White Genocide in South Africa and Beyond

There are many lessons white people can lear from South Africa and Zimbabwe. South Africa and Zimbabwe, which was formerly called Rhodesia, are countries in Africa with white minorities that were settled and developed by white European settlers. These countries were prosperous and wonderful places for white people to live and start families and that’s because white achievement and industriousness made these great places to live. But that has all changed over the last few decades. Ever since the black majority took control of the government in these countries whites are being disposessed and slaughtered in the most horrific ways fathomable and in large numbers. It’s no surprise that you have not heard about the genocide of white people going on in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Why would you hear anyting about these atrocities from the mainstream media. There whole agenda is to kow-tow to the regressive left in America and abroad, and to incessantly lambaste against the straight white male. Well, it’s time for you to hear the truth. There is a phenomenon called White Genocide, and it’s not only happening in places like South Africa,it’s also happening in Europe and right here in America. There is one thing that you must understand if you are white, and that is, you do not want to live in a majority non white nation and be ruled by non white leaders who have the ultimate goal of punishing whites for crimes they never committed.
There is an ongoing genocide in South Africa against white farmers and their families. Their farms are being ransacked, occupied, and in other cases, burnt to the ground. White farmers are being hacked to death. Their children are being tortured and murdered in the most heinous ways imaginable and the wives of these farmers are being raped and murdered right in front of their husbands who are forced to watch. Who is doing all this plundering and committing tens of thousands of murders in South Africa? Well,who do you think? The answer is not hard to figure out. The genocide is being comittted by black marauding terrorists who have been influenced by anti-white hate groups like the ANC (African National Congress) and The EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters). These black marauding thugs want to kill or intimidate every single white living in South Africa, and it is their goal to eradicate all the whites living in South Africa and Zimbabwe who have built successful and fruitful lives in these countries. It was not at the expense of the blacks either. Whites thrived on their own because they have low time preferences and higher average IQs. Blacks tend to have higher time preferences and a need for instant gratification. This is nothing new, we see non whites intimdating and harassing whites all over the world. Just look at America. Black on white violence is rampant. Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent. Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black. Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery. Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa. https://www.amren.com/archives/reports/the-color-of-crime/
All of this white hatred coming from blacks in South Africa is a product of so called apartheid. All this anti-white hate because of separate water fountains. Well, why would whites want to be forcibly integrated with African Blacks? Why would whites support racial mixing with a group of people who have not advanced beyond a primitive lifestyle? What have African blacks produced in the last hundred years? What have they ever produced that changed the world in a positive way? Look at the societies they create. Take a look at places where there is no white influence in Africa and study the social systems under black leadership in these places. They are all epic failures. There is widespread disease like HIV, there are tribal wars going on over the most trivial disputes, there is perpetual genocide, there are people living in huts plastered together with cattle dung, the illiteracy rate is through the roof, and there is arguably more corruption in Africa than any other place on earth. Haiti is not far behind, but that is also a country that murdered the French colonizers and kicked out the whites, and once the blacks took over it became a third world hell hole. The culture and society in Haiti under The French rivaled any aristocratic and civilized society in Europe during the late 18th century. That all changed once non whites took over and started practicing voodoo full time.
Apartheid ended in 1994, but by 2002 sixty percent of South Africans said the country was better under apartheid. The life expectancy has dropped in South Africa, and it now has the highest rate of rape in the world. The number is staggering, it’s 132 rapes per 100,000. Sweden is not far behind with 64, after the throwback savages from The Muslim World invaded Europe. Whites are being killed like flies by black gangs in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe,and they are being encouraged by racist jackals like Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema in South Africa. They’re killing more people now on a weekly basis,then the Afrikaaner government did over a period of decades. The murder rate in S. Africa is higher than Mexico and The Sudan,about 31 per 100,000. There have been 70,000 whites murdered since apartheid ended in 1994. Where is the outrage? There are 4 million whites in S. Africa with a population of almost 50 million. Is there any question what will happen in countries where whites become minorities? Is there any question? One thing is for sure, whites have a right to be in South Africa, it’s their country, the land they peacefully settled and homesteaded is their land. They have been settling there since the 1650s. They didn’t steal that farm land in Zimbabwe and South Africa, they settled that land. They own that land. There was British Colonization in South Africa but any place there has been white European colonization the so called indigenous people have benefited to a substantial degree. When the British left India,it collapsed under Nehru, and when apartheid and white rule ended in South Africa,it has now become a nation of rape and murder and uncivilized behavior led by black African leaders,who clearly have a deep hatred for The Afrikaaners also called the Boers. They are the descendants of the original Dutch settlers of southern Africa. Julius Malema, EFF leader sings, “kill the BOER”, and of course people laugh and sing along and are encouraged to kill white farmers. This is not anything new. Nelson Mandela, was also a white hating Black African Terrorist and he should have rotted in jail. The only other option for Mandela would have been to have him tried,convicted, and burned at the stake for his brutal campaign of terrorism against fellow South Africans and the so called apartheid regime.
These are not the only places white genocide is occurring. It’s happening in Europe through the invasion of non white Muslims from the third world who are raping, plundering, assaulting, defecating in public spaces, intimidating, littering, and murdering their way across Europe. They are using the political correctness of the gutless bureaucrats who run Europe and their culture to breed like rabbits, with the ultimate goal of taking over Europe. Europeans are busy walking around with dogs in their hand bags and lighting candles after they are attacked by terrorists in night clubs and in the streets they no longer recognize. Meanwhile, The Muslims are having five, six, and seven Muslim children who will eventually take over as the majority demographic in these countries if European fertility continues to remain so low. So whites are being dispossessed and they are losing their societies all over the world. Take America for example, affirmative action, academia, The ZOG Machine, the commie street scum, blacktivists, non white immigrants from Mexico and Central America, are all out to destroy the straight white male and White American Identity. Genocide does not necessarily mean murder of a specific group of people, it means the systematic destruction of a specific group of people. And this what is happening in Europe, America, and In South Africa. Whites are being murdered, intimidated, blamed for all the problems of non whites. Instead of looking at average IQs and the culture of non whites as a leading cause for their shortcomings, everything is blamed on white privilege.
Many commie street agitators and blacktivists will say that these aggressive actions against whites are pay back for past injustices committed by whites. But what exactly are they talking about. Slavery? Whites were slaves too. They were traded by The Ottomans and they were indentured servants right here in the Americas, who in many cases were treated worse than black slaves were in The Americas, and this went on from the 16th to 18th centuries. You will hear that the white man stole land from The Indigenous People of North America. This is another load of nonsense. A few million Native Americans,or Indians, can not homestead and settle all of North America. It’s impossible for a few million Indian Tribes to legitimately own 9.54 million square miles of North America. If a Native American’s father or grandfather hunted buffalo in The Great Plains, that does not mean they own the The Great Plains. If some Indian Tribe built a fire somewhere in North Dakota that does not mean they own North Dakota. Furthermore, The Indians of North America stole from each other. The Apache and Comanche were brutal killers and plundered many different tribes. Many of these tribes were uncivilized and just look at The Aztecs, they are the perfect example of what it means to be a savage. Whites settled America, and they created America.
There are many whites who will never choose facts and logic and their identity over egalitarainism and emotional arguments. These are the self loathing whites you see in our society. These are many of the white millenials, and the middle class white pussies who wave anarcho-communist flags in the streets but who can’t wait to text on their smart phones and sip lattes at coffee houses which are corporate behemoths. These people will never be reached and it’s futile trying to reach them in any way. They are the enemies of white identity, and western civilization, and organic social orders, and they must be seen as violent and imminent threats to peaceful white nationalists and right-wing libertarians who are spreading the message of social order, traditionalism, and ethnonationalism. White Genocide will only be defeated when whites begin to peacefully secede and they start reproducing in large numbers. Once these homelands are established, they must support physical removal of all subversive elements and non white inhabitants in their sovereign white homelands, and then they will be able to revive, preserve, and defend white identity and western civilization with minimal threat from anti-white haters.


