Anarcho-Conservatism Explained

There are quite a few political philosophies out there and when people are asked where they fit on the political spectrum, you are likely to get a plethora of different answers. When a person identifies as either a liberal or a conservative, then you have a pretty good idea of the general worldviews that person holds. It’s not enough to just say you are liberal or conservative though. Those labels are ambiguous and can have a whole host of meanings. For instance, conservatism is a very broad philosophy with a few different sub groups. There are social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. There are paleoconservatives and neoconservatives. There are also constitutional conservatives. Paleoconservatives are for limited government. They have a tendency to be nationalists. They are usually for a policy of non intervention when it comes to war and foreign affairs. They are also socially conservative and support the traditional family and are pro-life. They are vehemently against illegal immigration, and, are not fond of legal immigration either for that matter. The philosophy has its roots in The Old Right and in traditional conservatism found in the teachings and writings of Edmund Burke, and more recently, Russel Kirk. They even derive many of their sentiments from influences as far back as Thomas Jefferson and John C. Calhoun. One of their objectives is to preserve Western culture. Patrick J. Buchanan is a notable paleoconservative along with conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage. Savage uses the motto “Borders, Language, and Culture”. They do not have much in common with the Neoconservatives who are linked to people like William F. Buckley Jr. and Irving Kristol, and more recently, his son Bill Kristol. They strongly support military interventionism and big government policies that have more in common with liberal progressivism, with a mainstream conservative patina. The Fox News Channel is mostly made up of neocons like Sean Hannity and Charles Krauthammer. The constitutional conservatives are strict textualists when it comes to The U.S. Constitution. Two things all of these brands of conservatism have in common is that they all support The State and some form of centralized government and they are not really conservative philosophies in the most fundamental sense. The only real conservatism is anarchism. The only real anarchism is conservatism. This philosophy, as it will be discussed in the next few paragraphs, has not been thoroughly explained and presented to the world. The philosophy is called Anarcho-Conservatism.

There is a libertarian philosophy called Anarcho-Capitalism. This libertarian system says that The State is illegitimate since it has a monopoly on force and ultimate decision making power in a given geographical region and that it should be eliminated and replaced with a system of anarchy that operates on laissez faire economics, free trade (voluntary exchange), and where all goods and services are privatized and compete for market share. These services would include defense agencies, police/security agencies, courts/resloution organizations/arbitration firms, money, roads/highways and any other marketable and commidfiable goods and services that you could imagine. Victimless crimes like drug use, not wearing a seat belt, gambling, prostitution, would not be punished under this framework. However, private property rights are the cornerstone of this philosophy along with the non aggression principle (NAP). Private property owners will decide who is permitted on their property and the non aggression principle (NAP) says that force can not be initiated against anyone’s private property that is legitimately acquired through homesteading, free trade, or an inheritance. And obviously, the initiation of force against someone’s private property rights in their body (ownership over their own physical person) is also prohibited. This philosophy was influenced by Ludwig Von Mises and The Austrian School of Economics along with Individualist Anarchism Theory. Murray Rothbard was the first economist and libertarian theorist to define anarcho-capitalism and is the father of modern day libertarianism. Anarcho-conservatism and anarcho-capitalism are directly related to one another and they can be used as synonyms for one another. However, anarcho-capitalism can fit under the banner of anarcho-conservatism and anarcho-conservatism can fit under anarcho-capitalism since capitalism is a conservative principle and conservatism is directly linked with pure free market capitalism. It’s safe to say that anarcho-conservatism covers more ground and not only encompasses the whole philosophy of anarcho-capitalism, but  it also addresses and is defined by many other philosophical principles that directly pertain to the formation and preservation of civilized societies. The Natural Order, morality, punishment theory, cultural values, social relationships, and human behavior are all important pieces to this overall philosophy as they relate to objective conservative values and norms.

