Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) Are Ultra Intolerant Cowards

Safe spaces, destroying private property, throwing temper tantrums, occupying public areas, blocking students from going to class, spitting in people’s faces who hold opposing views, wearing bandannas and masks to cover their angry faces at protests, screaming incoherent sentences and calling people names who hold opposing views, rape hoaxes, “hate crime” hoaxes, pouring urine on people’s heads who hold opposing views, violent rhetoric, violent behavior, a sense of entitlement, totalitarianism, fascism, defecating in the streets, throwing eggs and punching people who hold opposing views. These are just a few things associated with the vile and intolerant social justice warriors (SJWs). They should not even be called warriors. A more suitable and accurate name to describe these malcontents and misfits of society would be cowards, snowflakes, gutter rats, and ultra intolerant mindless thugs. These social justice movement are made up of vulgarians who make irrational statements based on their religion of regressive leftism and egalitarianism.

Black Lives Matter, militant feminists, anti-capitalists, egalitarians, socialists, The Socialist Alternative, Bernie Sanders supporters, The Occupy Wall Street Movement, The Environmental Fascists, The Eco-Fascists, The Climate Change Alarmists, The Go Green Tyrants, PETA, LGBT activists, La Raza, Open Borders Activists, and many other violent, intolerant, movements based on leftist propaganda and the omission of facts and evidence,belong on the fringes of civilized society. These groups of people hate humanity. They hate freedom. They hate economic choice. They hate opposing views. They will use extreme violence as a means to achieve egalitarian ends. They will make violent threats, assault you, destroy private property, call you names and leftist buzzwords like “racist”, and take aggressive actions to achieve a society that is politically correct and where there is equality of outcome. Then they have the nerve to call themselves tolerant and compassionate. These are the dregs  of humanity. These are not people with dignity. These people have no integrity or honor. The word warrior is usually used to describe people with courage. These violent leftists who want safe spaces are ultra intolerant cowards. What a joke!



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