Forming An Organic Right-Wing Social Order

The historical election of Donald Trump has changed the course of American politics for many years to come. There are not many people who predicted Donald Trump would win the presidency against what seemed to be impossible odds. Donald Trump did not just have to campaign against The Clinton Machine and all of her donors. He also had to defeat The Establishment Republicans, which include political hacks like John McCain and Paul Ryan, The Never Trumpers, who were lead by a mixed bag of neocons and cuckservative losers like Glenn Beck, the regressive left and The Bernie Bots throwing infantile tantrums in the streets, the corporatist far left media who cover for leftist demagogues like Obama and Crooked Hillary, Big Business who want cheap labor imported into America who also lobby for illegal aliens from the third world to pour across the border, and many other individuals and groups of people who were vehemently against the idea of a Trump presidency. A presidency where a right-wing populist agenda would be front and center for the direction of the nation. But things are seldom what they seem. Even though the corporatist far left media were the ones who gave the false impression that Trump would lose and Crooked Hillary would be the first female president, they underestimated the right wing populist movement sweeping across Europe and America. The corporate shills also covered up all of Hillary’s scandals and lies while painting a false picture of how Middle America would vote in the 2016 election by falsely claiming Democrats and Independents in The Rust Belt would vote for Crooked Hillary. This was of course wrong. Trump obliterated Hillary in places like Wisconsin and Michigan, and he won the election decidedly with 306 electoral votes. That’s a landslide for a Republican candidate. The media tried to do what they always do by spreading lies and propaganda to get their candidate, Hillary Clinton, elected so the status quo could be preserved for another four to eight years. A sleeping giant has been awakened. The white working class in this country has had enough of the lies and mistreatment that comes from the two party oligarchy running this country. So there is going to be a more nationalistic approach over the next few years. The policies being championed by Trump are Buchananite type principles taken almost directly from the paleoconservative manifesto. But what happens after Trump leaves office? Even if Trump builds a giant wall on the southern border, and repeals and replaces Obamacare, and signs hundreds of executive orders to undo the Neo-Marxist policies of his predecessor, all of this is reversible. All of this can be undone by future presidents. Walls can be torn down, single payer healthcare can be written into law, and new executive orders can be signed to undo what Trump accomplished as president. There needs to be a new direction for the right-wing in this country and Hoppean anarcho-capitalists looking to establish a stateless and morally superior society where the values and culture of western civilization will be revived and defended and preserved for centuries to come. Enough of this silly nonsense of voting for politicians. Voting is a suggestion box for slaves. It’s like eating beans to alleviate gas. The other way to look at voting is to see it as taking part in the corrupt democratic system, which is just a nice way of showcasing mob rule. It’s time to stop relying on politicians. It’s time to form an organic social order by seceding and then preserving the principles of the right-wing and Hoppean anarcho-capitalists.
Donald Trump is a short term solution to a long term problem. There would need to be a hundred years of policies influenced by Right-Wing Populism to have a dramatic effect on the direction of this country. Trump is having a hard enough time with Republican control of both chambers of Congress. So Trump is not the long term answer. Constitutionalsim and Democracy are not the answers we need to preserve western civilization. The Constitution is an extremely flawed document and there is absolutly no hope in achieving a limited government that stays limited in its powers. Limited government is like saying dry lubricant or jumbo shrimp. And that’s because limited governments can not remain limited governments. The intrinsic quality of government and/or The State is to grow and keep it’s power. Period. There are no checks and balances. There are 535 members of Congress representing the interests of 320 million people. There are 9 unelected judicial activists interpreting their own governing document. It’s like a wolf who has not eaten in a week guarding a chicken coup. And then you have the executive branch passing executive orders like they are going out of style. And don’t forget the massive cyclopean bureaucracy made up of auditors and regulatory book worms only to collect a pension and make your life miserable. It did not take long for The Constitution to produce this tyrannical system. So the only answer to this festering problem of Statism and the decline of western civilization is secession.
Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalists, who are against democracy, and open borders, and globalism, and egalitarisnism, must secede with racially consciouss White Americans, who support the principles of the Alt Right, and togther they must form a meritocratic hierarchical aristocratic private law society which enshrines and upholds right wing principles. The core principles that must be upheld in this type of society are National Homogeneity, Idenitarianism, Traditionalism, Free Markets, Private Property Ethics, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Globalism, Anti-Immigration, and a Restarined Foreign Policy. This society would not be influenced by outsiders, or third world parasites, or SJWs, or any other group of egalitarian cretins. The first group to be physically removed from this typeof society would be The Communists since they are the vermin and dregs of humanity who are looking to destroy everything associated with western civilization. They have no place in this type of society and must remain on the fringes or be physically removed by the private property owners who make up this private law society.
This would be a stateless society. Nevertheless, there would be law and order and morality and prosperity would thrive in this type of society. Besides, why would anyone who cherishes freedom want The State being an arbiter in conflicts that involve The State, or where The State makes the ultmate decision in any conflict? The State is a murderous institution of plunderers and propagandists and corruptors and crooks. The reason conflicts arise is becasue goods are not super abundant, they are scarce, and that’s why we also need private property rights. So, a private law society would have codified law based on common laws and norms and the principle of non aggression. And once the laws are codified, the only thing that must exist is an agreement of the fatcs when these conflicts arise in these societies. So this notion that a society needs a bunch of pencil pushers and political hacks making laws is nonsense. A free and just society will have competition in the court system. There will also be competent arbitrators and judges using the facts at their disposal to decide cases based on existing codified law. It’s not about writing law,it’s about applying law to different situations. So who will these judges be in this right wing private law society? In a stateless society, the most respected people will be judges and arbitrators and peacemakers. The nobles and kings of that society would rise to the top. A natural aristicracy, a natural hieracrhy would form. These are the people who have the highest IQs, the most noteworhy accomplishments, the most bravery,the most wealth, an unwavering committment to their culture and people, and a superior ability to resolve disputes. This is not authoritarianism. It’s a right-libertarian aristocracy. And these nobles will pass their responsibility as respected members of society onto their heirs. Furthermore, they will not charge for their services , it would be a civic duty! Some skeptics might say, “well isn’t a nobility and a king an authoritarian system, similar to feudalism? Not at all. The king is not making laws. Just applying them! The King or Monarch is not The State, he does not have a monoply on force or law making power,or ultimate decison making power. If people are dissatidfied with his verdicts they can use aanother noble as an arbitrator when a conflict arises. There has been this type of Natuarl Order in history, during The European Middle Ages. Some might say, “well you need armies to defend your nation from invaders”. They might bring up the fact that expropriaton is needed to fund armies.To the contrary, there would be private militias, and private defesne firms, private insurance companies providing security and defense. People can provide their own defense in most cases and they will be bound by common interests,so they will defend against the same threats. Moreover, The King will not allow vagabonds, and parasites, and commies, and throwback religionits, and incompatible cultures into the harmonized nation. The King will want to protect and preserve the identity of this European style organic social order.
So where can like minded Hoppeans, and Right-Libertarians, and people on The Alt Right start a society like this one? A good place to start would be in states like Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. They are already populated by mostly white people and their political sentiments mostly lean right. As far as having access to the coast, this new secessionist territory could homestead and claim ownership to areas in Washington and Oregon. How does this all come about? Well, people who are fed up with the political process and who want to preserve their white identity and who are looking for a stateless social order to start, must move to the aforementioned territories in large numbers. Once there, these states must secede and declare their sovereignty, and subversives elements who continue to reside in this new Right-Libertarian Nation will either be ostracized or physically removed. This is the next great political movement. Forget about voting and putting bumper stickers on your car. There are too many lemmings in this country who vote alongside you, thus cancelling out your educated vote with a vote cast by a misinformed fat slob who lives in his parents’ basement and watches CNN seventeen hours a day. It’s time to divorce yourselves from these subversive egalitarians and low IQ drones and secede. Trump is not the answer. At the end of the day Trump represents The State and only a few of his policies will be implemented over the course of his presidency. Some of his policies will be based on compromise and capitulation. And this is after the biggest right wing populist uprising in history with majority control of both chambers of Congress and a civic nationalist, quasi-libertarian in charge! This is the last stand. And it will not save western civilization or bring more freedom to America. Why compromise? Why capitulate? Identity and freedom are the answer. Secession is the answer!

