Black Lives Matter Movement Spreads Mendacious Propaganda

The whole idea behind The Black Lives Matter Movement is that society already acknowledges that all other lives matter, but it’s time to recognize that black lives matter too. This movement is based on the premise that white lives and all other lives are respected and treated fairly by society but blacks lives have been treated unfairly and with malice and hatred by the power structures and people that make up American society. Especially, the “evil white straight male”. This may sound legitimate to many. Why would anyone oppose a movement which seeks equality under the law and that wants respect for human rights? Well, it all comes down to the facts. It all comes down to the truth at the end of the day. That’s all that matters. The plain and simple truth is that Black Lives Matter is based on lies. They are another group of rabble-rousers looking to play the white blame game to their benefit. Blame everyone else, and take no responsibility is what this movement is mostly about. They are pointing the finger and blaming other people for the Mt. Everest of problems their communities face on a daily basis. The organizers of this anti-white group of  instigators encourage violence, and private property destruction. The organizers of Black Lives Matter openly encourage violence and destroying property at their pre-protest and pre-march meetings. These thugs that make up this leftist movement are a prime example of the black mob violence which has become an epidemic all over America. The media doesn’t report black mob violence though. Just look up “Knockout Game”. And all you have to do is look at the Baltimore Riots last year. Take a look at The Ferguson Riots. Just two examples of many riots in black communities, the only difference is that the media and politicians used Ferguson and Baltimore to their advantage. They used these riots to paint the white man as the evil oppressor. And the vile media fuels these disgusting movements like Black Lives Matter. Parts of these cities, Baltimore and Ferguson, were looted and burnt to the ground and it was all inspired by the Black Lives Matter thugs and the lying propagandistic media. There continues to be vandalism and assaults all over the country when these angry mobs of disgruntled blacks and self hating white regressive leftists get together to “protest” so called white supremacy and racial injustice. The problem is that these social justice thugs do not share facts. They do not care about facts. All they want is change but their outrage is mostly  based on lies and they will use violence and intimidation as a means to achieve social justice which is based on myths. They just scream like infants about racism and white privilege. No facts to back their claims up though. They hold signs with propaganda and emotionally charged catchphrases written on their sheets of oak tag. “White Silence is Violence”, “No Justice, No Peace”, “AmeriKKKA”. This is what you get from pseudo intellectual leftists and blacktivists that have been indoctrinated to detest capitalism, white straight males, the traditional family, and free speech. So here are just a few reasons this movement should not be taken seriously and should be looked at as a cultural marxist anti-white domestic terrorist group that is dangerous to civilized society.

America is a police state. There’s no doubt about that. That’s why there needs to be a free market for law enforcement services. Let police agencies compete on the free market for protection services and law enforcement contracts in the form of insurance policies. There is no excuse for police brutality, and thousands of revenue generating traffic violations, and victimless crimes. There is no need for law enforcement, formerly referred to as peace officers, to be suited up like Rambo and Navy Seals so they can break up a brothel or so they can break up an underground casino, or so they can confiscate wood that is illegal to use in manufacturing products like high end guitars. This is absurd. There need to be accountability. Police officers that commit crimes on the job must be tried, convicted, and punished to the full extent of the law like everyone else. It shouldn’t be a cumbersome and burdensome task to punish an officer for committing violent crimes. The police must be privatized and officers of the law should not hide behind unions, and benevolent organizations, and their fellow officers who cover for them in a free society where there is justice. We need more Frank Serpicos on the force blowing the whistle on corruption. So with that being said, Black Lives Matter has taken the issue of The Police State, and has taken that violence perpetrated by the police state and made it all about the black community and black victimization and white racism with very little facts, almost no evidence, and a constant stream of anti-white propaganda.

Trayvon Martin was found to be the aggressor. He was bashing George Zimmerman’s skull into the concrete after he was being followed by Zimmerman who was concerned about a string of burglaries in his neighborhood. Martin went up to Zimmerman and punched him and continued to violently assault him and reach for Zimmerman’s gun. The media made it about a racist white man shooting a helpless black teen. They even called Zimmerman White, even though he is half Hispanic and has many of the facial characteristics of a Hispanic male. So they called him a White-Hispanic to further the narrative of white oppression against black victims. All lies! Then you had the Michael Brown case in Ferguson Missouri. He was also found to be the aggressor in the situation that took place with a white police officer after he just committed a strong arm robbery at a local convenient store. The police officer was defending his own life and acted in self defense when he shot Brown. The whole “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” rallying cry was a giant myth. It was complete and utter made up nonsense. Of course, street rats like Al Sharpton who make their living off the suffering of blacks still believe “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was what actually happened in Ferguson. Black Lives Matter agitators still hold their hands up at their marches. Now, there have been blacks killed unjustly by police. Tamir Rice, LaQuan McDonald, Eric Garner, just to name a few. But this idea that these deaths occurred as a result of white supremacy and inherent white racism is just not true. There are white racist cops within the ranks of police departments all over America. That is a fact. However, there are cops of all races. There are black cops too. In fact, three of the six cops in the Freddie Gary case are black. The judge trying these officers is black, and so far, three of the officers have been exonerated from these charges brought by the Baltimore District Attorney. So people have to also realize whites are shot and killed by the police too. You will hear about systemic racism. You will hear about institutional white racism. These are the two scapegoats that are used to explain black problems. But you will never hear about black mob violence, black on white crime, thug culture, astronomically high illegitimate birth rates in the black community, regressive leftist political policies, and rampant gang violence in black communities. Those are the main risk factors, causes, and symptoms of the poverty, chaos, anti-white sentiment, victimization, and crime in these black communities.