An Anarcho-conservative society is of course a stateless society. It would function based on voluntary social cooperation and the division of labor. The society would be part of a much larger anarchist society. It would only differ in that it would be a defined community or territory based on conservative values and a capitalist economy. Other ways to describe or label this political philosophy would be Right Wing Anarchism, Right Libertarianism, Anti-State Cultural Conservatism, Stateless Capitalism, and Anarcho-Capitalism (although anarcho-capitalism mainly just focuses on Austrian Economics, the non aggression principle, private property rights, and contract theory). The late Murray Rothbard and living libertarian theorist Hans-Hermann Hoppe are anarcho-capitalists who are also cultuarlly conservative. They might be called anarcho-conservatives. Perhaps Rothbard would have disagreed with the label. But it seems like it would fit based on his writings and stances on a number of topics.  Anyhow, as I said, neocons like Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, Mark Levin, and most of The Republican party, are not real conservatives. They are statist plunderers who support their idea of monopolized force. They want to police the world and make sure western democracy is forcibly disseminated throughout the world by waging incessant wars and by meddling in foreign affairs. Many of these people I just mentioned are not only war mongers but religious zealots as well and believe God is watching over America. They support out of control defense spending, heavy regulation and punishment for behavior they deem immoral, (The War on Drugs), and want to preserve statism and mob rule through democracy as long as it fits into their ideology of global dominance and crony capitalism. Modern day mainstream conservatives are center-right socialists. Pure and authentic conservatism strives to preserve the  societal values and institutions that work to keep humanity from devolving back into barbarism while also putting humanity on a trajectory towards advancement and prosperity. There are certain elements within a society that will hinder and deteriorate this stability that conservatism provides and there are other principles that will allow conservatism to stay fully intact and function so that it meets its full potential.

So first, economically,anarcho-conservatism is based entirely on laissez faire economics and voluntary trade. Anarcho-conservatism strives to unleash the ingenuity of unfettered entrepreneurship  and unrestricted free market capitalism that is only regulated through competition, private property contracts, and the invisible hand. This economic system is the only economic and political system that will bring people out of poverty on the largest scale and is the only way for civilization to advance technologically and as a people. Next, anarcho-conservatism strives to preserve the Natural Order. What is The Natural Order? Well, first off divine law seeks authority from God, and positive law makes government the authority, so The Natural Order is structured based on natural law and the objective and universal morality within these laws. For instance, private property is a concept that is logically deduced from reason and is an a priori truth. I don’t want to digress into a long explanation on private property ethics, for that you can read Hans-Hermann Hoppe who is a genius when it comes to private property anarchism and private law society. So The Natural Order is a system that arises without government interference or dogmatic laws from the imaginery celestial kingdoms from invented Gods. The Natural Order is based on systems of private property, the NAP, production, voluntary exchange, and social relationships which allow a civilization to advance and burgeon in no time. What develops is a Westernized Bourgeois civilization with an aristocracy that climbs to the top. These nobles/aristocrats would not be rulers but trusted members of this society that would participate in legal services/arbitration, peacekeeping, give trusted opinions on various issues etc. They would be the nobles of this community and lend their expertise, mostly free of charge, as a public good, or actually a private service. Since they know the bourgeoisie have great expectations of these elite nobles based on their past accomplishments and wisdom that made them nobles in the first place and these nobles have a desire to keep the community civil and moral. This is a bourgeois class system with a higher class of well respected nobles. A natural aristocracy if you will. And it is all voluntary. As far as social norms and cultural norms. This is just a framework but, an anarcho-conservative community, however large it may be,  will be part of a network of other communities that hold similar values. Communities and territories would compete in a stateless society. The best ones rising to the top and creating the most prosperity all while protecting private property rights and  voluntarism. So I am not talking about this one society as if the population of its inhabitants is in the hundreds of millions.I am talking about this society as if it exists on a continental land mass like North America where there is no State, just thousands or tens of thousands of competing communities that have their own defined legal systems and cultural norms. So hopefully most are anarcho conservatives,but there would be all types. Anarcho-communist, anarcho-conservative,religious communities, gay communities, feminist communities, different ethnic communities so on and so forth. The focus in this piece is mainly on an anarcho conservative community within a much larger anarchist society made up of thousands of sovereign territories, cantons, municipalities, communities, villages, neighborhoods so on and so forth.