Trump is Right, America is Not Innocent When It Comes to Killing

President Trump told Bill O’Reilly in a Super Bowl Interview that America is not innocent when it comes to killing people. As soon as he said this the neocons in the Republican Party couldn’t wait to pounce on these comments made by Trump when asked about his future relationship with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Little Marco Rubio took to twitter to denounce Trump’s remarks about comparing America to Russia. Trump said, after O’Reilly called Putin a killer, “We’ve got a lot of killers,” and went on to say, “What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?” Rubio said, “We are not the same as Putin.” Mitch McConnell, the poster boy for everything that is wrong with The Republican Party, called Putin a thug and also slammed Trump’s words. Glenn Beck, the crying lunatic who owns a failing media company called The Blaze, who is still bitter about Trump winning, and who has been inconsistent throughout his career on various political positions he has held, called Trump’s word unacceptable on his radio show today. Glenn Beck is a charlatan of the lowest order. He is a narcissistic and mentally deranged low grade political commentator. One day he’s a conservative, the next day he’s a classical liberal, on Monday he calls himself a Libertarian, on Tuesday he praises Anderson Cooper and loves how “objective” Cooper is on CNN. Glenn Beck is an impostor, claiming to be something he is not. He seems to think he has credibility as a historian or as a conservative commentator, but when this man praises a tyrant like Abraham Lincoln, and supports a terrorist state like Israel, and holds up a commie plagiarist like MLK, he has no credible leg to stand on. So,Trump was absolutely right to say America is not innocent. Here’s a reminder in case you forgot:

53 million abortions since Roe V. Wade, The Bombing of Dresden, Open Border with Mexico allowing in third world drug dealers and murderers, The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The Waco Siege which killed 82 people, including innocent children, The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, The Vietnam War, The My Lai Massacre, The Cover Up of Benghazi, The Arab Spring, and the non stop invasions, interventions, meddling, the arming of rebels, the toppling of dictators, propping up dictators around the world, and last but not least, fighting on the side of Stalin and Russia in WWII instead of Hitler and Germany. These are just a few reasons why Trump is absolutely right. He’s not blaming  the average nationalistic American. The blame must be placed on the regressive left and the neocons who run the government. And the blame must be placed on warmongering Americans who support these wars, and the leftist scum in the streets who support abortion on demand and open borders.

Celebrating Saturnalia and The Yuletide

Most people in America get together on December 25th of every year to celebrate Christmas. But what is Christmas? It’s a holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. But no one knows when Jesus was born. No one knows for sure if Jesus even existed for that matter. At least not in the way he is portrayed in The Bible as “The Son of God”, who was brutally murdered by his own people, The Jews, and The Romans, who carried out the murder. A brutal murder that took away the sins of the world by making Jesus a scapegoat, so that thousands of years later serial killers and pedophiles could pray to Jesus on their death beds and claim him as their Lord and Savior and be forgiven by God for all their heinous crimes and then be granted a passage into the kingdom of heaven. The holiday we call Christmas goes back much further than its Christian origins. The birthday of Jesus was not officially declared until the 4th century. The Romans and The Ancient Norse celebrated The Winter Solstice long before Christmas was ever declared a day of celebration. In fact, Christmas was not declared a national holiday in the United States until 1870. So with so much uncertainty surrounding the birth of Jesus and the unappealing and irrational dogma surrounding organized Christianity, and all religion, it’s time to g back to the real meaning of Christmas, which is, The Winter Solstice. It’s time to rejuvenate the old customs of The Romans who celebrated Saturnalia and The Norse, who celebrated The Yule.

