Earth Day is a Religious Holiday for Eco-Marxists

This short composition is not an attempt to convince climate alarmists and environmental socialists that anthropogenic global warming is a giant fabrication by world governments to bring down capitalism. I am not writing this article to sway greenies, who have shortsighted opinions on environmental issues, that what they believe to be fact is based on junk science created by liars, hypocrites, power mad elitists, and pseudo scientists. These eco-tyrants would love nothing more than to bring their leftist global agenda of central planning and ultimate decision making power to fruition on a mammoth and global scale. They will stop at nothing to bring down the last vestiges of the greatest economic and political system on earth, that is, capitalism with private property rights. It would be a waste of time to try to persuade these ideological automatons, that make up the green movement, with compelling arguments against fascistic environmental initiatives enacted by government leaders and supported by so called environmentalists. They do not want the truth. The ends justify the means for these sociopaths who can be separated into two main groups with defining characteristics overlapping between these groups. The first group is the watermelons or enviro-socialists who are using climate change claims, pollution, toxic waste, and overpopulation to bring about redistribution of property, income, and wealth to achieve socialism under the guise of good intentions and the use of fear mongering to prevent “the end of days” if nothing is done. They are watermelons because their outward appearance is green but they are die hard communist red on the inside. The other group are the earth worshippers and the eco-religionists. They will defend the earth, wildlife, and all environmental issues like a snake handler in Tennessee defends his lord and savior Jesus Christ from any criticism. I am writing to expose these lunatics for who they are and what they represent and to reach rational people who cherish capitalism and private property with the intention of further cementing their convictions.

There are scores of people around the world who know that the Eco-Marxists are on a mission to bring civilization back to pre-industrial times. The truth is that anthropogenic global warming is a major con perpetrated by an evil group of people to control large swaths of populations. The temperature data has been distorted and tampered with to fit neatly into the made up story of man made global warming. The computer models have been adjusted on countless occasions to create results that match what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is predicting for future climatic periods around the planet. Their predictions never come true. The truth is that the earth is not overpopulated and there are huge areas of unused land in North America alone that are owned by government. These areas can be homesteaded and put to good use. Instead it’s controlled by government and the result is overgrowth of forests and dead brush that cause raging wild fires which destroy habitats. The truth is that animals and wildlife do not have the same rights as humans. In fact, they do not have any rights at all since they can not petition for them and they survive only instinctually and without the ability to reason using logical deduction. I do not support torture and cruelty towards sentient creatures and I think it is immoral to kill animals in an inhumane fashion. Nevertheless, humans are omnivores and have an absolute right to raise animals for food, as well as, hunting and killing them for sustenance. Animals can be taken as property and there are only recognizable human rights. Otherwise animals would violate the rights of humans during instances where they come into contact with them and kill them. They would also be violating the rights of other animals they hunt and kill for survival. They would not even know they committed these “offenses”. Should we have courts for animals? This is what some green nut jobs believe should happen in their twisted Utopia. The truth is that Rachel Carson is responsible for deaths caused by the infectious disease known as malaria when she helped get DDT banned to “save” the birds. DDT was a pesticide that dramatically decreased the number of malarial cases around the world. Carson believed it was harmful to birds and we would eventually have a “Silent Spring” with no birds singing and chirping all as a result of DDT and its made up harmful effects on the environment. She put animals before humans. The truth is that Al Gore is an environmental mobster who made hundreds of millions on the lies and convenient mistruths of global warming. This guy should be called Al Gorepone and he should be arrested, tried, and convicted on racketeering charges, fraud, theft, and murder. People around the world have died as a result of the policies and laws this crook has helped implement based on vast number of deceptions. This guy would make Bugsy Siegel look like a humanitarian. There are loads of hypocrites like Al Gorepone who say one thing and do another. They sip champagne on private jets while the peasants are told they must stop burning fossil fuels and to limit their use of toilet paper to one sheet a visit and one flush a day. The government elite and their apparatchiks do not obey the authoritarian laws they pass. They do not follow their socialist message for the “greater good”. These laws only apply to the serfs and sheeple.

Environmental socialism is a septic plague which seeks to destroy civilization and humanity. These commies use environmentalism to advance their collectivist agenda. Then there is the hardcore green movement and authoritative environmentalists who put animals, pollution, climate change, CO2 emissions, and wind turbines before humans. They are dogmatic religionists and one of the most dangerous of their kind. They are right in line with Islamists and The Westboro Baptist Church. Their cult is void of any specks of reason. The environmental movement based on private property and contracts is righteous and is the only way to look at environmental issues. The Eco-Nazis, or hardcore greenies, are polytheistic believers. There main god is the earth and its environment. The prophets and disciples are Maurice Strong, Paul Ehrlich, Al Gore, Rachel Carson, and Michael Mann. There are more who can be added to this list, but this is supposed to be a short essay. They deliver the gospel of earth worship chapter and verse in “scientific” journals, books, and public appearances. The churches and temples are the IPCC, college and university campuses, global warming and climate conferences, and the deceptive media corporations. These institutions and outlets that are feeding people with propaganda and sub par scientific theories use government workers, pseudo scientists funded by stolen taxes, and paid talking heads to disseminate this freedom stomping nonsense. The churchgoers are the Lilliputians and youngsters on college campuses who are conditioned to become climate activists armed with misinformation and threats of government violence as their weapons Their Holy Day is a holiday called Earth Day. On this day they join hands, march in solidarity, and sing songs about mother earth. They are supposed to be friendly peace loving hippies. But what’s peaceful about stealing money to bring about change based on false pretenses? What’s kind and loving about human population control by any means necessary? Sterilization and forced abortion has been talked about in these eco-circles and organizations. What’s good about controlling people through legislation and regulations? There is a startling resemblance to The Third Reich who were ardent environmentalists and population controllers not long ago. They did it for Germany. Now it’s done for our own good. It’s done to save the planet from pollution and capitalism with the backing of the tendentious and corrupt peer review process along with the bias of many so called scientific journals. The result is less freedom for regular individuals and more consolidation of power for a select group of elitists.

