Celebrating Saturnalia and The Yuletide

Most people in America get together on December 25th of every year to celebrate Christmas. But what is Christmas? It’s a holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. But no one knows when Jesus was born. No one knows for sure if Jesus even existed for that matter. At least not in the way he is portrayed in The Bible as “The Son of God”, who was brutally murdered by his own people, The Jews, and The Romans, who carried out the murder. A brutal murder that took away the sins of the world by making Jesus a scapegoat, so that thousands of years later serial killers and pedophiles could pray to Jesus on their death beds and claim him as their Lord and Savior and be forgiven by God for all their heinous crimes and then be granted a passage into the kingdom of heaven. The holiday we call Christmas goes back much further than its Christian origins. The birthday of Jesus was not officially declared until the 4th century. The Romans and The Ancient Norse celebrated The Winter Solstice long before Christmas was ever declared a day of celebration. In fact, Christmas was not declared a national holiday in the United States until 1870. So with so much uncertainty surrounding the birth of Jesus and the unappealing and irrational dogma surrounding organized Christianity, and all religion, it’s time to g back to the real meaning of Christmas, which is, The Winter Solstice. It’s time to rejuvenate the old customs of The Romans who celebrated Saturnalia and The Norse, who celebrated The Yule.

Saturn was the Roman God of Agriculture. And on December 17th until December 23rd, some historians say a month after the 17th, the Romans held a festival honoring Saturn. The festival was an almost out of control party with drinking, and eating, and gambling, and even slaves joined in on this fun that lasted for days. There was also gift giving during these festivities. So Saturnalia is similar to the modern day holiday in that gift giving and partying were part of this Roman tradition. Then there is The Yuletide, practiced by the Norse people, with many of the symbols of modern day Christmas coming from this Ancient Holiday. The Christmas Tree, Red and Green, White and Gold, come from The Yuletide. December 21st is the shortest day of the year, and each day thereafter, there is a gradual increase in the amount of daylight. This was a big thing for The Norse who lived in a cold climate and who endured very long and snowy winters. This is why they celebrated The Winter Solstice. They knew they would be able to start their agricultural season in a few months.So the Germanic people celebrated this time with joy and it is where The Christmas Tree comes from, and of course the Yule Log, and Santa Claus is actually the Norse God Odin. That last part can be debated but Odin and Santa have many similarities and Odin came before Santa.

So these are the pagan holidays of The Romans and Germanic peoples who celebrated The Winter Solstice. It’s about time people revive and preserve these ancient holidays and make them an important part of European culture. Christmas has become an amorphous holiday, in which anyone can celebrate the day. Essentially it means nothing. You can’t even say Merry Christmas without being looked at as a old fashioned bigot. But why say Merry Christmas? How about Happy Yule! Or Merry Saturnalia! If we can’t say Merry Christmas, chances are the politically correct mobs will have an issue with widespread celebration of The Yule and Saturnalia. Not that anyone should care what mindless SJWs think or care about. But they would detest the celebration of pagan holidays, since these are White European holidays. These are holidays that celebrate white traditions and it would no longer be used as a holiday to encourage irrational consumerism and multiculturalism. So this is why White Americans and Europeans should bring back the Yule. First we can start with Merry Christmas and work towards Saturnalia and The Yule as being the holidays of White European Civilizations. So instead of celebrating consumerism and buying useless junk and cheaply made electronics that are obsolete in six months. Instead of making The Pagan Holidays a multicultural holiday with black Santas and Christmas Trees in The South Pacific, whites must bring back Saturnalia and The Yule and make it their own glorious holiday.

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