Saturn was the Roman God of Agriculture. And on December 17th until December 23rd, some historians say a month after the 17th, the Romans held a festival honoring Saturn. The festival was an almost out of control party with drinking, and eating, and gambling, and even slaves joined in on this fun that lasted for days. There was also gift giving during these festivities. So Saturnalia is similar to the modern day holiday in that gift giving and partying were part of this Roman tradition. Then there is The Yuletide, practiced by the Norse people, with many of the symbols of modern day Christmas coming from this Ancient Holiday. The Christmas Tree, Red and Green, White and Gold, come from The Yuletide. December 21st is the shortest day of the year, and each day thereafter, there is a gradual increase in the amount of daylight. This was a big thing for The Norse who lived in a cold climate and who endured very long and snowy winters. This is why they celebrated The Winter Solstice. They knew they would be able to start their agricultural season in a few months.So the Germanic people celebrated this time with joy and it is where The Christmas Tree comes from, and of course the Yule Log, and Santa Claus is actually the Norse God Odin. That last part can be debated but Odin and Santa have many similarities and Odin came before Santa.

So these are the pagan holidays of The Romans and Germanic peoples who celebrated The Winter Solstice. It’s about time people revive and preserve these ancient holidays and make them an important part of European culture. Christmas has become an amorphous holiday, in which anyone can celebrate the day. Essentially it means nothing. You can’t even say Merry Christmas without being looked at as a old fashioned bigot. But why say Merry Christmas? How about Happy Yule! Or Merry Saturnalia! If we can’t say Merry Christmas, chances are the politically correct mobs will have an issue with widespread celebration of The Yule and Saturnalia. Not that anyone should care what mindless SJWs think or care about. But they would detest the celebration of pagan holidays, since these are White European holidays. These are holidays that celebrate white traditions and it would no longer be used as a holiday to encourage irrational consumerism and multiculturalism. So this is why White Americans and Europeans should bring back the Yule. First we can start with Merry Christmas and work towards Saturnalia and The Yule as being the holidays of White European Civilizations. So instead of celebrating consumerism and buying useless junk and cheaply made electronics that are obsolete in six months. Instead of making The Pagan Holidays a multicultural holiday with black Santas and Christmas Trees in The South Pacific, whites must bring back Saturnalia and The Yule and make it their own glorious holiday.

White Nationalism VS. White Supremacy, There’s a Big Difference

The corrupt media establishment has gone great lengths to label anyone who advocates for white values and interests as a white supremacist. They have even labeled right wing populists, who want a wall built on the southern border with Mexico, as white supremacists. The media is so deceitful and so unhinged that they are continuing to tell lies and disseminate mendacious propaganda about Donald Trump and the right wing, even after this man, they labeled a bigoted and racist liar, won the electoral vote in a landslide. This is a mandate if there ever was one. Winning states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania and taking 306 electoral votes as a Republican is a major victory. It’s a total rejection of the policies and ideas presented by the regressive left in this country. But the media continues to distort the truth and cover Donald Trump in the most negative way possible. Their favorite topic to cover is white supremacy and how Trump’s supporters and some people being chosen to serve in his cabinet are white supremacists. Well, it’s time to educate these people. I suspect many of them know that they are using this phrase, white supremacy, in a disingenuous way, but continue to use it anyway to describe the right wing in this country in an attempt to delegitimize the objectives of the right wing in this country. So for those of you who do not know the difference between white supremacy, and right-wing populism, and white nationalism, here is a brief explanation.

White Supremacy is about control over a racial group which is seen as inferior. The group that is seen as inferior is controlled and ruled over by the supremacists. They are mistreated and discriminated against in violent ways by the supremacist group. So, this group that controls could be white supremacists, brown supremacists, or black supremacists. Any racial group you can think of can be a supremacist group. The most powerful one right now is the Jewish Supremacist group which controls the banks, the media, Hollywood, multinational corporations, and also has a major influence in politics. Jews only make up 2% of the population in The United States, yet they wield immense power and use this power for sinister objectives. So Trump supporters are not white supremacists. The Alt Right are not white supremacists. David Duke and Richard Spencer are not white supremacists. Trump supporters are mostly made up of right-wing populists and anti-establishment whites that make up the working class in this country. Right-Wing Populists want law and order, lower taxes, closed borders and restricted immigration from the third world, an end to the welfare state, an end to globalization, and they support traditional values. No white supremacy there. Donald Trump was called a racist and a bigot throughout the election cycle by the media and by the Never Trump traitors and by the irrational regressive left. Donald Trump is not a racist. He is not even close to being a white advocate. Donald Trump is a businessman who has been socially liberal his whole life and who ran as a civic nationalist. He has said nothing racist during the campaign. When he called for a ban on Muslims, that was not racist. First of all, Islam,or being a Muslim is not a race. And since when do refugees and foreigners living in third world septic tanks who are culturally incompatible with western values have the same rights as American citizens? They have no rights as Americans. When Donald trump called Mexicans crossing the border rapists he was telling the truth. He never said all Mexicans and Central Americans were rapists but many are rapists. Over 2,000 illegal aliens in Texas alone have been deported over the last few years for committing sex crimes. There are also thousands of cases of illegal aliens committing sex crimes against children in this country, especially in states like Texas. This may be an inconvenient truth for the multiculturalists and SJWs in this country,but it’s the truth. And that’s just rape committed by illegal aliens. Illegal aliens also commit other violent crimes disproportionate to the native white population per capita. They are parasitic as well, taking as much state assistance as possible without thinking twice about it. It costs billions of dollars to feed, and cloth these illegal aliens and all the kids they have. Then you have to jail the criminals, and that costs money. How about healthcare for illegals and educating the children of illegals in public schools?  It’s not racism to point this out, it’s the cold hard truth.

So, Donald Trump is a civic nationalist. He is not a white supremacist or a white nationalist. But what’s the difference between white supremacy and white nationalism? As was explained earlier white supremacy, any racial supremacy, is about control over other races that are deemed to be inferior. White supremacy is violent, whereas white nationalism is peaceful. White Nationalism is about white identity and white homelands. It’s about white ethnonations and preserving the heritage, history, values, culture, and achievements of The European Peoples. It’s not violent, it’s not intolerant. It’s about preserving a racial identity, white identity. It’s about advocating for white interests in a peaceful way. All of the other races and protected groups fight for their interests with nary a complaint from anyone. So why can’t whites stand up for their rights as a people and advocate for sovereign homelands. Every race should have a sovereign homeland, but many races need whites to survive and they need whites around as a scapegoat for all of their problems created by their own culture and values.