This giant rock called earth that orbits one out of billions of stars in our solar system, for the last 4.5 billion years, and will do so for another 5 billion years or so, is not conscious and aware of what humans are doing during their inhabitation of this planet. It does not have feelings and does not care about pollution and color coded recycling bins. This planet has endured asteroid collisions, tsunamis, cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Ninety-nine percent of all the species that ever existed on earth have gone extinct. In the grand cosmic scheme of things human beings are insignificant animals living on an insignificant planet. Human existence is finite and it has no purpose or meaning. We can give purpose and meaning to our short lives in many ways. We are free and rational beings governed by the laws of human nature. But it is extremely arrogant and evil to think that our purpose is to save the planet from human beings. The eco-maniacs will steal, murder, control, and shackle mankind with the hope of achieving this ludicrous objective. The universe does not even know we exist. We are not that important in the “eyes” of the cosmos. I only believe in respecting human rights in private property when it comes to preserving the environment. Contracts, private ownership of land, and private courts could solve air pollution and waste disposal. It would not be to save the planet. That’s just idiotic. Who cares about green energy subsidized by the government tax expropriators? Let the market decide. Who wants to sort through their garbage to avoid fines in order to recycle? Screw recycling. Capitalism and private property is the answer to poverty and pollution, not bureaucratic climate change peddlers who want to enslave the masses. This tyrannical hardcore religion called the green movement is a hindrance to human development and advancements in our civilization. It’s irrational just like any other pontifical credo. It must be peacefully stopped before we all become slaves to an oblate spheroid named Gaia for no purpose other than to stifle human productivity, devolve as a species, and give superior decision making powers and stolen wealth to the global statists. Their plan is not to save the planet. They want to rule it. The enviro-religionists want to save the planet. They want to conserve every ecosystem and eradicate every pollutant and polluter from existence. They will violate human rights with the use of deadly force if need be to achieve this heinous goal. Religion can make ordinary and otherwise rational people do extremely violent and irrational things.


The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Myth

In the immediate aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri shooting on August 9th, 2014 involving an unarmed black teenager (Michael Brown) and a Ferguson police officer (Darren Wilson), the rallying cry and mantra “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was taken to the streets in protest of white police officers unjustly killing unarmed black teenagers. A few witnesses were interviewed after the shooting took place and one of the witnesses was Dorian Johnson who said Brown had his hands up and was surrendering to the police before he was shot execution style. Dorian Johnson was also a close friend to Brown and actually acted as an accomplice in a convenience store robbery that happened a short time before this fatal encounter with the police. The story that Johnson told sparked a national movement and it was all based on a bold faced lie. After a grand jury viewed the evidence in the form of photos, forensic evidence, and testimony from 60 witnesses, it decided that officer Darren Wilson should not be indicted for the shooting of Michael Brown and that Wilson was acting in self defense. There is a problem with the use of police force in America today and it is hard to see how government employed revenue farmers that often abuse their power can be seen as protectors of people’s rights. Even so, people still have a right to defend themselves against aggressive acts and deadly force. This appears to be what happened in this case. The police officer might have been able to diffuse the situation by staying in his car and waiting for backup, however, they are trained to stand their ground and to pursue suspects. It all comes down to the narrative that the rabble rousers, the racial fomenters in The White House, and the leftist media want you to ingest on a daily basis. The storyline goes something like this, “Whites Have Privilege”, “Black Lives Matter”, “White People Hunt Down and Kill Unarmed Blacks”, “This is Still 1965”, “Black People  Are Still Oppressed” and “Racism is Systemic”. The last one has truth to it on many different levels. The point is that the media and the race demagogues take a story and spin it to fit one of the aforementioned storylines. Most of the time it turns out to be fallacious.