But back to social and cultural norms within an anarcho-conservative framework. If you read Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Murray Rothbard, they discuss cultural conservative values that would work best in a libertrian society. Here is an elaboration. So cultural values would be ones that again preserve the Natural Order. This civilization would look to preserve the knowledge gained during The Enlightenment. The teachings of the major European philosophers of the 17th , 18th, and 19th centuries would be taught. Kant, Hume, Schopenhauer, Leibniz, John Locke, Voltaire, Descartes, Hegel, Spinoza,and many more. The political theories and writings of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Stuart Mill, Benjamin Tucker, Lysander Spooner,  Max Stirner, Herbert Spencer, Mencken, and Frank Chodorov would also be integral parts of this society. The ideal system of morals and virtue would be based on Ayn Rand’s objectivism. Rand’s political beliefs would be irrelevant and not very useful since she was an apologist for limited government. Atheism/secularism would be the dominant way of thinking in this conservative and stateless society. There would be no established theocracies or central churches that govern, which, incidentally can have very little contrast and much more resemblance to central governments that operate with propaganda and force.  Some might say, well aren’t conservatives religious? The mainstream conservative Evangelicals are religious but this does not mean very much. It is actually quite irrelevant and useless when trying to build a society based on logic and reason and not superstition and dogmatism. Anarcho-conservatives are looking to protect and maintain the ideas of the earlier philosophers and political theorists, many of which were deists, but would surely be atheists if they lived during the publication of The Origin of Species by Darwin. This civilization must be one that is based on reason, critical thinking, skepticism, and logic.  Exceptions might be made but in large part I think the conservation of secularism and free thought is what would be front and center.

