Forming An Organic Right-Wing Social Order

The historical election of Donald Trump has changed the course of American politics for many years to come. There are not many people who predicted Donald Trump would win the presidency against what seemed to be impossible odds. Donald Trump did not just have to campaign against The Clinton Machine and all of her donors. He also had to defeat The Establishment Republicans, which include political hacks like John McCain and Paul Ryan, The Never Trumpers, who were lead by a mixed bag of neocons and cuckservative losers like Glenn Beck, the regressive left and The Bernie Bots throwing infantile tantrums in the streets, the corporatist far left media who cover for leftist demagogues like Obama and Crooked Hillary, Big Business who want cheap labor imported into America who also lobby for illegal aliens from the third world to pour across the border, and many other individuals and groups of people who were vehemently against the idea of a Trump presidency. A presidency where a right-wing populist agenda would be front and center for the direction of the nation. But things are seldom what they seem. Even though the corporatist far left media were the ones who gave the false impression that Trump would lose and Crooked Hillary would be the first female president, they underestimated the right wing populist movement sweeping across Europe and America. The corporate shills also covered up all of Hillary’s scandals and lies while painting a false picture of how Middle America would vote in the 2016 election by falsely claiming Democrats and Independents in The Rust Belt would vote for Crooked Hillary. This was of course wrong. Trump obliterated Hillary in places like Wisconsin and Michigan, and he won the election decidedly with 306 electoral votes. That’s a landslide for a Republican candidate. The media tried to do what they always do by spreading lies and propaganda to get their candidate, Hillary Clinton, elected so the status quo could be preserved for another four to eight years. A sleeping giant has been awakened. The white working class in this country has had enough of the lies and mistreatment that comes from the two party oligarchy running this country. So there is going to be a more nationalistic approach over the next few years. The policies being championed by Trump are Buchananite type principles taken almost directly from the paleoconservative manifesto. But what happens after Trump leaves office? Even if Trump builds a giant wall on the southern border, and repeals and replaces Obamacare, and signs hundreds of executive orders to undo the Neo-Marxist policies of his predecessor, all of this is reversible. All of this can be undone by future presidents. Walls can be torn down, single payer healthcare can be written into law, and new executive orders can be signed to undo what Trump accomplished as president. There needs to be a new direction for the right-wing in this country and Hoppean anarcho-capitalists looking to establish a stateless and morally superior society where the values and culture of western civilization will be revived and defended and preserved for centuries to come. Enough of this silly nonsense of voting for politicians. Voting is a suggestion box for slaves. It’s like eating beans to alleviate gas. The other way to look at voting is to see it as taking part in the corrupt democratic system, which is just a nice way of showcasing mob rule. It’s time to stop relying on politicians. It’s time to form an organic social order by seceding and then preserving the principles of the right-wing and Hoppean anarcho-capitalists.
Donald Trump is a short term solution to a long term problem. There would need to be a hundred years of policies influenced by Right-Wing Populism to have a dramatic effect on the direction of this country. Trump is having a hard enough time with Republican control of both chambers of Congress. So Trump is not the long term answer. Constitutionalsim and Democracy are not the answers we need to preserve western civilization. The Constitution is an extremely flawed document and there is absolutly no hope in achieving a limited government that stays limited in its powers. Limited government is like saying dry lubricant or jumbo shrimp. And that’s because limited governments can not remain limited governments. The intrinsic quality of government and/or The State is to grow and keep it’s power. Period. There are no checks and balances. There are 535 members of Congress representing the interests of 320 million people. There are 9 unelected judicial activists interpreting their own governing document. It’s like a wolf who has not eaten in a week guarding a chicken coup. And then you have the executive branch passing executive orders like they are going out of style. And don’t forget the massive cyclopean bureaucracy made up of auditors and regulatory book worms only to collect a pension and make your life miserable. It did not take long for The Constitution to produce this tyrannical system. So the only answer to this festering problem of Statism and the decline of western civilization is secession.
Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalists, who are against democracy, and open borders, and globalism, and egalitarisnism, must secede with racially consciouss White Americans, who support the principles of the Alt Right, and togther they must form a meritocratic hierarchical aristocratic private law society which enshrines and upholds right wing principles. The core principles that must be upheld in this type of society are National Homogeneity, Idenitarianism, Traditionalism, Free Markets, Private Property Ethics, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Globalism, Anti-Immigration, and a Restarined Foreign Policy. This society would not be influenced by outsiders, or third world parasites, or SJWs, or any other group of egalitarian cretins. The first group to be physically removed from this typeof society would be The Communists since they are the vermin and dregs of humanity who are looking to destroy everything associated with western civilization. They have no place in this type of society and must remain on the fringes or be physically removed by the private property owners who make up this private law society.
This would be a stateless society. Nevertheless, there would be law and order and morality and prosperity would thrive in this type of society. Besides, why would anyone who cherishes freedom want The State being an arbiter in conflicts that involve The State, or where The State makes the ultmate decision in any conflict? The State is a murderous institution of plunderers and propagandists and corruptors and crooks. The reason conflicts arise is becasue goods are not super abundant, they are scarce, and that’s why we also need private property rights. So, a private law society would have codified law based on common laws and norms and the principle of non aggression. And once the laws are codified, the only thing that must exist is an agreement of the fatcs when these conflicts arise in these societies. So this notion that a society needs a bunch of pencil pushers and political hacks making laws is nonsense. A free and just society will have competition in the court system. There will also be competent arbitrators and judges using the facts at their disposal to decide cases based on existing codified law. It’s not about writing law,it’s about applying law to different situations. So who will these judges be in this right wing private law society? In a stateless society, the most respected people will be judges and arbitrators and peacemakers. The nobles and kings of that society would rise to the top. A natural aristicracy, a natural hieracrhy would form. These are the people who have the highest IQs, the most noteworhy accomplishments, the most bravery,the most wealth, an unwavering committment to their culture and people, and a superior ability to resolve disputes. This is not authoritarianism. It’s a right-libertarian aristocracy. And these nobles will pass their responsibility as respected members of society onto their heirs. Furthermore, they will not charge for their services , it would be a civic duty! Some skeptics might say, “well isn’t a nobility and a king an authoritarian system, similar to feudalism? Not at all. The king is not making laws. Just applying them! The King or Monarch is not The State, he does not have a monoply on force or law making power,or ultimate decison making power. If people are dissatidfied with his verdicts they can use aanother noble as an arbitrator when a conflict arises. There has been this type of Natuarl Order in history, during The European Middle Ages. Some might say, “well you need armies to defend your nation from invaders”. They might bring up the fact that expropriaton is needed to fund armies.To the contrary, there would be private militias, and private defesne firms, private insurance companies providing security and defense. People can provide their own defense in most cases and they will be bound by common interests,so they will defend against the same threats. Moreover, The King will not allow vagabonds, and parasites, and commies, and throwback religionits, and incompatible cultures into the harmonized nation. The King will want to protect and preserve the identity of this European style organic social order.
So where can like minded Hoppeans, and Right-Libertarians, and people on The Alt Right start a society like this one? A good place to start would be in states like Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. They are already populated by mostly white people and their political sentiments mostly lean right. As far as having access to the coast, this new secessionist territory could homestead and claim ownership to areas in Washington and Oregon. How does this all come about? Well, people who are fed up with the political process and who want to preserve their white identity and who are looking for a stateless social order to start, must move to the aforementioned territories in large numbers. Once there, these states must secede and declare their sovereignty, and subversives elements who continue to reside in this new Right-Libertarian Nation will either be ostracized or physically removed. This is the next great political movement. Forget about voting and putting bumper stickers on your car. There are too many lemmings in this country who vote alongside you, thus cancelling out your educated vote with a vote cast by a misinformed fat slob who lives in his parents’ basement and watches CNN seventeen hours a day. It’s time to divorce yourselves from these subversive egalitarians and low IQ drones and secede. Trump is not the answer. At the end of the day Trump represents The State and only a few of his policies will be implemented over the course of his presidency. Some of his policies will be based on compromise and capitulation. And this is after the biggest right wing populist uprising in history with majority control of both chambers of Congress and a civic nationalist, quasi-libertarian in charge! This is the last stand. And it will not save western civilization or bring more freedom to America. Why compromise? Why capitulate? Identity and freedom are the answer. Secession is the answer!