White Genocide in South Africa and Beyond

There are many lessons white people can lear from South Africa and Zimbabwe. South Africa and Zimbabwe, which was formerly called Rhodesia, are countries in Africa with white minorities that were settled and developed by white European settlers. These countries were prosperous and wonderful places for white people to live and start families and that’s because white achievement and industriousness made these great places to live. But that has all changed over the last few decades. Ever since the black majority took control of the government in these countries whites are being disposessed and slaughtered in the most horrific ways fathomable and in large numbers. It’s no surprise that you have not heard about the genocide of white people going on in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Why would you hear anyting about these atrocities from the mainstream media. There whole agenda is to kow-tow to the regressive left in America and abroad, and to incessantly lambaste against the straight white male. Well, it’s time for you to hear the truth. There is a phenomenon called White Genocide, and it’s not only happening in places like South Africa,it’s also happening in Europe and right here in America. There is one thing that you must understand if you are white, and that is, you do not want to live in a majority non white nation and be ruled by non white leaders who have the ultimate goal of punishing whites for crimes they never committed.
There is an ongoing genocide in South Africa against white farmers and their families. Their farms are being ransacked, occupied, and in other cases, burnt to the ground. White farmers are being hacked to death. Their children are being tortured and murdered in the most heinous ways imaginable and the wives of these farmers are being raped and murdered right in front of their husbands who are forced to watch. Who is doing all this plundering and committing tens of thousands of murders in South Africa? Well,who do you think? The answer is not hard to figure out. The genocide is being comittted by black marauding terrorists who have been influenced by anti-white hate groups like the ANC (African National Congress) and The EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters). These black marauding thugs want to kill or intimidate every single white living in South Africa, and it is their goal to eradicate all the whites living in South Africa and Zimbabwe who have built successful and fruitful lives in these countries. It was not at the expense of the blacks either. Whites thrived on their own because they have low time preferences and higher average IQs. Blacks tend to have higher time preferences and a need for instant gratification. This is nothing new, we see non whites intimdating and harassing whites all over the world. Just look at America. Black on white violence is rampant. Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent. Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black. Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery. Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa. https://www.amren.com/archives/reports/the-color-of-crime/
All of this white hatred coming from blacks in South Africa is a product of so called apartheid. All this anti-white hate because of separate water fountains. Well, why would whites want to be forcibly integrated with African Blacks? Why would whites support racial mixing with a group of people who have not advanced beyond a primitive lifestyle? What have African blacks produced in the last hundred years? What have they ever produced that changed the world in a positive way? Look at the societies they create. Take a look at places where there is no white influence in Africa and study the social systems under black leadership in these places. They are all epic failures. There is widespread disease like HIV, there are tribal wars going on over the most trivial disputes, there is perpetual genocide, there are people living in huts plastered together with cattle dung, the illiteracy rate is through the roof, and there is arguably more corruption in Africa than any other place on earth. Haiti is not far behind, but that is also a country that murdered the French colonizers and kicked out the whites, and once the blacks took over it became a third world hell hole. The culture and society in Haiti under The French rivaled any aristocratic and civilized society in Europe during the late 18th century. That all changed once non whites took over and started practicing voodoo full time.
