The Alt Right in a Nutshell

What’s the Alt Right? There have been many explanations out there about this political philosophy and there have been quite a few individuals and people claiming to be part of the Alt Right movement without actually knowing what this movement and philosophy is all about. The Alt Right, also called The New Right, is a complex right-wing political philosophy. One that I will continue to discuss on a regular basis. This short publication will just cover the core principles of The Alt Right in a very easy to understand and simplified manner. First off, I want to address the opening question of this compendious composition. What’s the Alt Right?

The Alt Right is an alternative to mainstream conservatism. The conservative establishment is made up of neoconservatives and political elitists who are bringing down western civilization and destroying the culture and identity of White American Gentiles of European descent. The neocons and republican establishment support incessant interventionist wars, unrestricted immigration from the septic tanks of the world, the Israel Lobby, globalism, anti-white race riots, Cultural Marxism, special interests, egalitarianism, and Democracy. These policies and principles are not compatible with the principles and beliefs of the The Alt Right. In fact, they are in diametric contradiction to what The Alt Right stands for and upholds as its political doctrine. The Alt Right has its roots in The Old American Right. The Old American Right were made up of anti-new dealers and anti-war activists. The most prominent figures of The Old Right were people like Robert A. Taft, H.L. Mencken, Frank Chodorov, Albert Jay Nock, Garet Garrett, and John T. Flynn. The paleoconservative movement was a stark contrast to the neocon establishment. The paleoconservative movement embraced things like Western Civilization, Christendom, anti-immigration, and protectionism. The most formidable leaders of this movement were people like Patrick J.Buchanan, Samuel T. Francis, and Joe Sobran. They were sort of an alternative to the neocons after they took over. Conservatism was redefined by people like Irving Kristol . It became a philosophy of foreign interventionism and pro-immigration from the third world. The neocons came after Russell Kirk and Pat Buchanan, and they hijacked the conservative movement in America. Who were, and continue to be, associated with neoconservatism? ¬†Well, there’s William F.Buckley Jr., Irving Kristol, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, most of the republican party, Fox News is a neocon mouthpiece and ¬†neocon propagandist organization, The National Review Crew, and many others. But in the last few years there has been the emergence of The New Right. An alternative right wing movement which has been a long time coming and which intellectually and politically challenges the mainstream conservatism which is partly to blame in the decline and chaos endangering the survival of the west.

So these are the core principles of The Alt Right:

– White Identity/White Advocacy/White Nationalism

The straight white male is under attack. He is called a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe, and a whole litany of other buzzwords and phobias the regressive left uses to demonize the white male in societies that he has built and made great. Whites have a right to take pride in their European heritage and culture. They have a right to preserve and defend their values and history in countries they founded and built and where they are the majority. Diversity, multiculturalism, political correctness, feminism, blacktivism, and Cultural Marxism threaten the survival of the straight white male. Whites have a right to look out for their own interests, and the best way to do this is to have sovereign homogeneous White European Nations where the values,history, achievements, discoveries, and heritage of the European peoples are protected,preserved, and cherished in perpetuity without conflict and interference from foreign cultures and outside influences.

– Traditionalism

The traditional family is an important value of The Alt Right. Sex roles are important. The Alt Right rejects debauchery, immoralism, abnormal and deviant social behavior.

– Race Realism

The races of the world are not equal and interchangeable. Race is by in large a biological construct and the races of the world are different when it comes to things like intelligence.

– Restrained Foreign Policy

Non-interventionist foreign policy, foreign policy of based strictly on defense of domestic values and interests.

– Protectionism

The government protects domestic producers from foreign competitors through tariffs and other trade restrictions.

* Free markets, not globalism, would be a far better economic policy since it does not involve coercion and it would bring more innovation and technology to these societies. Trade does not have to involve States and politics. It can be done from afar and without coercion.


The unrestricted flow of immigrants from the third world is a burden to predominantly white host nations. Most of these immigrants are parasites who suck the native taxpayers dry and with no appreciation. The immigrants will call you a racist and a xenophobe if you point out that they are ungrateful bloodsuckers. Furthermore,these cultures from the third world bring rape, violent crime, terrorism, dogmatic and theocratic religious beliefs (Sharia Law), intolerance, litter, and no desire to assimilate into the host country’s culture. These immigrants are completely incompatible with western culture and values. They should be prohibited from entering western countries.


Human beings are not ants marching. Humans are not equal. People and groups differ in intelligence, talents, ambitions,and physical strength. There are races that are on average more intelligent and the sexes are different when it comes to physical and emotional strength. Feminism, transgenderism, and SJWs of all types are a threat to civilized society. Social justice movements are built on deception and emotional outbursts from the misfits and outcasts of society. They are violent and irrational and have no place in a right-wing society.


Democracy is a tyrannical political system. It’s a nice way of saying violent mob rule. Political elections are rigged and democracy can be sold to the highest bidder. Democracy is a system with high time preferences where politicians pilfer and plunder for 4-8 years and do not plan for the future. They take what they can get while they are in power. Monarchy brings low time preferences and is why it is preferable to Democracy.

* An Aristocratic Natural Order is preferable to both.

– Hierarchy

The Alt Right believes in hierarchy. A political system based on merit and strength. Many people who associate themselves with The Alt Right support Big Government Hierarchy. Perhaps a system similar to feudalism. There would be kings and knights and nobles and peasants.

*Big Government and Statism is not necessary to have a hierarchical social order. An Aristocratic Natural Order allows the most intelligent,wealthiest, judicious, and bravest people to rise to the top and act as arbitrators during disputes and conflicts. This would be a competitive system with the people being able to check nobility through freedom of choice. So Big Government is tyrannical and immoral. An Aristocratic Natural Order is hierarchical and moral.

So there you have it the Alt Right in a nutshell. And no, Milo, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter, and Stefan Molyneux are not Alt Right. They may be considered allies but I would say they fit into the category of Alt Right Light.

The most prominent intellectuals and formidable leaders of The Alt Right are Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Kevin B. MacDonald, Richard Lynn, RamZPaul, and Peter Brimelow. Here are a few Alt Right web sites I recommend: Radix, VDare, Counter Currents, The Occidental Observer, and American Renaissance. I recommend these YouTube channels: Red Ice Radio, Millenial Woes, and my channel, Right-Libertarian Universe.