We have professional athletes, musicians and entertainers at a number of venues holding their hands up in what seems like a moment of solidarity to denounce black deaths at the hands of police. Members of the U.S. Congress also raised their hands up to make a  point based on mistruths. These people are misinformed and are spreading a message that is based on something that never happened in Ferguson. The idea that Michael Brown was walking home from the library minding his own business and was then shot by a white officer who stopped him for being a suspicious black man is utter nonsense. The facts have been corroborated by dozens of witnesses, mostly black, and mounds of forensic evidence. The non aggression principle (NAP) was violated three times that day. They were all violent breaches of NAP.  Brown, just committed a felony when he robbed a convenience store and assaulted a clerk. When he was confronted about it by a uniformed police officer in a marked car, he behaved like a vicious animal. He attacked the police officer and reached for his gun. He is no longer unarmed when he reaches for a deadly weapon. Then Brown charged Wilson like a bull full of rage and the officer defended himself against an imminent deadly threat. There was not going to be a fourth violation of NAP and the officer clearly acted in self defense. Any private citizen would have had the right to respond the same way this police officer did in this deadly situation.  Should the officer have stayed in his car? This is a reasonable debate to have and maybe the rules will change in light of this horrific incident. In a libertarian society where you have competing private police agencies, or security agencies, some will stay in their cars until backup arrives and some agencies will make sure the stolen property is reclaimed at all costs. If someone steals an apple from your apple tree on your private property, you have the right to take it back with force since force has been used against your private property in the form of trespass and theft. If the thief now decides to use deadly force against you while you are taking back your apple, then you can respond by also using deadly force to preserve the self ownership of your life. It is no different if you pay and hire someone to defend your life and private property, the same way you hire someone to paint your house. Once someone initiates force against your private property you have a right to defend yourself as long as the response is proportional to the initiation of force by the aggressor. A person who merely trespasses or steals from your property can not be killed for these violations of the non aggression principle (NAP). The amount of force used in self defense of reclaiming your private property must not be excessive as to make the person defending himself/herself the aggressor. Now the very existence of a police force violates NAP. The force is paid for with stolen income from taxpayers and they have a monopoly on security services. They are a tentacle of the illegitimate plundering State. With all that being said, a person who works for government still has a right to life.

The race issue has been smoldering for years. The fire has been relit and fanned by the current dictatorship in Washington D.C. under Obama and Holder. They have constantly stuck their noses in local issues where a white and black have been involved in a fatal shooting, but they never tell you who the aggressor was in these situations. Trayvon Martin did not run back into the house he came from when a strange “white cracker” was following him on a dark rainy night.  No, he went up to him (George Zimmerman) and punched him the face and began to fight and reach for his gun. These unarmed teenagers should not be compared to Emmitt Till who was brutally murdered for being black in the wrong part of town. That is an insult to Emmitt Till.  Furthermore, we do not need a president who has had a silver spoon in his mouth since he was a kid talking about oppression and crippling racism across the land. This man went to Ivy League Schools and was pampered his whole life through affirmative action programs and privileges not many people get in their lives. The president and Holder are talking about racist emails they dug up. They were written by Ferguson Police Officers . They could not convict Wilson of any crime, so they had to keep the narrative going in full swing. How about sitting in the church pews of a man, Jeremiah Wright, who hates whites for twenty years and then saying I never heard any anti-white rhetoric. Wright constantly talked about the “white oppressors” to his congregation. How about allowing and constantly inviting a trash can filled with racism and hate to the White House on a regular basis. How about that racism? When someone as low and evil as Al Sharpton is advising another communist community organizing race agitator in our “Dear Leader”, you know we live in an authoritarian cultural Marxist dictatorship. Al Sharpton has been wrong on every racial case he supported and lied about, including this one. He does not care about black people. He exploits them gets paid, sounds off with his big mouth and unlettered inarticulate speeches how racist white people are and then he leaves. This is a life form that is lower than a paramecium and the sad but harsh reality is that Obama and Holder are cut from the same cloth as Sharpton. The only difference between the maggot Sharpton and the president is that the president is not as rough around the edges. He is able to make the rhetoric sound like it’s credible with it’s patina of pseudo-intellectualism. It’s divide and conquer and racial animosity at its best.

The idea that racism is systemic has some truth to it and it is very apparent that The State is racist. There is a history of white racism in America with its roots firmly planted in government policy and laws. When politicians constantly tell minorities you are nothing without government, this is racist. Look what slavery, Jim Crow, welfare, abortion clinics, The War on Drugs,  gun control, public housing, government schools, and false promises have done to people of color across the country. This is the government. When you couple this with the dissolution of the black family you have major social problems, violent crime, and hopelessness in these communities. This is not a problem that whites solely caused, it’s a problem Big Government has caused over many years which started to get better but got worse under LBJ and The Great Society.

There will always be racism deep in people’s psyche and nature. Non violent racism is a right, after all it is a thought. People who are racist are ignorant fools and would most likely be ostracized in a free society. The idea that only whites can be racist is also another one of these revised definitions of what it means to be racist. Racism: poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race : the belief that some races of people are better than others (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Anyone can be racist. What must happen for people to live in harmony is for people to call a spade a spade. The constant depiction of blacks in America as an oppressed minority in the 21st century is just rubbish. There are politicians who benefit from this, along with propagandist  media outlets and people who have something to gain from playing the victim card. The bottom line is that blacks are CEOs,  highly paid professional sports athletes , and leaders in high government offices. We have the NAACP, The Congressional Black Caucus, National Black Chamber of Commerce, BET,  Black  History Month, and a national holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. This is not indicative of a violently white racist country. This is not 1965 and Black Lives do matter but maybe these protestors should march in Chicago and outside abortion clinics where blacks are killed everyday. Well that does not fit the leftist agenda. It does not go along with what the race hustlers want to use as commentary which is “Blacks are oppressed and Whites are the privileged oppressors”.  How about we all stand up against the dividers, and exploiters, and the violent leftist anarchists, and The State. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and stop finding scapegoats to put all our problems on.  The demagoguery, victimization, and racial fomentation is nonsense and it’s a slap in the face to hard working individualist black Americans who want to succeed in their lives. People know that these stories are factually inaccurate and are used to ignite civil unrest. It’s time to be rational and call out the liars, propagandists, race brewers, and people playing this tired victim card. The race opportunists are the scum of the galaxy and the truth is the only thing that people should want to hear.  It’s time to stop the cycle of myths and bogus chronicles perpetrated by The Sate and its minions which creates hatred and violence. Let’s strive for freedom, individuality, self reliance, and private property rights.

