attack. What about the good wars America has fought? Didn’t the United States liberate Europe?

The United States provoked the attack against Pearl Harbor since Hitler would not take the bait FDR was giving him to attack the U.S. military so they could enter the war. The United States put an oil embargo on Japan and put a freeze on all of their assets. This invited the “sneak” attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed FDR to consolidate more powers under the guise of a national emergency and defense of the homeland. When the U.S. entered Germany the Russians had already gutted and almost completely decimated the German Army. The Third Reich was barely standing on one limb by the time the U.S. entered that theater. The amount of civilian casualties in Germany as a direct result of allied bombings is one of the most egregious examples of war crimes to ever play out. What about Hitler? He was conquering Europe and exterminating Jews by the millions. American sympathizers and historians will say he needed to be removed at all costs. I agree. The Third Reich was a blight on humanity. However,  I think The Russians and The Brits could have handled that on their own. Besides who created a monster like Hitler and paved his way to power. Woodrow Wilson and his role in WWI along with The Treaty of Versailles are some major factors that contributed to Hitler’s rise. The Federal Reserve which brought the crash of 1929 and the global economic collapse of the century also made it extremely easy for Hitler to seize power. The Nazis were fueled by the struggles and hardships of the German people. They exploited the unemployment and blamed convenient scapegoats to become the ruling party.

If you are conscripted into war that is of course kidnapping and against human rights. I do not blame soldiers who were made to be slaves of war. Although, some of them gladly took part in these campaigns since they were brainwashed to believe that it was a patriotic duty to their country. I do not sympathize with veterans who fought and continue to fight in wars for compensation through tax dollars so they can murder innocents and occupy foreign lands. If you say this to them or right wing evangelicals, or nut jobs like Glenn Beck or Mark Levin, they will angrily reply with, “The only reason you can say those things is because the armed forces of America have fought for your freedoms!” This is utter nonsense and people who worship foreign occupation and the military industrial complex should be called out on their propaganda, deceit, and support for this murderous cabal. The Vietnam War brought destruction and murder. It was not to fight for our freedoms and it was a war launched on false pretenses with The Gulf of Tonkin incident to expand the military prowess of America. The Korean War was unjust and another example of meddling in foreign affairs which cost more lives and fortune. The wars in the Middle East have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars so defense contractors get their kickbacks and the oil supply is under more control. The list goes on and on and there have been quite a few books written about the hegemony of this government. The point is that people should not praise murderers like Chris Kyle. They should not think it is their patriotic duty to support unjust wars waged by a government who spies on its own citizens and taxes them into oblivion.  Patriotism does not mean loyalty to a tyrannical super structure that uses rhetoric and lies to enslave people without them realizing they have been duped into buying this garbage. Patriotism is about supporting your freedom, culture, and the values of where you live. It has nothing to do with supporting a giant bureaucracy or an immense war machine. The heroes are not the invading victors. The heroes are often the people you never hear about or hear about too seldom. They are the people who stand for natural human rights and freedom. The heroes do not support malicious snipers, invading forces that murder innocents despite so called good intentions, and they do not support incessant occupation of their land.

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