So there is a big difference between white supremacy which is an irrelevant ideology in this country. White supremacy is a fringe movement followed by a few societal outcasts and it should be condemned and kept to the peripheries of society. White nationalism, on the other hand, is righteous and peaceful. The Alt Right and White Nationalists, which are essentially one in the same, are fighting for the survival of the white race which is being dispossessed by non white third world immigrants and by Jewish Hegemons that have made their home and center of operation the entire planet. The Jewish Hegemons control all of the power structures on earth. The Central Banks and The Financial  Elite are powerful Jews looking to dispossess white people. So The Alt Right and white nationalists are speaking out against these acts of aggression against white Americans and Europeans. Why would the Jews do this? You might say this sounds like a conspiracy theory. Well it is a conspiracy, but not really a theory. It’s a fact based conclusion that The Jewish Elite are encouraging and funding mass immigration into Europe and America, and that they are controlling economies through the banking system, and that they are spoiling people’s brains through Hollywood films which encourage debauchery, and homosexuality, and transgenderism, and anti-white hate. So this is no made up story. This is a plot which has been unfolding for centuries, perpetrated by the so called “chosen people”.

So, The Alt Right supports race realism, nationalism, and white identity, among many other principles and core values, like traditionalism. They are not white supremacists but will be labeled as such since we live in a country and a world that blames whites for everything. But who are the real racists and intolerant ones. It’s the non-whites who blame whites for every single problem they experience in their lives. From Black Lives Matter, to CAIR, to LGBT rights activists, to La Raza, to The Jewish Lobby, to white self loathing SJWs and commie street scum along with many many more. These people detest whites and their achievements and will commit acts of violence against them as a means to achieve egalitarian ends and to make whites pay for invented crimes they never committed. So what’s wrong with saying we want sovereign white homelands away from these types of enemies. Sovereign white ethnonations where communists, vagabonds, human parasites, bums, sluts, feminists, drug addicts, non-whites, the jewish elite, Muslim terrorists, SJWs, immoralists, dogmatists, third worlders, abnormal lifestyles, and militant environmentalists are all physically removed and banned.

The Alt Right in a Nutshell

What’s the Alt Right? There have been many explanations out there about this political philosophy and there have been quite a few individuals and people claiming to be part of the Alt Right movement without actually knowing what this movement and philosophy is all about. The Alt Right, also called The New Right, is a complex right-wing political philosophy. One that I will continue to discuss on a regular basis. This short publication will just cover the core principles of The Alt Right in a very easy to understand and simplified manner. First off, I want to address the opening question of this compendious composition. What’s the Alt Right?

The Alt Right is an alternative to mainstream conservatism. The conservative establishment is made up of neoconservatives and political elitists who are bringing down western civilization and destroying the culture and identity of White American Gentiles of European descent. The neocons and republican establishment support incessant interventionist wars, unrestricted immigration from the septic tanks of the world, the Israel Lobby, globalism, anti-white race riots, Cultural Marxism, special interests, egalitarianism, and Democracy. These policies and principles are not compatible with the principles and beliefs of the The Alt Right. In fact, they are in diametric contradiction to what The Alt Right stands for and upholds as its political doctrine. The Alt Right has its roots in The Old American Right. The Old American Right were made up of anti-new dealers and anti-war activists. The most prominent figures of The Old Right were people like Robert A. Taft, H.L. Mencken, Frank Chodorov, Albert Jay Nock, Garet Garrett, and John T. Flynn. The paleoconservative movement was a stark contrast to the neocon establishment. The paleoconservative movement embraced things like Western Civilization, Christendom, anti-immigration, and protectionism. The most formidable leaders of this movement were people like Patrick J.Buchanan, Samuel T. Francis, and Joe Sobran. They were sort of an alternative to the neocons after they took over. Conservatism was redefined by people like Irving Kristol . It became a philosophy of foreign interventionism and pro-immigration from the third world. The neocons came after Russell Kirk and Pat Buchanan, and they hijacked the conservative movement in America. Who were, and continue to be, associated with neoconservatism?  Well, there’s William F.Buckley Jr., Irving Kristol, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, most of the republican party, Fox News is a neocon mouthpiece and  neocon propagandist organization, The National Review Crew, and many others. But in the last few years there has been the emergence of The New Right. An alternative right wing movement which has been a long time coming and which intellectually and politically challenges the mainstream conservatism which is partly to blame in the decline and chaos endangering the survival of the west.

So these are the core principles of The Alt Right:

– White Identity/White Advocacy/White Nationalism

The straight white male is under attack. He is called a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe, and a whole litany of other buzzwords and phobias the regressive left uses to demonize the white male in societies that he has built and made great. Whites have a right to take pride in their European heritage and culture. They have a right to preserve and defend their values and history in countries they founded and built and where they are the majority. Diversity, multiculturalism, political correctness, feminism, blacktivism, and Cultural Marxism threaten the survival of the straight white male. Whites have a right to look out for their own interests, and the best way to do this is to have sovereign homogeneous White European Nations where the values,history, achievements, discoveries, and heritage of the European peoples are protected,preserved, and cherished in perpetuity without conflict and interference from foreign cultures and outside influences.

– Traditionalism

The traditional family is an important value of The Alt Right. Sex roles are important. The Alt Right rejects debauchery, immoralism, abnormal and deviant social behavior.

– Race Realism

The races of the world are not equal and interchangeable. Race is by in large a biological construct and the races of the world are different when it comes to things like intelligence.

– Restrained Foreign Policy

Non-interventionist foreign policy, foreign policy of based strictly on defense of domestic values and interests.

– Protectionism

The government protects domestic producers from foreign competitors through tariffs and other trade restrictions.

* Free markets, not globalism, would be a far better economic policy since it does not involve coercion and it would bring more innovation and technology to these societies. Trade does not have to involve States and politics. It can be done from afar and without coercion.


The unrestricted flow of immigrants from the third world is a burden to predominantly white host nations. Most of these immigrants are parasites who suck the native taxpayers dry and with no appreciation. The immigrants will call you a racist and a xenophobe if you point out that they are ungrateful bloodsuckers. Furthermore,these cultures from the third world bring rape, violent crime, terrorism, dogmatic and theocratic religious beliefs (Sharia Law), intolerance, litter, and no desire to assimilate into the host country’s culture. These immigrants are completely incompatible with western culture and values. They should be prohibited from entering western countries.


Human beings are not ants marching. Humans are not equal. People and groups differ in intelligence, talents, ambitions,and physical strength. There are races that are on average more intelligent and the sexes are different when it comes to physical and emotional strength. Feminism, transgenderism, and SJWs of all types are a threat to civilized society. Social justice movements are built on deception and emotional outbursts from the misfits and outcasts of society. They are violent and irrational and have no place in a right-wing society.


Democracy is a tyrannical political system. It’s a nice way of saying violent mob rule. Political elections are rigged and democracy can be sold to the highest bidder. Democracy is a system with high time preferences where politicians pilfer and plunder for 4-8 years and do not plan for the future. They take what they can get while they are in power. Monarchy brings low time preferences and is why it is preferable to Democracy.

* An Aristocratic Natural Order is preferable to both.