Israel and Private Property Violations

There is an overwhelming support for Israel from America and other Western nations. The State of Israel is portrayed to be a tiny country that is utterly defenseless against a surrounding Arab Army that extends from The Gaza Strip, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt all the way to Iran.  These Arab Muslim countries and locations, amongst others, are deemed to be a massive threat to the survival of Israel and its people. We are told by the media that Israel is constantly being aggressed against by the “terrorists” in Palestine. We hear how peaceful Israel is and when the Israeli military bombs schools and kills civilians in Gaza, it is not their fault. They blame Hamas and say that they are intentionally putting civilians in harms way so they can use it later as propaganda against the Israeli government. What we do not hear as much from the media is how hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been thrown off the land they owned for centuries. They were forced into exile after Israel declared itself a Jewish State with the help of Britain and The UN in 1948 to make up for the atrocities against Jews committed by Nazi Germany. We rarely hear about the encroachment of Jewish settlements in the West Bank that was supposed to be designated to the Arab Palestinians. And we never hear about the innocent civilians kidnapped and killed by Israeli forces near bordering Israel-Palestinian territories. Why should the Palestinians have to pay dearly for the war crimes and genocide committed by the Germans? Why should they be victimized, demonized, and forced to live in an “open air prison” in exile from their homes for crimes they never committed?

The history of Israel is fascinating and complex. The Romans controlled Israel (Judea) starting in 63 BCE and solidified this control when they made it a Roman Province in 37 BCE. After many rebellions, the Jews were forced out of Judea, more specifically Jerusalem, during the 2nd Century CE. The area was renamed Palestine by The Romans, a derivation of “Philistines” who once nomadically lived in this area. The region eventually became predominately Muslim by the time The Ottomans grew in size and power. Some Jews returned to Israel over the course of centuries and  they resettled. The ideas of Zionism became more prevalent and Jewish emigration from Europe to Israel increased in large numbers at the beginning of 20th century in response to growing anti-Semitism in Europe. The  Arabs and Jews lived peacefully side by side until the Balfour Declaration was issued in 1917 which pretty much guaranteed the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine. The native Palestinians saw the writing on the wall and realized that the Jews would eventually declare Israel the Jewish homeland. There were rising tensions and The United Nations stepped in to “resolve” the conflict. Ultimately, large swaths of Palestinian land was handed over to the Jews who represented a small percentage of the population in comparison to the Palestinians. This is the point where this war and deep hatred amongst these two groups just spiraled out of control. These people have been at each others throats ever since.

It is remarkably obvious to any person that has not been showered with endless streams of propaganda and outright lies, that Israel is the aggressor and private property violator and the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians, mostly of Arab Muslim lineage, are the victims of this violent thievery and the murderous military campaigns perpetrated by the Israeli government which is openly supported by the Zionists living and emigrating there. This conflict is mainly a fight for private property rights in land and in individual life and well being. If you look at a map of Palestine in 1947 and the land owned by Palestinians, it is mostly owned by native Palestinians. After 1947 and up until the present it has been predominantly owned by Jews who essentially just took it away through fear tactics and terror from the rightful owners. They believe they have a right from God to be there and The UN and Britain are culpable in the human rights violations that have taken place against Palestinians so that the Jews could fulfill this biblical prophecy. If you look at the map of Israel in elapsed time from 1948 to present day the land that was inhabited by the Palestinians just melts away like the hot sun melts the last of a lingering late winter snow.

The libertarian perspective on this issue should be unambiguous and simple. The Zionists, Britain, The UN, and many Jews living in Israel stole land from The Palestinians. They put over a million Palestinians in exile by 1967 and in the present day there are over five million Palestinians living in squalor and inhuman conditions on The West Bank and in Gaza. The Israeli government has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians on lands that belong to native Palestinians. There have been dozens of massacres, most notably Deir Yassin where  a hundred people were slaughtered, committed by the Israeli army. The Palestinian response is what gets reported in the news and they of course get labeled as “terrorists” for defending their own land and lives. The Palestinians have not done everything correctly and suicide bombings and some of the actions of Hamas should be strongly condemned. With that being said, the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves against military occupiers and thieves who continue to steal more land in The West Bank. Israel is a military super power with a large nuclear arsenal with the full backing of another imperialist invader in The United States government. Israel is an apartheid state that dwarfs South African apartheid in comparison.