Many of the ideas associated with paleolibertarianism, except the the support of right wing populists in political elections, would probably best describe the social and cultural constructs of this philosophy of anarcho-conservatism. The right to discriminate is absolutely essential in this type of society. Private Property Rights, The NAP, and freedom of association are all intertwined so DISCRIMNATION is an imperative. So who and what would be discriminated against to preserve the conservative and capitalist order in this anarchist sub community that is part of a larger network of anarchist cities and towns? These are the people and behaviors that would be discriminated against, not all the time, but most of the time. Hedonists and perpetual seekers of pleasure. They are predictably unproductive and they put pleasure over rational decision making. Hardcore drug addicts would be banned from entering these communities. It’s one thing if medicinal herbs are being used for curing disease and ailments, recreational use may be permitted, but junkies, dopers, and manipulative hardcore addicts will be prohibited from residing within the confines of these conservative districts. Feminists, egalitarians, social justice warriors (ultra intolerant cowards), communists, race agitators, Keynesians, monetarists, central planners, supporters of single payer healthcare, supporters of bureaucracy, and supporters of the minimum wage ARE NOT ALLOWED!  Beggars, vagabonds, sun-downers, leeches, lazy fat slobs, lazy skinny slobs, and blood suckers will definitely be expunged from anarcho-conservative communities. Blood sucking ticks would be welcome before parasitic human refuse who live off the production of their hosts through thievery, intimidation, and violence. So for instance, The Occupy Wall Street types and egalitarian cretins who want to “share” but have they nothing to share but drugs and anarcho-syndicalist pamphlets. They are banned from anarcho-conservative communities. They just want to steal your stuff and call it equality. The traditional family is an integral component of this covenant community and the nuclear and extended family strongly supports the division of labor and healthy development of people with both a father and mother in the home raising their child or children to become productive members of society. Non traditional relationships, unless very conservative and capitalist otherwise, would most likely be discriminated against. Traditional families can live side by side polygamists and LGBT couples, however, these sexual orientations often bring extreme progressive left wing, democratic socialist, and egalitarian baggage with them, and they are usually irrational SJWs and that is not acceptable in this type of community. The only thing worst than The State are Left Libertarians (mutualists syndicalists), egalitarians, and anarcho-communists! Different races, ethnic groups, and cultures are welcome as long as they do not infringe or try to change the dominant culture  which is based mostly on European bourgeois culture. Race and ethnicity is not something that would be discriminated against outright. People will be judged mainly on an individual basis. But there is nothing wrong with a White Nationalist community/territory, the same way there is nothing wrong with a Black Nationalist community/territory.  Now, if there are certain demographics and groups of people that have a substantial number of people within those groups who exhibit immoral, violent, or degenerative behaviors that can be quantified empirically and presented in scientific studies to show a definitive pattern of negative behaviors and negative qualities and traits, then rational discrimination would be warranted under these circumstances.  Remember different communities can trade from afar and communities that are largely made up of one ethnicity may not want capitalists and certain ethnic groups living in their town and that’s fine. Trade from afar is more beneficial and peaceful than culture wars up and conflicts up close. Immigration is of course restricted and anyone who invited a foreigner into the community must take full responsibility for that person’s actions therefore being very careful who they invite to the community. Any immigrants that look to change the culture and bring behavior that is detrimental to conservative values is not permitted to enter. Anyone who violates the NAP (assault, private property violations, contract violations, fraud, theft, rape, abortion, murder) will be tried, convicted,and proportionally punished in private courts by third parties with an appeals process. Punishments will include, depending on the severity of the crime, hard labor, imprisonment, ostracizing that person out of this society and to the peripheral communities or wherever they will be taken in and accepted. Punishments that are proportional (two teeth for a tooth) are decided by the victims of the crime and/or the arbiters trying and deciding these cases. The death penalty is strictly reserved for crimes of murder. The victims or judges/arbiters may sentence the criminal to a proportional punishment that is not as harsh as an execution under this organized private law system. Or perhaps decide just to excommunicate and ostracize the offender. What should happen is usually, but not always, left up to the victims or closest surviving heirs of the victim. In cases where this is not possible, trusted arbiters/nobles/judges will decide based on strict common law and The NAP. Libertines, such as, sluts, trollops, prostitutes, and care free spirits who disregard universal morality and embrace degenerative behavior will not be allowed either. Green tyrants, eco-fascists, global warming alarmists, militant animal rights activists like PETA, and other tree huggers and environmental scamsters would be blocked from entering this society. If, they are interested in living green without protesting fossil fuels and using coercion to make everyone else go green, then they would be welcome with open arms. Green capitalists you are definitely invited to join the community. Parents who do not spank their children are the ones who would fit into this community. And anarcho-conservatives are against war. There would be a private militia trained in guerilla tactics and private defense firms that operate in the insurance market to defend against invaders or outside aggression and imminent threats. People will have an unregulated right to keep and bear arms. But wars that result in mass civilian casualties/collateral damage that are interventionist and imperilastic in nature are something that anarcho-conservatives are vehemently against. The history of U.S. foreign policy is something that anarcho-conservatives do not support and denounce. From Vietnam to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The list of atrocities committed by the U.S. military industrial complex is very long. This is a philosophy that is against barbarism and all of the destructive statist wars! Anti-war is a strong sentiment held among the people of this group. I think it is important to help people and provide charity where the progress can be monitored. The downtrodden and poor should be helped. The mentally ill should be helped and even looked after. The problem arises when bad behavior and immoral decisions become a daily routine for these weaker individuals. If charity becomes a program that enables and encourages immoral behavior then it must be cut off and these people must fend for themselves. So most of the discrimination is based on behaviors that are chosen by people that would ultimately tear at the fabric of the Right Wing Anarchist philosophy. For others that are born with deficiencies and who exhibit behavior that is, not by choice, but still deviant, would ,in most cases be discriminated against when it comes to living in a conservative anarchist town/city. The pros and cons must be weighed and if someone exhibits behaviors that can be considered socially deviant but that person is productive, kind-hearted, and just wants to live in a voluntary society with traditional values,then they should be allowed to join the covenant community. So it’s not black and white. But there should be guidelines. People are only equal under natural law and the common law of a society which is hopefully based on natural human rights. All people are not equal economically, intellectually, physically, or in ability. They are only equal in that they may not be aggressed against and that they can pursue their own values, goals, and legitimate property ownership without the threat of force and without the pursuers of happiness using force to achieve their objectives. Violence is not advocated against people living lives that are not in line with conservative anarchist principles. I will defend their right to do and be who they are as long as they do not initiate force against anyone or that person’s property. They must be willing to respect the freedom and human right to discriminate based on private property. People have an absolute right to live in a community that values private property and capitalism. Everyone has a different value system and should be free to live in a society that fits their values. There can be separate communities that trade and have long lasting peace. The communities will vary and there will be so many competing social and economic systems. There will be some that prosper and some that devolve into chaos. Most societies that try social experiments based on emotions, hippie culture, egalitarianism and social justice will fail miserably. So, with that being said, Anarcho-conservatism is a philosophy with a few main objectives. The objectives are to prevent humankind from devolving back into barbarism. The only way to do this is to conserve and protect the institutions and values that have been most successful for human advancement. Also by discouraging and discriminating against behaviors and values that bring failure, social decay, and death to humanity.

Why live under mob rule? Why live under the tyranny of the financial elite and one world government? Most would agree that five-thousand anarchist countries are better than two-hundred statist countries. And that tens of thousands of defined anarchist communities competing on a continental land mass are better than fifty states with one bloated central government controlling everything. Instead of a thousand plutocrats controlling hundreds of millions, even billions, of people, how about, every individual on earth be sovereign and control their own destiny and lives. Anarchy brings freedom. Statism brings force, tyranny, and serfdom. That is the irrefutable truth.

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