– Hierarchy

The Alt Right believes in hierarchy. A political system based on merit and strength. Many people who associate themselves with The Alt Right support Big Government Hierarchy. Perhaps a system similar to feudalism. There would be kings and knights and nobles and peasants.

*Big Government and Statism is not necessary to have a hierarchical social order. An Aristocratic Natural Order allows the most intelligent,wealthiest, judicious, and bravest people to rise to the top and act as arbitrators during disputes and conflicts. This would be a competitive system with the people being able to check nobility through freedom of choice. So Big Government is tyrannical and immoral. An Aristocratic Natural Order is hierarchical and moral.

So there you have it the Alt Right in a nutshell. And no, Milo, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter, and Stefan Molyneux are not Alt Right. They may be considered allies but I would say they fit into the category of Alt Right Light.

The most prominent intellectuals and formidable leaders of The Alt Right are Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Kevin B. MacDonald, Richard Lynn, RamZPaul, and Peter Brimelow. Here are a few Alt Right web sites I recommend: Radix, VDare, Counter Currents, The Occidental Observer, and American Renaissance. I recommend these YouTube channels: Red Ice Radio, Millenial Woes, and my channel, Right-Libertarian Universe.

Black Lives Matter Movement Spreads Mendacious Propaganda

The whole idea behind The Black Lives Matter Movement is that society already acknowledges that all other lives matter, but it’s time to recognize that black lives matter too. This movement is based on the premise that white lives and all other lives are respected and treated fairly by society but blacks lives have been treated unfairly and with malice and hatred by the power structures and people that make up American society. Especially, the “evil white straight male”. This may sound legitimate to many. Why would anyone oppose a movement which seeks equality under the law and that wants respect for human rights? Well, it all comes down to the facts. It all comes down to the truth at the end of the day. That’s all that matters. The plain and simple truth is that Black Lives Matter is based on lies. They are another group of rabble-rousers looking to play the white blame game to their benefit. Blame everyone else, and take no responsibility is what this movement is mostly about. They are pointing the finger and blaming other people for the Mt. Everest of problems their communities face on a daily basis. The organizers of this anti-white group of  instigators encourage violence, and private property destruction. The organizers of Black Lives Matter openly encourage violence and destroying property at their pre-protest and pre-march meetings. These thugs that make up this leftist movement are a prime example of the black mob violence which has become an epidemic all over America. The media doesn’t report black mob violence though. Just look up “Knockout Game”. And all you have to do is look at the Baltimore Riots last year. Take a look at The Ferguson Riots. Just two examples of many riots in black communities, the only difference is that the media and politicians used Ferguson and Baltimore to their advantage. They used these riots to paint the white man as the evil oppressor. And the vile media fuels these disgusting movements like Black Lives Matter. Parts of these cities, Baltimore and Ferguson, were looted and burnt to the ground and it was all inspired by the Black Lives Matter thugs and the lying propagandistic media. There continues to be vandalism and assaults all over the country when these angry mobs of disgruntled blacks and self hating white regressive leftists get together to “protest” so called white supremacy and racial injustice. The problem is that these social justice thugs do not share facts. They do not care about facts. All they want is change but their outrage is mostly  based on lies and they will use violence and intimidation as a means to achieve social justice which is based on myths. They just scream like infants about racism and white privilege. No facts to back their claims up though. They hold signs with propaganda and emotionally charged catchphrases written on their sheets of oak tag. “White Silence is Violence”, “No Justice, No Peace”, “AmeriKKKA”. This is what you get from pseudo intellectual leftists and blacktivists that have been indoctrinated to detest capitalism, white straight males, the traditional family, and free speech. So here are just a few reasons this movement should not be taken seriously and should be looked at as a cultural marxist anti-white domestic terrorist group that is dangerous to civilized society.

America is a police state. There’s no doubt about that. That’s why there needs to be a free market for law enforcement services. Let police agencies compete on the free market for protection services and law enforcement contracts in the form of insurance policies. There is no excuse for police brutality, and thousands of revenue generating traffic violations, and victimless crimes. There is no need for law enforcement, formerly referred to as peace officers, to be suited up like Rambo and Navy Seals so they can break up a brothel or so they can break up an underground casino, or so they can confiscate wood that is illegal to use in manufacturing products like high end guitars. This is absurd. There need to be accountability. Police officers that commit crimes on the job must be tried, convicted, and punished to the full extent of the law like everyone else. It shouldn’t be a cumbersome and burdensome task to punish an officer for committing violent crimes. The police must be privatized and officers of the law should not hide behind unions, and benevolent organizations, and their fellow officers who cover for them in a free society where there is justice. We need more Frank Serpicos on the force blowing the whistle on corruption. So with that being said, Black Lives Matter has taken the issue of The Police State, and has taken that violence perpetrated by the police state and made it all about the black community and black victimization and white racism with very little facts, almost no evidence, and a constant stream of anti-white propaganda.

Trayvon Martin was found to be the aggressor. He was bashing George Zimmerman’s skull into the concrete after he was being followed by Zimmerman who was concerned about a string of burglaries in his neighborhood. Martin went up to Zimmerman and punched him and continued to violently assault him and reach for Zimmerman’s gun. The media made it about a racist white man shooting a helpless black teen. They even called Zimmerman White, even though he is half Hispanic and has many of the facial characteristics of a Hispanic male. So they called him a White-Hispanic to further the narrative of white oppression against black victims. All lies! Then you had the Michael Brown case in Ferguson Missouri. He was also found to be the aggressor in the situation that took place with a white police officer after he just committed a strong arm robbery at a local convenient store. The police officer was defending his own life and acted in self defense when he shot Brown. The whole “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” rallying cry was a giant myth. It was complete and utter made up nonsense. Of course, street rats like Al Sharpton who make their living off the suffering of blacks still believe “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was what actually happened in Ferguson. Black Lives Matter agitators still hold their hands up at their marches. Now, there have been blacks killed unjustly by police. Tamir Rice, LaQuan McDonald, Eric Garner, just to name a few. But this idea that these deaths occurred as a result of white supremacy and inherent white racism is just not true. There are white racist cops within the ranks of police departments all over America. That is a fact. However, there are cops of all races. There are black cops too. In fact, three of the six cops in the Freddie Gary case are black. The judge trying these officers is black, and so far, three of the officers have been exonerated from these charges brought by the Baltimore District Attorney. So people have to also realize whites are shot and killed by the police too. You will hear about systemic racism. You will hear about institutional white racism. These are the two scapegoats that are used to explain black problems. But you will never hear about black mob violence, black on white crime, thug culture, astronomically high illegitimate birth rates in the black community, regressive leftist political policies, and rampant gang violence in black communities. Those are the main risk factors, causes, and symptoms of the poverty, chaos, anti-white sentiment, victimization, and crime in these black communities.