The Jews have been persecuted throughout history and this essay is not an indictment on the Jewish people. The fact of the matter is, all States are unrestrained power structures that are illegitimate, but a State that steals, kidnaps, massacres, oppresses, and uses ethnic cleansing to achieve a biblical fantasy written by wandering analphabetic shepherds of the desert three thousand years ago is fantastically immoral and the apotheosis of tyrannical statist illegitimacy. This is Israel in a nutshell and the problems in this part of the world will not be resolved in any sense until people start realizing that a Zionist theocratic military aggressor does not have the right to exist. Jews should have major grievances with Rome and Germany not the Palestinians. The Romans conquered the Jewish people and stole their property. Nazi Germany systematically tortured and murdered six million Jews. Unfortunately, indigenous Palestinians are paying the price so that the “chosen” people of God can have their land back with little proof of ancestral inheritance rights to the property in question. If your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather lived somewhere centuries ago, what right do you have to go back there and forcibly remove people off the land that they now own? If they acquired the land by force and this can be proven without a smidgeon of doubt, then you should have a property right in that land. This is hard to prove but stolen land belongs to heirs of the people it was stolen from in past years. This is not the case with Israel. The land has been conquered on a number of different occasions by many empires and religions and many people came and went to this region over the last two thousand years. The indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians have been there the longest before and after the Roman occupation and they have a right to much of the land. There is land that Jews legitimately own and any land that has been passed down, sold voluntarily, or acceptably homesteaded where there are no signs of prior use or property ownership, are all instances where pieces of land that can be owned by either group. As it turns out, Palestinians owned and occupied many villages and farms and were just thrown into a mass exodus to accommodate emigrating Jews from around the world. They had to pay reparations for crimes that happened on another continent that were perpetrated by a genocidal German dictatorship. Private property that is forcibly taken is a violation of the non aggression principle. Israel has broken these natural human laws on an unfathomable scale but relies on lowly propagandists to project a different image. There will be justice when all the land is returned to its rightful owners in Israel and private property laws are obeyed and held to a higher standard.

The Authoritarian Net Neutrality Plot

The overreaching, egomaniacal, inept, murderous, insidious, thieving, power mad, U.S. government is trying to take full control over the last free vestige of free expression and thought. These fascistic tyrants of the lowest ilk are trying to regulate and control the internet under the guise of neutrality and consumer protection. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to have these new net neutrality rules go into effect which would prohibit Internet service providers from blocking traffic on the internet or using prioritization through pricing for websites. This is an utter abomination and a direct assault on the free market. There is no such thing as net neutrality in the free market and this notion that government is going to make everything fair and equal on the internet is just a ploy to get their foot in the front door of internet regulation. They will eventually overhaul the whole system and work with Big Corporations to make sure content is restricted to propaganda and messages that are preapproved by The State and that all new rules and guidelines are met by internet users under the direct threat of these new laws passed by no-nothing government apparatchiks.

First off, the government creates problems that do not exist and then steps in to fix the fictitious crisis. They have done this time and time again. They overregulated the private healthcare market through various bureaucracies like The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The healthcare system has been systematically destroyed by the statists. Markets have been distorted for decades by entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The Big Pharma industry and lobbyists are in bed with government and that has led to less competition and the monopolization of healthcare which result in sky high prices. So the politicians step in and create an even bigger market distortion with the king of all regulatory, freedom robbing, collectivist, pieces of legislation ever passed in history known as Obamacare. This is just one example out of a long list that could fill a textbook on how government is not the solution to any problem. These politicians create dilemmas intentionally. These problems also appear as unintended consequences since they are so ineffective at everything they touch, and they fabricate predicaments out of thin air. This is so they can be their own saviors and show how great government is at providing “solutions” to real “problems”. Why would anyone support this vicious cabal of liars and liberty larcenists with something as free and unregulated as the internet? Of course the sycophants, special interests, and useful idiots are on board with what seems like an amicable new rule to help consumers. The individual who knows how The State operates is already aware of the malicious intent that will play out over time.

The free market operates in a way that allows for priority access or service. This can be seen at supermarkets with display cases, airports, bookstores that showcase new releases and bestsellers since the publishers pay and the bookstores profit. This should not be any different when it comes to the internet. It is of course inevitable though. The State must control all aspects of the free market and our lives. They just move cumulatively so the average programmed American robot has no idea of what is ahead. Even worse, these brainwashed boot-lickers openly support government intrusion and takeover of private services. Like the imbeciles holding signs supporting  “net neutrality”.

We already know The NSA has been and will continue to spy on all our communications and daily interactions. It is a rejuvenating dose of optimism to know whistleblowers like Edward Snowden are out there to shed light on these shadowy figures working in the darkness of top secret agencies. Unfortunately, there are not enough whistleblowers and  one step forward means ten steps back. We must speak out to keep the internet free. People are becoming more knowledgeable and aware about the illegitimacy of The State. They are realizing that The State is an old idea and is obsolete. This threatens the statist system and they will work to silence all dissenting voices. Even the progressive liberals and suck-ups will be silenced until the only words left will fit in a tiny booklet authorized by government elites. Speak up before it is too late!