Whites and blacks are shot by the police in similar statistics. Black Lives Matter does not tell you that blacks make up 13% of the population and commit more than 50% of violent crimes. Unarmed whites and blacks are shot and killed at about the same rate. So this is not a race issue. It’s a police state issue. They don’t tell you that blacks are more likely to be pulled over since they speed more than whites. They don’t tell you that blacks do drugs and deal drugs more out in the open than whites. So end the war on drugs! Why are police in these black urban neighborhoods to begin with? That’s where all the violent crimes are happening on a daily basis. Have you heard about the south side of Chicago. There is black on black carnage going on in this city. Every weekend there are 40, 50, 60 black people shot by other blacks. This is an epidemic and a disgrace that no one is outraged at this war zone being apart of the American landscape. There are children and young adults dying in the hundreds and hundreds in these cities. Blacks are dying in the thousands every year all over the country. It’s not coming from the police. As violent and brutal as many police officers can be, they are not murdering black people anywhere near the number that black people are murdering black people. Less than 1% of unarmed blacks are killed by police. We hear the excuse that whites mostly murder other whites. That it’s interracial. Well, white on white murder is nowhere near as rampant as black on black murder. In cities like Milwaukee, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit, there is rampant black on black murder. Murder rates near 600% in some cities. So the police should be privatized and be held accountable but let’s not play this game where people are not held responsible for their own actions and their own decisions in life.

Stop and Frisk is wrong, the government racially profiling is wrong, The War on Drugs is wrong, the monopolization and militarization of the police force is wrong. Nevertheless, besides racially profiling, all those other things effect all Americans and not just blacks. Also the police are the least of the worries the black community faces. Less than 1% of unarmed blacks killed by police and blacks are committing most of the violent crimes. Yes, the police can be seen as an occupying force. Black communities need police officers from the community and who understand the culture of those neighborhoods living and working in those areas. However, blacks should be more worried and concerned with the safety and lives of their children when living in gang neighborhoods. The police state is a problem, but for the most part it’s not a race issue. If one demographic murders, steals, rapes, and commits more violent crimes than any other race,chances are that they will have many encounters with law enforcement. When people come in contact with law enforcement it is also prudent to be respectful, courteous,polite, and to obey the officers commands. People should know and assert their rights but they should also carry themselves in a diplomatic way. Many people do not do this and it causes situations to escalate. Now, police officers have a duty to be professional as well and if we didn’t have all of these petty offenses and absurd victimless crimes on the books, perhaps there would be less interactions with law enforcement. The problem is that Black Lives Matter blames white supremacy and the police for all their problems. Good Golly, we are still hearing about slavery and Jim Crow. These Black Lives Matter organizers never experienced Jim Crow or slavery unless they are 160 years old.

Instead of burning down cities, and buying into the leftist media narrative during an election year, blacks need to start building their communities. The political class is not going to help black people. They use black people as pawns so they can keep and grow their power over them. Wake up! Start having some self respect for your lives and communities and stop blaming white people and relying on corrupt politicians to fix your lives! Instead of blaming the white man for everything, stop having kids out of wedlock, stop laying down and getting impregnated by thugs and gang bangers. Instead of listening to filth and gutter music produced by Hip Hop Artists, read a book. Instead of supporting the regressive left and living on the democrat plantation and surviving on the few crumbs they give you, be self reliant, be an individual for crying out loud. Don’t be a victim, be a leader. Have some self respect and some dignity and control over your own destiny. And that goes for all individuals. Be an innovator, a producer. Instead of supporting public schools and public programs and the regressive left who have systematically dismantled and have made black neighborhoods into ghettos, worse than Southern Plantations, it’s time to support freedom of choice and support the right to work without having to climb over the hurdle of a minimum wage. Stop blaming the white man. Black Lives Matter treats people like they are toddlers and tells them nothing is their fault. We all know how those toddlers behave and grow up after being taught this very dangerous nonsense. They behave like toddlers and they know their is no consequences for their actions because they will simply play the race card and the media and politicians will accept this black victimization hoax as the truth. There is of course a police state, but all walks of life are touched by statist violence. People should come together to peacefully stand up against the violence of the state and stop making it about race. If we make it about race it will all come back to the culture, and values, and behavior in the black community. Whites aren’t to blame for that. Blame yourselves.



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