Great Britain Succeeds and Secedes From EU

Brexit is a victory for freedom. The people of Great Britain have stood up for their independence by casting their votes in a historic Brexit Referendum which has resulted in Great Britain leaving the European Union. The results were close with 48 percent of voters choosing to stay as members of The EU and 52 percent choosing to leave. This is a fantastic day and a fresh new start for the people of Great Britain. The time has come for them to take back their independence and sovereignty away from faceless bureaucrats who are unaccountable to the people they rule over.

The European Union has been a disaster for many years now. It was founded on November 1st 1993, but it’s history goes back much further to the late 1950s when in 1957, the Treaty of Rome created the European Economic Community (EEC), also referred to as the ‘Common Market’. The European Union is a political body that is highly centralized and which has failed, and continues to fail, the over 500 million people that are under the control of The EU. The Euro has created economic difficulty in many countries like Greece and Italy. There is extremely high unemployment in Southern Europe hovering close to 50 percent in some areas. The European Union is run from Brussels by a bunch of elitists and anonymous and characterless bureaucrats. It truly is a disgrace. There is also the migrant invasion. There have been throngs in the millions coming from third world cesspools all over the Arab Middle East, and they are planting themselves in Europe. These migrants are coming from terrorist hot beds, and many of them are throwbacks from the 7th century who hold beliefs and values which are not compatible with western societies. These migrants bring a deep animosity and intolerance for other cultures, they are bringing diseases like scabies, and many of them believe that the death penalty is a just punishment for homosexuals and for people who draw cartoons of a certain religious prophet. There are other crimes under Sharia Law that call for very harsh punishments and death. So people are sick of being invaded by barbarians from the Dark Ages and paying for their stay in the form of public housing and welfare programs in the process while they are called xenophobes and islamophobes. People are fed up. They want their national identity back, they want to preserve their culture without being called bigots, and they want to control their own destiny without pencil pushers in Brussels getting in the way.

This is a very historic day. There is a real possibility that other countries will leave the EU in the near future and rid themselves of the corruption and malfeasance perpetrated by the EU leaders and public officials. Great Britain has quite a bit of work to do and the people are split in that country. Many support centralized government and political correctness and multiculturalism and central planning. There are others, and they seem to be in the majority, who support culturally conservatives ideas and economic freedom. It’s funny, the BBC which is a media mouthpiece and propaganda outlet for The EU and Great Britain’s political class, incessantly discussed how leaving the EU would create a disaster. Well it’s a good thing the people did not listen and heed this ridiculous and untruthful advice. Decentralization, and voluntary trade, and private property rights, and individual sovereignty are always better ways to form a society than to have an oligarchy ruling over everyone.

It would be a delight to know that other people are supporting Brexit all around the world and that they are supporting secession for their own sovereignty and identity. Why do we need The EU, The World Bank, The IMF, horrible trade deals like NAFTA, monopolized fiat currency, and centralized governments that rule over hundreds of millions of people with no checks and balances? It’s time to put One World Government in reverse. We should not live in 195 countries, people should have the choice to live in 10,000 sovereign countries. We should not have a handful of political bodies controlling the world. We should have private businesses that compete and tens of thousands of sovereign communities that trade with each other without the initiation of force from The State interfering with voluntary relationships that people form with one another. It all comes down to secession. Secession and decentralization is the best way to be free and tohave complete control over your life.