Brian Williams is a Drop in an Ocean of Media Lies and Distortion

Last week Brian Williams took himself off the air as NBC’s evening news anchor after admitting that he told lies back in 2003 about his experiences during the Iraq War. More specifically, he fabricated a story about being hit by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) while flying in a helicopter in Iraq on assignment. He was ultimately suspended for six months without pay by NBC news. This appears to be the right decision. How can an organization that claims to tell the truth and report the news have a liar and a storyteller as the face of their primetime broadcast? The real problem is that NBC news and all the big news corporations just like it are not truth tellers and reporters of facts to begin with. They are distorters of facts, propagandizers of the lowest ilk, charlatans with political agendas that fall in line with one of the two political factions, and elitist prevaricators who are only concerned with their social status. Unfortunately, Brian Williams is just the tip of a very massive iceberg of equivocations.

Someone who tells bald faced lies that works as a news reporter deserves to be fired if that news organization wants to preserve any integrity and retain a viewership. But what about the news organization itself? Why is it alright for the mainstream press/media to work as propaganda mouth pieces for The State? The Democratic and Republican parties are made up of pseudo intellectual central planners that need a partnership with media corporations to spread their message of statism. The media corporations need the politicians to get favorable regulations passed and public relations that helps their image. This a perfect relationship and is why ordinary people are so misinformed and brainwashed into oblivion.

Most networks and publications are leftist and work for The Democrats and progressive liberals. Their agenda is supporting democrat politicians no matter what they do or say. Even if it goes against the liberal ideology and is done for political expedience. The main message we hear from rags like The New York Times and The Washington post, along with channels like NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS is that government is good and necessary. They claim that without government people could not survive. The government is here to provide social justice, healthcare, minimum wages, and make everyone equal with equal economic outcomes. The illegal alien on welfare, the feminist who has an abortion, the union worker who demands a higher wage at the expense of the productive individual, and the homosexual couple that demands a private bakery make them a wedding cake are the people that these ideologues want you to praise and worship. People like Melissa Harris Perry, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, and a list of others, are not interested in reporting the news. They are interested in propagating ideas that have been proven wrong over and over again. They are crusaders for big government, altruism, and collectivism on a grand scale. There is some light at the end of this very dark tunnel. People are turning to alternate forms of media and making more informed choices and formulating their ideas based on a wider range of information.

Fox News is no better and is controlled by the Republican Party. Roger Ailes is a former political consultant to republican politicians and Rupert Murdoch is a major campaign donor to republican political campaigns. Fox News is made up of big government neoconservatives and apologists for the republican party. Anchors and commentators like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, and Karl Rove are warmongers and they support big government policies as long as they are passed and signed by republicans. This organization is just as disgraceful as the rest of the news outlets that make up the government media complex.

It is time to abandon the mainstream media and to start reading and listening to news organizations that do not have an agenda and a partnership with the government. It’s fine that Brian Williams was suspended but he just represents a minor symptom of a  much larger pestilence.  The only cure is the free market and the individual who yearns and strives for the truth.

Laws Against Libel and Slander Violate NAP

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines libel as: the act of publishing a false statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone and, similarly, slander is: to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone as defined by the same dictionary. These two words are obviously synonyms with slightly different definitions and they are used to describe an act that is vicious and iniquitous but, nevertheless, it does not violate the non aggression principle (NAP) and must be tolerated in a society that practices and lives under the ideas enshrined in private property anarchism.  What type of property can a person own? We of course own our own bodies, any unclaimed or unused property that is homesteaded becomes private property, and property that is exchanged voluntarily or through contractual agreements is another way to obtain ownership of property. People do not own other people’s bodies and so they can not own other people’s thoughts or ideas. In fact, ideas and thoughts are not scarce so in essence no one actually owns anyone’s ideas or thoughts, not even the ones you formulate. The same goes for a person’s reputation. While it may be valuable to the person whose reputation is out there amongst a variety of different people, it is not something this person actually owns. There is no way to own what someone thinks about you whether it is good or bad, true or false. The one action that does violate private property rights is the unfortunate circumstance when someone is sued for printing something or saying something that is claimed to be false by the plaintiff which results in damages being paid for by the defendant. This is a major violation of free speech and is theft of private property since the party who has brought forth this lawsuit is looking to “regain” property that is intangible and not able to be owned in the first place.

If someone prints or gives a speech about a particular person and what the writer or speaker says is true, how can this be punishable by draconian laws? We would never hear the truth again if it meant that “priceless” reputations were at stake. The crux of the debate centers around what should happen if lies are told about a innocent person which tarnishes their reputation and causes them irreversible harm. The problem with this is that people have a right to their opinions, they have a right to tell vicious lies, they have a right to virulently condemn people and their actions. As long as free speech is done on private property where it is permitted and it does not violate private property, like yelling “FIRE” in a crowded venue, then there is absolutely no legal recourse that can be taken in a just libertarian order. People who believe lies have been told about them can fight back by responding to false allegations with non violence. They can respond in videos, articles, ask admirable members of society to speak on their behalf, and if you have a good character you should have nothing to worry about in the long run. The person spreading lies should be asked to prove his statements or otherwise lose his credibility. If someone hires a reporter to ask a few hundred people who know you in your neighborhood, along with family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances, what they think of you, most answers will hopefully be favorable. Most likely you will get satisfactory feedback if you are a decent person. However, there is a good chance that a percentage of the people interviewed will give negative responses about the kind of person you are and they may even lie for their own twisted reasons, among other underlying motives. This must be brushed off and disregarded as just immoral behavior in a world that cherishes free speech. Allegations that accuse or blame someone for committing a wrongful act that violates NAP like rape, robbery, murder etc., must be substantiated with incontrovertible evidence and then brought before a private court where a decision is rendered based on the testimonies and the facts of the case. The person who is the accuser will be monetarily penalized if what he is saying is false. This is to limit the number of cases where the accuser is making up false charges that may result in property theft of the accused in the form of lost wages and lawyer fees. It also mitigates the loss of resources allocated by private courts when arbitrating bogus cases.