Whites and blacks are shot by the police in similar statistics. Black Lives Matter does not tell you that blacks make up 13% of the population and commit more than 50% of violent crimes. Unarmed whites and blacks are shot and killed at about the same rate. So this is not a race issue. It’s a police state issue. They don’t tell you that blacks are more likely to be pulled over since they speed more than whites. They don’t tell you that blacks do drugs and deal drugs more out in the open than whites. So end the war on drugs! Why are police in these black urban neighborhoods to begin with? That’s where all the violent crimes are happening on a daily basis. Have you heard about the south side of Chicago. There is black on black carnage going on in this city. Every weekend there are 40, 50, 60 black people shot by other blacks. This is an epidemic and a disgrace that no one is outraged at this war zone being apart of the American landscape. There are children and young adults dying in the hundreds and hundreds in these cities. Blacks are dying in the thousands every year all over the country. It’s not coming from the police. As violent and brutal as many police officers can be, they are not murdering black people anywhere near the number that black people are murdering black people. Less than 1% of unarmed blacks are killed by police. We hear the excuse that whites mostly murder other whites. That it’s interracial. Well, white on white murder is nowhere near as rampant as black on black murder. In cities like Milwaukee, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit, there is rampant black on black murder. Murder rates near 600% in some cities. So the police should be privatized and be held accountable but let’s not play this game where people are not held responsible for their own actions and their own decisions in life.

Stop and Frisk is wrong, the government racially profiling is wrong, The War on Drugs is wrong, the monopolization and militarization of the police force is wrong. Nevertheless, besides racially profiling, all those other things effect all Americans and not just blacks. Also the police are the least of the worries the black community faces. Less than 1% of unarmed blacks killed by police and blacks are committing most of the violent crimes. Yes, the police can be seen as an occupying force. Black communities need police officers from the community and who understand the culture of those neighborhoods living and working in those areas. However, blacks should be more worried and concerned with the safety and lives of their children when living in gang neighborhoods. The police state is a problem, but for the most part it’s not a race issue. If one demographic murders, steals, rapes, and commits more violent crimes than any other race,chances are that they will have many encounters with law enforcement. When people come in contact with law enforcement it is also prudent to be respectful, courteous,polite, and to obey the officers commands. People should know and assert their rights but they should also carry themselves in a diplomatic way. Many people do not do this and it causes situations to escalate. Now, police officers have a duty to be professional as well and if we didn’t have all of these petty offenses and absurd victimless crimes on the books, perhaps there would be less interactions with law enforcement. The problem is that Black Lives Matter blames white supremacy and the police for all their problems. Good Golly, we are still hearing about slavery and Jim Crow. These Black Lives Matter organizers never experienced Jim Crow or slavery unless they are 160 years old.

Instead of burning down cities, and buying into the leftist media narrative during an election year, blacks need to start building their communities. The political class is not going to help black people. They use black people as pawns so they can keep and grow their power over them. Wake up! Start having some self respect for your lives and communities and stop blaming white people and relying on corrupt politicians to fix your lives! Instead of blaming the white man for everything, stop having kids out of wedlock, stop laying down and getting impregnated by thugs and gang bangers. Instead of listening to filth and gutter music produced by Hip Hop Artists, read a book. Instead of supporting the regressive left and living on the democrat plantation and surviving on the few crumbs they give you, be self reliant, be an individual for crying out loud. Don’t be a victim, be a leader. Have some self respect and some dignity and control over your own destiny. And that goes for all individuals. Be an innovator, a producer. Instead of supporting public schools and public programs and the regressive left who have systematically dismantled and have made black neighborhoods into ghettos, worse than Southern Plantations, it’s time to support freedom of choice and support the right to work without having to climb over the hurdle of a minimum wage. Stop blaming the white man. Black Lives Matter treats people like they are toddlers and tells them nothing is their fault. We all know how those toddlers behave and grow up after being taught this very dangerous nonsense. They behave like toddlers and they know their is no consequences for their actions because they will simply play the race card and the media and politicians will accept this black victimization hoax as the truth. There is of course a police state, but all walks of life are touched by statist violence. People should come together to peacefully stand up against the violence of the state and stop making it about race. If we make it about race it will all come back to the culture, and values, and behavior in the black community. Whites aren’t to blame for that. Blame yourselves.


Great Britain Succeeds and Secedes From EU

Brexit is a victory for freedom. The people of Great Britain have stood up for their independence by casting their votes in a historic Brexit Referendum which has resulted in Great Britain leaving the European Union. The results were close with 48 percent of voters choosing to stay as members of The EU and 52 percent choosing to leave. This is a fantastic day and a fresh new start for the people of Great Britain. The time has come for them to take back their independence and sovereignty away from faceless bureaucrats who are unaccountable to the people they rule over.

The European Union has been a disaster for many years now. It was founded on November 1st 1993, but it’s history goes back much further to the late 1950s when in 1957, the Treaty of Rome created the European Economic Community (EEC), also referred to as the ‘Common Market’. The European Union is a political body that is highly centralized and which has failed, and continues to fail, the over 500 million people that are under the control of The EU. The Euro has created economic difficulty in many countries like Greece and Italy. There is extremely high unemployment in Southern Europe hovering close to 50 percent in some areas. The European Union is run from Brussels by a bunch of elitists and anonymous and characterless bureaucrats. It truly is a disgrace. There is also the migrant invasion. There have been throngs in the millions coming from third world cesspools all over the Arab Middle East, and they are planting themselves in Europe. These migrants are coming from terrorist hot beds, and many of them are throwbacks from the 7th century who hold beliefs and values which are not compatible with western societies. These migrants bring a deep animosity and intolerance for other cultures, they are bringing diseases like scabies, and many of them believe that the death penalty is a just punishment for homosexuals and for people who draw cartoons of a certain religious prophet. There are other crimes under Sharia Law that call for very harsh punishments and death. So people are sick of being invaded by barbarians from the Dark Ages and paying for their stay in the form of public housing and welfare programs in the process while they are called xenophobes and islamophobes. People are fed up. They want their national identity back, they want to preserve their culture without being called bigots, and they want to control their own destiny without pencil pushers in Brussels getting in the way.

This is a very historic day. There is a real possibility that other countries will leave the EU in the near future and rid themselves of the corruption and malfeasance perpetrated by the EU leaders and public officials. Great Britain has quite a bit of work to do and the people are split in that country. Many support centralized government and political correctness and multiculturalism and central planning. There are others, and they seem to be in the majority, who support culturally conservatives ideas and economic freedom. It’s funny, the BBC which is a media mouthpiece and propaganda outlet for The EU and Great Britain’s political class, incessantly discussed how leaving the EU would create a disaster. Well it’s a good thing the people did not listen and heed this ridiculous and untruthful advice. Decentralization, and voluntary trade, and private property rights, and individual sovereignty are always better ways to form a society than to have an oligarchy ruling over everyone.

