Planned Parenthood | Clinics of Death

There is a well known organization that operates within the so called civilized western world. This western society being mentioned should be civilized and in a period of post-barbarism in the modern 21st century. That is not the case at the present moment. Western Civilization is collapsing before our eyes. The aforementioned organization calls itself a health care organization that prides itself on women’s healthcare. Its mission is to provide various healthcare services, many that directly pertain to female reproduction, while educating and informing these individuals on the societal effects of human sexuality. They are strong advocates of privacy and this institution promotes research and technological development in areas of reproductive health services. They provide services like HIV testing, contraception, and cancer screening. So what’s uncivilized about that? Well, this organization is called Planned Parenthood and they are the largest provider of abortions in the United States. This organization operates under the fictitious banner of healthcare provider but is in actuality a factory of death. These abortionists and feminazis have destroyed human life in the most inhuman way and they do it under the guise of women’s rights and healthcare. Any person who considers themselves a member of a morally accomplished society would find it difficult to support the gruesome murder of unborn babies in the hundreds of thousands per year. There are many such people who are disgusted at what goes on at these clinics of horror. They are unfortunately forced to pay for the execution of these babies since Planned Parenthood receives federal funding.This is just another abomination. The State is of course an illegitimate concentration of power in the hands of the oligarchs with a monopoly on the use force and final judgments. They steal our privately earned wealth and spend it on wasteful projects all the time. These expenditures are used to wage wars all around the globe, redistribute wealth, build giant buildings for more bureaucrats to work in, do all kinds of frivolous research, and the list is so long it is pointless to list anymore of the wasteful spending of the thieving statists. The State should be denounced and stolen taxes being spent on any public project should not be tolerated by freedom lovers. But how can stolen tax dollars being used to slaughter the unborn be accepted and in many cases praised across the land. It is time to stand up to the pro abortion lobby once and for all. People who have clear consciences that are being clouded by barbaric practices at the expense of their hard earned income, and more importantly, their moral identity, must stand against the mutilators at Planned Parenthood. They are committing genocide with little to no resistance and you are paying for it with a gun to your head.

Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenicist, opened up a birth control clinic in New York which was the first of its kind in The United States. She was the founder of The American Birth Control League which began in 1921 and was later made part of Planned Parenthood. Sanger admitted that she was invited to speak to the women’s branch of the KKK and subsequently gave that speech. She was also outspoken about her disdain for babies and her desire to control which people in society were fit to give birth. These two respective quotes will lend a better insight into the deranged sentiments of this woman. She says, “But for my view, I think there should be no more babies”. She also said, “Birth control is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit”. Sounds like a wonderful roll model for future generations of men and women. This is the person who made Planned Parenthood a reality. This feminist hag of the lowest class has left behind a legacy of hate, murder, cultural putrefaction, and generations of sluts who think it is morally superior to sleep around and then kill an innocent child in their womb so they can alleviate any future inconveniences to their purposeless lives.

Planned Parenthood, along with, the abortion doctors, counselors, administrators, and militant feminists who work for this heinous federation, is a deep infectious wound on the back of humanity. They are similar to The Nazi doctors who did experiments on people during the Holocaust but now they call it research. The video that surfaced of the two feminazis casually discussing the sale of body parts of aborted fetuses as they quaffed down wine and indulged in their dining experience, was extremely disturbing to watch. Dr. Deborah Nucatola was very open about partial birth abortion procedures to keep body parts intact so they could be sold for so called research. The tone is reminiscent of a scene in Schindler’s List when Oskar Schindler drops by Amon Goeth’s villa for lunch while Jewish slaves are being tortured and killed just a few yards away in the concentration camp run by Goeth below the hill where the villa overlooks the entire compound. They are preparing to have an elegant lunch with other SS officers present. Goeth is ready for the feast that awaits him and his guests and even compliments Schindler on how magnificent the suit he is wearing looks, especially the sheen. Then there is the other cold-hearted bitch that represents Planned Parenthood and is caught on video discussing the sale of baby body parts. This woman is Mary Gatter and she describes the procedures that yield better organs that can be sold as “less crunchy”. She wants a good price for the merchandise too so she can buy a sports car. She had a Lamborghini in mind. These people are committing crimes against the human race. They are massacring defenseless babies with impunity and it needs to stop.

Planned Parenthood performs over three-hundred thousand abortions a year. This is over thirty percent of the abortions done in the U.S. per year. More than half of their revenue comes from abortions and it is in their best interest to persuade young susceptible females, and even grown adult women, into having abortions. These people call themselves pro-choice. They claim to believe in human rights. They are nothing but sinister cold blooded killers. They have a leftist feminist agenda to fulfill and they receive public funding on top of it all. You do not have to be a religious zealot or  a Christian fundamentalist to be anti-abortion either. If you believe in the non aggression principle and cherish the value of human life, then, it should be clear that abortion violates human rights to an astonishing degree. If life begins at conception, which empirical scientific testing and data has proven, then why are we having this discussing about preserving the lives of the unborn? We will never progress as a society if we are going to say that killing babies inside a mother’s womb is virtuous. A free society would make abortion illegal. The penalties would be comparable to voluntary manslaughter and murder depending on the stages, procedures, and circumstances of the abortion. For example, taking “the morning after pill” that inadvertently kills a blastula would not be punished as severely as a partial birth abortion. The former might be monetary restitution to a children’s hospital, ostracizing that person, and/or hard labor for a few years. The latter would be hard labor for many years, monetary restitution, and even the death penalty with an execution similar to the abortion procedure that killed the child. Proportional penalties for murder would include execution. The criminal (abortionist) can lose their right to life since they have taken away the life of another innocent human being. That would be retributive and also act as a deterrent. The abortion doctors are no different than genocidal technocrats. They would also suffer harsh punishments, of course. The mother should also have to hold her aborted fetus if caught committing this atrocious crime. The Germans were told by The Nazis that The Jews were not human and that they were a hindrance to progress in Germany. They were brainwashed into oblivion and ultimately accepted the reign of terror perpetrated by The Third Reich. When the war was over the citizens of Germany were forced to walk through the death camps. They were forced to witness the piles of bodies and smell the stench of rotting flesh. They played a role in these atrocities. So in a society that prohibits abortion, these women who plan abortions should be forced to watch videos of these heinous procedures as part of their punishment. This is what must be done to preserve The Natural Order and to maintain the moral fabric of industrious societies that hold the value of innocent human lives and cultural excellence as the main pillars of their exceptional existence. Societies and organizations like Planned Parenthood must be peacefully eradicated by educating the public of its malevolent nature and destructive consequences. There is no place for Planned Parenthood in a free society. If women want to have abortions they must be left to their own wicked devices. They should be pushed off the front stoops of communities that value life. They should be left to the periphery where all the other murderers, morally vacant, and unproductive misfits reside.