The truth should always be searched out by using reliable resources. For instance, when the person that is claiming to be “slandered” by a “slanderer”, sometimes it turns out that the “slandered” is the liar and the “slanderer” is telling the truth. The truth must be foraged for in a world plagued by dishonesty.  Even if this is not the case, and the truth is clear, it still holds that all thoughts, ideas, lies, defamatory remarks, and offensive comments must be protected and preserved so that discourse and discussion do not come under the threat of slime bag lawyers and so that legal theft is not a normal occurrence committed by the arbitrary justice system.

Genuine Libertarians As Opposed To Fake Ones

There are quite a few people out there today who identify themselves as libertarians when asked where they stand along the political spectrum. Libertarianism is of course a political philosophy, but how is it that there are so many different flavors, designations, sub groups, and philosophies within this larger political credo that is already well defined by logical, objective, and irrefutable facts of the natural order. To stray away from the central and core principles of libertarianism is to be something other than a libertarian. Some groups have hijacked and reinterpreted libertarianism to mean something else as a means to justify some ideologically dogmatic political ends and others just do not take libertarian tenets to their valid conclusions. This will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs but first we must define what libertarianism is and then use that definition to explain why there is only one way to be a real libertarian. Libertarianism is a political philosophy that is built on the non aggression principle (NAP). This means that no one can initiate or threaten force against an individual or his private property. This does not include self defense. The use of justifiable and reasonable force to defend your body from physical harm or your private property from theft or destruction, is an objective natural law which preserves the inalienability of one’s own self ownership in their body and their rightfully acquired property through human action. To deny a person the right to defend themselves against unprovoked aggressors, would deny them their right to live and to pursue their goals. The true libertarian adheres to pursuing his own interests as long as he does not violate the NAP. Libertarian law allows for all behaviors even if they are self destructive or morally inferior with the understanding that the initiation of force is absent. Libertarianism is not a fully developed moral philosophy, however, murder, theft, rape, assault, fraud, broken private property contracts amongst other things, are all violations under this axiomatic philosophy. So who are genuine libertarians and who are the frauds?

The United States is home to contemporary libertarians who usually align themselves with the ideas of limited government and minarchism. It is a blatant oxymoronic statement to say that you are a constitutional libertarian. The State uses force to collect taxes and has a monopoly on this power, as well as, ultimate decision making power over a geographic area, and legislative power. This all violates the NAP and is why The State is illegitimate. Anyone who supports an entity that uses force to grow at the expense of sovereign individuals is not a libertarian. Even if the powers are enumerated in a constitution, it still does not justify the use of coercion and violence to fund the military, public courts, or local police services. Government can never remain minimal and taxation is theft with the very real threat of violence always present, which can result in murder, if these tyrannical types of laws are ignored by individuals. This is not libertarian. People like Glenn Beck who support the military industrial complex, and worship tyrants like Abraham Lincoln, along with the promotion of religion with tax dollars are not libertarians. John Stossel is fine with a fair tax and he does not think gigantic bureaucracies like the NSA spying on private individuals while invading private property is that big of a deal. This is not very libertarian. Milton Friedman was a monetarist and supported The Federal Reserve. Although I strongly support Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, she is unquestionably wrong when it comes to politics. Rand was a limited government apologist, in other words a statist, and never considered herself a libertarian. Groups like Freedomworks and The Libertarian Party all support the political process that asks you to vote for one of two masters and they want a constitution to be enforced that allows for war, taxation, and unrestrained powers that are perpetuated by the incessant passing of harmful laws, dictatorial executive orders, and approval by the unchecked judicial activists known as The Supreme Court. The power mad government gets to decide whether its laws are constitutional. The absurdity in this system is just mind numbing. None of this has anything to do with libertarianism.

