White Nationalism VS. White Supremacy, There’s a Big Difference

The corrupt media establishment has gone great lengths to label anyone who advocates for white values and interests as a white supremacist. They have even labeled right wing populists, who want a wall built on the southern border with Mexico, as white supremacists. The media is so deceitful and so unhinged that they are continuing to tell lies and disseminate mendacious propaganda about Donald Trump and the right wing, even after this man, they labeled a bigoted and racist liar, won the electoral vote in a landslide. This is a mandate if there ever was one. Winning states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania and taking 306 electoral votes as a Republican is a major victory. It’s a total rejection of the policies and ideas presented by the regressive left in this country. But the media continues to distort the truth and cover Donald Trump in the most negative way possible. Their favorite topic to cover is white supremacy and how Trump’s supporters and some people being chosen to serve in his cabinet are white supremacists. Well, it’s time to educate these people. I suspect many of them know that they are using this phrase, white supremacy, in a disingenuous way, but continue to use it anyway to describe the right wing in this country in an attempt to delegitimize the objectives of the right wing in this country. So for those of you who do not know the difference between white supremacy, and right-wing populism, and white nationalism, here is a brief explanation.

White Supremacy is about control over a racial group which is seen as inferior. The group that is seen as inferior is controlled and ruled over by the supremacists. They are mistreated and discriminated against in violent ways by the supremacist group. So, this group that controls could be white supremacists, brown supremacists, or black supremacists. Any racial group you can think of can be a supremacist group. The most powerful one right now is the Jewish Supremacist group which controls the banks, the media, Hollywood, multinational corporations, and also has a major influence in politics. Jews only make up 2% of the population in The United States, yet they wield immense power and use this power for sinister objectives. So Trump supporters are not white supremacists. The Alt Right are not white supremacists. David Duke and Richard Spencer are not white supremacists. Trump supporters are mostly made up of right-wing populists and anti-establishment whites that make up the working class in this country. Right-Wing Populists want law and order, lower taxes, closed borders and restricted immigration from the third world, an end to the welfare state, an end to globalization, and they support traditional values. No white supremacy there. Donald Trump was called a racist and a bigot throughout the election cycle by the media and by the Never Trump traitors and by the irrational regressive left. Donald Trump is not a racist. He is not even close to being a white advocate. Donald Trump is a businessman who has been socially liberal his whole life and who ran as a civic nationalist. He has said nothing racist during the campaign. When he called for a ban on Muslims, that was not racist. First of all, Islam,or being a Muslim is not a race. And since when do refugees and foreigners living in third world septic tanks who are culturally incompatible with western values have the same rights as American citizens? They have no rights as Americans. When Donald trump called Mexicans crossing the border rapists he was telling the truth. He never said all Mexicans and Central Americans were rapists but many are rapists. Over 2,000 illegal aliens in Texas alone have been deported over the last few years for committing sex crimes. There are also thousands of cases of illegal aliens committing sex crimes against children in this country, especially in states like Texas. This may be an inconvenient truth for the multiculturalists and SJWs in this country,but it’s the truth. And that’s just rape committed by illegal aliens. Illegal aliens also commit other violent crimes disproportionate to the native white population per capita. They are parasitic as well, taking as much state assistance as possible without thinking twice about it. It costs billions of dollars to feed, and cloth these illegal aliens and all the kids they have. Then you have to jail the criminals, and that costs money. How about healthcare for illegals and educating the children of illegals in public schools?  It’s not racism to point this out, it’s the cold hard truth.

So, Donald Trump is a civic nationalist. He is not a white supremacist or a white nationalist. But what’s the difference between white supremacy and white nationalism? As was explained earlier white supremacy, any racial supremacy, is about control over other races that are deemed to be inferior. White supremacy is violent, whereas white nationalism is peaceful. White Nationalism is about white identity and white homelands. It’s about white ethnonations and preserving the heritage, history, values, culture, and achievements of The European Peoples. It’s not violent, it’s not intolerant. It’s about preserving a racial identity, white identity. It’s about advocating for white interests in a peaceful way. All of the other races and protected groups fight for their interests with nary a complaint from anyone. So why can’t whites stand up for their rights as a people and advocate for sovereign homelands. Every race should have a sovereign homeland, but many races need whites to survive and they need whites around as a scapegoat for all of their problems created by their own culture and values.

So there is a big difference between white supremacy which is an irrelevant ideology in this country. White supremacy is a fringe movement followed by a few societal outcasts and it should be condemned and kept to the peripheries of society. White nationalism, on the other hand, is righteous and peaceful. The Alt Right and White Nationalists, which are essentially one in the same, are fighting for the survival of the white race which is being dispossessed by non white third world immigrants and by Jewish Hegemons that have made their home and center of operation the entire planet. The Jewish Hegemons control all of the power structures on earth. The Central Banks and The Financial  Elite are powerful Jews looking to dispossess white people. So The Alt Right and white nationalists are speaking out against these acts of aggression against white Americans and Europeans. Why would the Jews do this? You might say this sounds like a conspiracy theory. Well it is a conspiracy, but not really a theory. It’s a fact based conclusion that The Jewish Elite are encouraging and funding mass immigration into Europe and America, and that they are controlling economies through the banking system, and that they are spoiling people’s brains through Hollywood films which encourage debauchery, and homosexuality, and transgenderism, and anti-white hate. So this is no made up story. This is a plot which has been unfolding for centuries, perpetrated by the so called “chosen people”.

So, The Alt Right supports race realism, nationalism, and white identity, among many other principles and core values, like traditionalism. They are not white supremacists but will be labeled as such since we live in a country and a world that blames whites for everything. But who are the real racists and intolerant ones. It’s the non-whites who blame whites for every single problem they experience in their lives. From Black Lives Matter, to CAIR, to LGBT rights activists, to La Raza, to The Jewish Lobby, to white self loathing SJWs and commie street scum along with many many more. These people detest whites and their achievements and will commit acts of violence against them as a means to achieve egalitarian ends and to make whites pay for invented crimes they never committed. So what’s wrong with saying we want sovereign white homelands away from these types of enemies. Sovereign white ethnonations where communists, vagabonds, human parasites, bums, sluts, feminists, drug addicts, non-whites, the jewish elite, Muslim terrorists, SJWs, immoralists, dogmatists, third worlders, abnormal lifestyles, and militant environmentalists are all physically removed and banned.

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