Apartheid ended in 1994, but by 2002 sixty percent of South Africans said the country was better under apartheid. The life expectancy has dropped in South Africa, and it now has the highest rate of rape in the world. The number is staggering, it’s 132 rapes per 100,000. Sweden is not far behind with 64, after the throwback savages from The Muslim World invaded Europe. Whites are being killed like flies by black gangs in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe,and they are being encouraged by racist jackals like Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema in South Africa. They’re killing more people now on a weekly basis,then the Afrikaaner government did over a period of decades. The murder rate in S. Africa is higher than Mexico and The Sudan,about 31 per 100,000. There have been 70,000 whites murdered since apartheid ended in 1994. Where is the outrage? There are 4 million whites in S. Africa with a population of almost 50 million. Is there any question what will happen in countries where whites become minorities? Is there any question? One thing is for sure, whites have a right to be in South Africa, it’s their country, the land they peacefully settled and homesteaded is their land. They have been settling there since the 1650s. They didn’t steal that farm land in Zimbabwe and South Africa, they settled that land. They own that land. There was British Colonization in South Africa but any place there has been white European colonization the so called indigenous people have benefited to a substantial degree. When the British left India,it collapsed under Nehru, and when apartheid and white rule ended in South Africa,it has now become a nation of rape and murder and uncivilized behavior led by black African leaders,who clearly have a deep hatred for The Afrikaaners also called the Boers. They are the descendants of the original Dutch settlers of southern Africa. Julius Malema, EFF leader sings, “kill the BOER”, and of course people laugh and sing along and are encouraged to kill white farmers. This is not anything new. Nelson Mandela, was also a white hating Black African Terrorist and he should have rotted in jail. The only other option for Mandela would have been to have him tried,convicted, and burned at the stake for his brutal campaign of terrorism against fellow South Africans and the so called apartheid regime.
These are not the only places white genocide is occurring. It’s happening in Europe through the invasion of non white Muslims from the third world who are raping, plundering, assaulting, defecating in public spaces, intimidating, littering, and murdering their way across Europe. They are using the political correctness of the gutless bureaucrats who run Europe and their culture to breed like rabbits, with the ultimate goal of taking over Europe. Europeans are busy walking around with dogs in their hand bags and lighting candles after they are attacked by terrorists in night clubs and in the streets they no longer recognize. Meanwhile, The Muslims are having five, six, and seven Muslim children who will eventually take over as the majority demographic in these countries if European fertility continues to remain so low. So whites are being dispossessed and they are losing their societies all over the world. Take America for example, affirmative action, academia, The ZOG Machine, the commie street scum, blacktivists, non white immigrants from Mexico and Central America, are all out to destroy the straight white male and White American Identity. Genocide does not necessarily mean murder of a specific group of people, it means the systematic destruction of a specific group of people. And this what is happening in Europe, America, and In South Africa. Whites are being murdered, intimidated, blamed for all the problems of non whites. Instead of looking at average IQs and the culture of non whites as a leading cause for their shortcomings, everything is blamed on white privilege.
Many commie street agitators and blacktivists will say that these aggressive actions against whites are pay back for past injustices committed by whites. But what exactly are they talking about. Slavery? Whites were slaves too. They were traded by The Ottomans and they were indentured servants right here in the Americas, who in many cases were treated worse than black slaves were in The Americas, and this went on from the 16th to 18th centuries. You will hear that the white man stole land from The Indigenous People of North America. This is another load of nonsense. A few million Native Americans,or Indians, can not homestead and settle all of North America. It’s impossible for a few million Indian Tribes to legitimately own 9.54 million square miles of North America. If a Native American’s father or grandfather hunted buffalo in The Great Plains, that does not mean they own the The Great Plains. If some Indian Tribe built a fire somewhere in North Dakota that does not mean they own North Dakota. Furthermore, The Indians of North America stole from each other. The Apache and Comanche were brutal killers and plundered many different tribes. Many of these tribes were uncivilized and just look at The Aztecs, they are the perfect example of what it means to be a savage. Whites settled America, and they created America.
There are many whites who will never choose facts and logic and their identity over egalitarainism and emotional arguments. These are the self loathing whites you see in our society. These are many of the white millenials, and the middle class white pussies who wave anarcho-communist flags in the streets but who can’t wait to text on their smart phones and sip lattes at coffee houses which are corporate behemoths. These people will never be reached and it’s futile trying to reach them in any way. They are the enemies of white identity, and western civilization, and organic social orders, and they must be seen as violent and imminent threats to peaceful white nationalists and right-wing libertarians who are spreading the message of social order, traditionalism, and ethnonationalism. White Genocide will only be defeated when whites begin to peacefully secede and they start reproducing in large numbers. Once these homelands are established, they must support physical removal of all subversive elements and non white inhabitants in their sovereign white homelands, and then they will be able to revive, preserve, and defend white identity and western civilization with minimal threat from anti-white haters.


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