It would be a delight to know that other people are supporting Brexit all around the world and that they are supporting secession for their own sovereignty and identity. Why do we need The EU, The World Bank, The IMF, horrible trade deals like NAFTA, monopolized fiat currency, and centralized governments that rule over hundreds of millions of people with no checks and balances? It’s time to put One World Government in reverse. We should not live in 195 countries, people should have the choice to live in 10,000 sovereign countries. We should not have a handful of political bodies controlling the world. We should have private businesses that compete and tens of thousands of sovereign communities that trade with each other without the initiation of force from The State interfering with voluntary relationships that people form with one another. It all comes down to secession. Secession and decentralization is the best way to be free and tohave complete control over your life.



Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) Are Ultra Intolerant Cowards

Safe spaces, destroying private property, throwing temper tantrums, occupying public areas, blocking students from going to class, spitting in people’s faces who hold opposing views, wearing bandannas and masks to cover their angry faces at protests, screaming incoherent sentences and calling people names who hold opposing views, rape hoaxes, “hate crime” hoaxes, pouring urine on people’s heads who hold opposing views, violent rhetoric, violent behavior, a sense of entitlement, totalitarianism, fascism, defecating in the streets, throwing eggs and punching people who hold opposing views. These are just a few things associated with the vile and intolerant social justice warriors (SJWs). They should not even be called warriors. A more suitable and accurate name to describe these malcontents and misfits of society would be cowards, snowflakes, gutter rats, and ultra intolerant mindless thugs. These social justice movement are made up of vulgarians who make irrational statements based on their religion of regressive leftism and egalitarianism.

Black Lives Matter, militant feminists, anti-capitalists, egalitarians, socialists, The Socialist Alternative, Bernie Sanders supporters, The Occupy Wall Street Movement, The Environmental Fascists, The Eco-Fascists, The Climate Change Alarmists, The Go Green Tyrants, PETA, LGBT activists, La Raza, Open Borders Activists, and many other violent, intolerant, movements based on leftist propaganda and the omission of facts and evidence,belong on the fringes of civilized society. These groups of people hate humanity. They hate freedom. They hate economic choice. They hate opposing views. They will use extreme violence as a means to achieve egalitarian ends. They will make violent threats, assault you, destroy private property, call you names and leftist buzzwords like “racist”, and take aggressive actions to achieve a society that is politically correct and where there is equality of outcome. Then they have the nerve to call themselves tolerant and compassionate. These are the dregs  of humanity. These are not people with dignity. These people have no integrity or honor. The word warrior is usually used to describe people with courage. These violent leftists who want safe spaces are ultra intolerant cowards. What a joke!


Libertarians Against Open Borders

The freedom to travel is a human right and using force to stop the free movement of people would be against Libertarian principles. This is what many Libertarians believe. Unfortunately, open borders, and unrestricted immigration are not in line with Libertarian principles when it comes down to one very important factor. That factor is PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Private Property Rights, along with the Non Aggression Principle (NAP), are the cornerstones of libertarian philosophy. The idea that someone has free speech goes away once the person speaking has violated the rights of someone’s private property. Free speech does not mean you can walk into someone’s house and start giving a speech about going vegan in their living room. Free speech does not mean you can go into a crowded theater and scream “Fire!” since this would be a violation of property right of both the owner of the theater and the patrons who purchased tickets to see the show, or performance, or movie. So the same applies to immigration and open borders.

We have to look at immigration under two different scenarios,or paradigms. Immigration in a free society and immigration under the statist paradigm. Let’s take a look at the free society theory as it relates to immigration. This is pretty straightforward. If all of the private property is owned and titled to someone or a group of people, or a community, they those property owners get to decide who enter their communities. They get to decide who they will sell property to and who is permitted to enter into their communities. These communities may be defined communities that stress living by a certain code of ethics and a set of values. You might have catholic communities, mormon communities, gay communities, traditional marriage communities, black communities, white communities, communist communities, anarcho-capitalist communities, so on and so forth. These communities,or enclaves, are free to trade with other communities from afar, and even welcome visitors from other enclaves, but they will most likely restrict who lives in their community based on race, religion, values, cultural norms, and a whole list of other reasons, so that the communities can maintain their character and cultural values that will be preserved by the property owners and inhabitants that make up that community. If there are people who want an all inclusive, non discriminating community, then they can go establish this type of community as long as they acquire private property through legitimate means. No one has the right to force someone to associate with someone and that’s what open borders leads to in a society where all of the private property is owned by people. Forced integration is not libertarian. What if someone wants to invite an immigrant into their community? Forced segregation is wrong too, right? Well, if someone wants to invite an immigrant to stay with them for an indefinite amount of time then that person will be responsible for the immigrant’s actions to some degree. If the immigrant commits a crime then the immigrant is responsible and the person who invited the immigrant will be held responsible to a lesser degree. It’s the same thing if a child hits a baseball through a neighbor’s window. The parent will hold some of the responsibility,maybe the child mows lawns to pay for the damage. So people will think twice about who they invite into their communities. Property titles may also stipulate who owners are allowed to sell to so that the community retains it’s culture and values.

Under the statist paradigm it’s a bit different. The State has no right to do anything. It has no right to run healthcare, or a welfare-warfare state, expropriate income from people to pay for monopolized services, it has no right to be the ultimate decision maker through the courts, and it has no right to draw arbitrary borders. How should immigration work under the statist paradigm? Well, immigrants come across borders and the become welfare parasites, so is the answer to abolish welfare and then we can have open borders. Welfare should be abolished, but that does not mean we should have open borders? The taxpayers are the owners of all goods and services. Who but the taxpayers should be the rightful owners of ALL public goods and services. Someone from a third world country who just plops themselves in a country and uses public resources without paying taxes is essentially stealing from the taxpayers and rightful owners of public property. What if they do pay taxes and there is no welfare state? Well then it comes down to the type of people entering the country. If a King owns all of the land in the country, it is his job to make sure the value of that land does not depreciate. So what kind of people would increase the value of a country?  Let’s see, doctors, entrepreneurs, people with IQs above 100 (preferably people with IQs above 110), innovators, and scientists. It would be unwise and irresponsible to allow vagabonds, marauders, rapists, murderers, vandals, terrorists, panhandlers, and low IQ people into your society.

So no matter what we must have a system of restricted immigration and closed borders. Private property borders in a free society to preserve cultural values and freedom of association and to prevent forced integration. Statist borders are not ideal, they are not even legitimate, but if there is a welfare state immigration must be restricted, and if there is no welfare state, the value of the country should appreciate not plummet by inviting the dregs of humanity into the country.