Republican Fear and War Mongers

I don’t tune in to Republican debates,or any political debate for that matter, with the expectation of walking away with a sense of enlightenment or an intellectually stimulating experience. I will watch these debates only for the entertainment value and because I think it’s important to be up to date with what the plunderers, crooks, thieves, propagandists, and murderers, better known as the presidential candidates, are saying and plotting for the mostly unsuspecting masses. Once you understand how the political class operates it is so easy to see how pernicious these people really are once they start speaking about various issues. The Democrats pander to third world law breakers who they will put on welfare and forcibly integrate into our communities. They are champions of unrestricted immigration programs and refugee programs, not because they care about these people. They only support the idea that it’s American to welcome and support throngs of invaders, many who are diseased, poor, and have the propensity to commit violent crimes, so they can build up their base. The goal is to create a voting bloc so big that future elections will be in the bag. The Republicans like unfettered immigration too since their wealthy campaign donors will benefit from all the cheap labor. One of the main pet projects and visions of The Republican Party is to have the most powerful military in the world, an interventionist foreign policy, and of course, be “strong” on national security. This is what one can expect from this group and it was a non stop back and forth on the debate stage last night with respect to who is the strongest on foreign policy and national security. The amount of fear that the Republicans use to rile up their constituents and loyal supporters has only gotten worse post 9/11. And in the wake of the San Bernardino attacks, the Republican fear mongers and war hawks, have put the issue of national security and U.S. military prowess front and center. The war drums are beating and the war rhetoric has reached full throttle.

The only country has slid into paranoia and hysteria after the Paris Attacks in November, and just a couple of weeks ago the San Bernardino attacks. People are afraid to fly on airplanes, they don’t want to do shopping, and many are willing to sacrifice their privacy and civil liberties for a false sense of security. The media has played a major role in this psychosis that has enveloped the country. Sensibility and rationality has gone out the window and when that happens it opens the door for a warmonger to step up and gain support from the terrified electorate. The media reports every threat. Someone can look at someone the wrong way and it’s breaking news on every channel. An entire school district in L.A. was shut down yesterday as a result of a unreliable threat. The threat had no credibility, and yet school officials closed 900 schools and thousands of students stayed home. This is becoming outrageous. Of course we want children and people to be safe, but over reacting every time someone writes a threatening email from a cafe in Brussels is going to turn this society upside down. Islamic terrorism is a very dangerous and imminent threat to Western Civilization. It threatens Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, and the ideology espoused by these savages is a violent political and religious ideology that has been intertwined to achieve worldwide dominance. However, we must behave rationally and realize that you have a better chance of dying from food poisoning, from a brain parasite, in a car accident, being struck by lightning, or by drowning in a bathtub than you from terrorism. The chance of dying in a terror related attack is one in the tens of millions. Maybe the Republicans should fight a war on the public road system since 30,000-40,000 people a year die on public roads and highways. Better yet, let the private sector handle the roads and highways. The Republicans are hell bent are ending terrorism. How ironic, since it was U.S. Foreign Policy along with backing from some allies which has created the chaos and destabilization in The Middle East.

The U.S. government has transformed The Middle East into a snake pit. It is an area of the world which has been in a state of disorder for centuries. When foreign governments meddle in these affairs, arm rebels who they think are freedom fighters but are actually barbarians who chop people’s heads off and burn people alive and want to bring us back to the 7th century, and when foreign governments topple dictators and provide support to brutal dictators all over this region, it is now wonder there is blowback from these ill advised policies. George W. Bush invades Iraq in 2003, kills hundreds of thousands of civilians. The country spends over a trillion dollars fighting this war and training the Iraqi military. When the U.S. leaves the Iraqi military runs away from ISIS. Then you have the Arab Spring, more like The Arab Fall, where the U.S. gets involved and plays a major role in toppling dictators. Then you have the U.S. arming Syrian rebels are actually Sunni jihadists and savages who want to bring a thousand years of darkness and tyranny to the planet. So this is why you have these terrorist groups like ISIS running around. Part of it is because of the ideology which fuels jihadism but it also has to do with U.S. and Western Foreign Policy of incessant entanglements in matters that should not concern these intervening states. But the answer we got from the fear mongers and war mongers that make up The Republican Party and the neocons that contribute and work for Fox News, is more war and interventionism and an Orwellian police state that would make Orwell’s 1984 look like Candy Land.

The Democrat Party has been the party of war throughout American History. I mean you have Woodrow Wilson (WWI), FDR (WWII), Harry Truman (Korean War), LBJ (Vietnam War). It has not been until recently that The Republicans have taken over that role. The Old Right and The Paleoconservatives like Pat Buchanan, Russell Kirk, Frank Chodorov did not support an interventionist foreign policy. Nevertheless, since Reagan and Bush I and Bush III, hopefully not a Bush III, it has been a integral part of the Republican Platform to embrace and support a massive military with an out of control budget, along with, a desire to go to war if one of “our” so called interests are threatened anywhere in the world. The problem is the U.S. has a military prsence and these made up American interests in over 150 countries. So any concocted violation of these interests could be a pretext for war. This is insane and is what really puts American citizens in danger. All I heard from these blood thirsty jingoists last night, with the exception of Rand Paul, who is a statist by the way, just more Libertarian leaning, is that we must defeat ISIS, we must remove Assad, we must control the internet, we must collect metadata and spy on the American people to prevent a threat which is less likely dying in a building fire. Blowhards like Christie and Trump want to spy and collect date. Trump wants to regulate the internet. Rubio wants to collect massive amounts of data as he champions the rights of Syrian refugees to infiltrate our cities and towns. Cruz wants to wage another long war which will kill innocent civilians and cost another trillion dollars, maybe more. Bush, like Cruz, and pretty much all the others want to travel four thousand and five thousand miles away, to the corners of the earth to hunt people down. The U.S. government flipped the switch that delivered the electricity into the Arab Middle Eastern Problem. Now they want to fight and defeat this Frankenstein with fear tactics and trillion dollar military campaigns. All that will do is create more Frankenstein’s and then you are just playing a giant game of whack-a-mole.

The solution is to let the Arab countries resolve their own problems. The coalition of these 65 countries should not include the United States. This country has a mountain of domestic and economic issues that are being made worse by the political elite and crony capitalists. The taxpaying American citizen should not be on the hook for another expensive and unjust war. Rand Paul made a smidgen of sense in this last debate. It’s just too bad he is a libertarian leaning constitutional conservative and not a principled and consistent libertarian. The way to fix these problems is to close the borders, or at least restrict immigration to a minimum with a policy of discrimination in place. The welfare state must be completely abolished, there should be no gun laws that restrict or infringe upon the inalienable right to self defense and to bear arms, and all U.S. military bases and foreign embassies should by closed with all military personnel returning the American bases immediately. The military budget should be cut drastically and political incorrectness should be protected and encouraged everywhere in America. I would go much further than this, peacefully and as a law abiding citizen of course, but the ideal solution would be an anarcho-capitalist society. Anyway, The Republicans, and the media, and the neocons are preying on people’s fear and concerns to build a gigantic police state and increase their hegemonic power in The Middle East. The State needs war, and fear, and dependency, and helplessness from the exploitable and dewy eyed masses to survive and grow strong. I hope if you are reading this you are not that gullible and naive.