Supreme Court Justice Andrew Napolitano Sounds Nice

There is a raging debate going on right now on who president Obama should nominate as the next Supreme Court Justice to take the late Antonin Scalia’s seat. Should the seat remain vacant until the next president is elected and takes office in 2017? This would effectively leave the decision in the hands of the people. That’s if you believe in a rigged political process and a democratic system of mob rule. Should Obama choose a justice immediately so the court can continue to render decisions on important cases? Well, Obama is definitely going to nominate someone, it’s just a matter of who will he nominate. The chances of the president nominating an orginalist or a moderate judge share the same probability that there are talking hippopotamuses on Pluto. So what should happen?

If the Republicans had any testicular fortitude they would delay the process and wait until after the presidential election to confirm the next Justice of The Supreme Court. If Obama nominates someone or if Hillary or Bernie Sanders nominate a justice, then you can be sure you will be living in a country where you will have no freedom left to speak about. It’s bad enough we can count our natural rights that have not been encroached upon with about four or five fingers. Can you imagine what would happen if someone like Loretta Lynch becomes a Supreme Court Justice? Say goodbye to gun rights, they would be ban the sale of most guns, and attempt to confiscate guns, although that would be a very difficult task for The Feds since their would be so much resistance. There would be abortion on demand, partial birth, and maybe the government will eventually mandate The States to enforce infanticide laws. Maybe they will coerce people against their consciences to pay for infanticide. That is what partial birth abortion is right now. So who knows how far The SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) will go if they have a majority of progressive judicial activists serving in this branch.

The  SCOTUS is tyrannical to begin with and nothing will change that. When you have a branch of government interpreting their own Constitutional document, that paves they way for immense power grabs and a road to an unstoppable tyrannical government. There have been so many cases that have stole liberty from the people and which have transferred more power to the political class. The federal government was supposed to be an agent of The States,but now it has turned into an oligarchy. There is no decentralization just centralization and power in the hands of the few. Read about Marbury V Madison, McCulloch V. Maryland, Wickard V. Fillburn, Korematsu V. The United States, Plessy V. Ferguson, and many others Supreme Court Cases that have destroyed liberty. Then you will begin to understand the tyranny of the judicial branch. The executive and legislative branches are no better. Executive orders that give the president dictatorial powers and a Congress made up of 535 members representing the interests of 320 million people. This is tyranny in a nutshell.

So the only way to stop the hemorrhage that is the despotism of The Federal Government. A government that uses judicial activism and judicial tyranny, combined with countless executive orders issued in the overnight hours when everyone is sleeping and will never notice. The people of this country are sleeping when they are awake so it does not really matter. The way to stop this continuous trespass on liberty is to come out of this stupor and snap out of this brainwashing that has infected the minds and sensibilities of otherwise rational people. If people stopped giving their consent and talked about peaceful secession, which is the biggest check on government, you would see how the government would change.

The other option is to make sure that if a Republican gets elected president in 2016 that this new president nominates Judge Andrew Napolitano to replace Antonin Scalia. This is the best choice and the only choice if the last vestiges of a free society are to remain in tact. He is extremely experienced and a constitutional orginalist. He always reads the constitution and it explains it with the original intent of the founders in mind. He has handled thousands of sentencings and hearings. He also taught constitutional law and jurisprudence at Seton Hall Law School for eleven years. He is now a judicial analyst and gives his opinions on a wide range of legal and constitutional issues that are in the news. This man has proven to be a textualist and he has made an unwavering commitment throughout his impressive career as a judge and constitutional scholar not to be a judicial activist but a defender of the original meaning of this founding document. Any other choice would be a mistake since Napolitano and Scalia are cut from the same judicial cloth. I guess we will wait to see what happens. I am not saying The Supreme Court is a legitimate way to decide the constitutionality of laws. The system of checks and balances is extremely flawed and the federal government has grown to an immense size since 1787 when the Constitution was ratified. This is of course inevitable. There can never be governments that remain minimal. They will always grow. Limited Government is an oxymoron. So the only hope is peaceful secession or Judge Napolitano. The latter is more realistic for now.