Now let’s move on to the left libertarians. These libertarians are also known as anarcho communists, anarcho syndicalists, and libertarian socialists. They abhor private property, capitalism, and individualism while lauding collectivism, egalitarianism, social justice, and social movements (feminist movement, labor movement, occupy). There are some agreements among pure libertarian anarchists (anarcho capitalists) and anarcho communists or left libertarians. They are both anti war and are also highly critical of The State and the government media complex. Besides that, there is nothing in common and the term libertarian socialist is a major contradiction. To disregard private property rights is a violation of the natural order. When someone identifies as a socialist they are advocating for the redistribution of private property, whether it’s wealth, land, or earned income. How is this in line with freedom and individuals pursuing their objectives and values. Left libertarians are also in favor of hedonistic, alternative, and abnormal lifestyles being a major factor in this irrational philosophy. Now as long as these lifestyles are done voluntarily and in private communities, that is fine, however, culturally conservative private property anarchists and free market anarchists have a right to exclude unwanted behavior from their private property. The NAP clearly says you can be a filthy prostitute, an unproductive leech and a vagrant, a religious fanatic, a spurious collectivist, a bug saving hippie environmentalist, a feminist, a drug addled low life, or a flamboyant homosexual that chooses non traditional values, but that also gives other private property owners the right to exclude these people from their property. In fact, the most successful and peaceful libertarian anarchist communities will be the ones that embrace objective morality and have conservative ethical standards for entry. The ones that disregard private property and embrace deviant and abnormal behavior will be impoverished, laden with criminals, and will ultimately self destruct and will collectively fail as a society. This is just an irrefutable unbreakable argument. Left libertarians also have no clue when it comes to economics. They are more concerned with making every single person equally poor, equally uneducated, and equally hopeless. Why should workers in a factory own the factory and not the entrepreneur or factory worker? Anarcho syndicalists think that the workers have ownership rights but they are not the ones that raised the capital and took the risk to start a business that employs people who have high time preferences and brings goods and services to the market that people demand. If we take away private property from the economic means of production there will be widespread shortages. There has to be private ownership of the factors of production so resources can be allocated in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This is what allows for accurate pricing and prevents shortages or waste. Either is inevitable without private property laws, it just depends on the circumstances.

Who gets to decide how this property is allocated? If property is owned by everyone, then does each person have to ask every single other person before he homesteads unused land? This is unfathomable. Left libertarians advocate for democracy without The State. This is just of course mob rule and leaders always emerge. Someone or a group of people have to decide how property and resources will be distributed or redistributed and that just brings us back to the illegitimate State. The major contributors to left libertarianism are Noam Chomsky, Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, and Rudolf Rocker. There are more I left out but that gives you an idea. The more popular and mainstream left libertarians would include people like Bill Maher (who is actually a progressive liberal) and Russell Brand. They both have a number of misguided political opinions that are mainly based on emotion as opposed to reason. I do find some of Chomsky’s ideas and writings enlightening but it’s limited to anti war sentiments and his stance on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. These people are mostly pseudo academics and the ideas they espouse are antithetical to libertarianism. Anyone who vilifies private property and voluntary exchange but cherishes a collectivist society of robots living in misery for the sake of social equality is not a libertarian. Corporatism is a tyrannical system that is very oppressive, however, it can only exist symbiotically with The State. Monopolies and totalitarian corporate structures can not exist in a pure capitalist and stateless society. Finally, employment is voluntary. The notion, propagated by left libertarians, that wage earners are slaves is just ridiculous. There is no such thing as involuntary unemployment in an anarcho capitalist society.

So then who are the real, pure, and genuine libertarians? The legitimate intellectuals and freedom lovers in a choppy sea of imposters. The real libertarians are the ones who unwaveringly stand by NAP and hold private property rights to be non negotiable. They support individualism, human action, freedom of association, freedom to discriminate, voluntary exchange, pure free markets, self governance, capitalism, and the natural order. They are more commonly referred to as anarcho capitalists, free market anarchists, private property anarchists, libertarian anarchists, and advocates for a private law society. The major contributors to this philosophy include Murray Rothbard, Hans- Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Lew Rockwell, David Friedman, Stephan Kinsella, Ludwig Von Mises (Austrian Economist), and many others. So there is only one type of libertarian. The sooner people realize that the better off we will be as a free people.

Western Foreign Policy Combined With Violent Religious Doctrines Creates Jihadists

There is a fiery ongoing debate that is taking place across many media outlets and around the globe as to what causes violent religious fanaticism that has been recently exhibited in many parts of the Muslim world and beyond. Commentators,  pseudo-intellectuals, and pundits on the left believe that most of the violence the world is seeing in various parts of the globe is due to the organization of extremist fringe groups that have hijacked a peaceful religion and have reinterpreted it to wage an ideological and political war against the West and non believers. Conservatives and right wingers think that Islamic extremists are at war with American values and freedom and that the U.S. is a kind liberator and a gentle peacemaker that has not instigated any of these movements or has had a hand, indirectly or directly, in giving birth to these murderous organizations as a result of a foreign policy of meddling and interventionism. That is of course not the truth and most mainstream Libertarians believe that the foreign policy of The West has been the major contributing factor to the threats we now face as individual human beings living normal lives in mostly civilized societies. The chaos across the Middle East and The Islamic Holy Wars that threaten freedom and natural human rights around the planet are a product of both an interventionist, overbearing, and murderous, U.S. and European foreign policy coupled with a religion that has an extremely violent history of conquests, human rights violations, deep unresolved political, social, tribal, and religious conflicts that go back centuries, along with genocidal missions that are all guided by scriptures and religious doctrines.

The Jihad, or Holy War did not start a few months ago. In fact it has been going on for over fourteen-hundred years since the birth of Islam in the 7th Century CE. The use of force and the waging of wars goes back to the conquest of Syria in 637, the conquest of Armenia and Egypt in 639, the conquest of Southern Italy in 827, and to the authoritarian and blood thirsty reign of The Ottoman Empire from 1299-1918 which includes the genocidal slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915, shortly before the collapse of this hegemonic super power. After World War I the violence in The Middle East was not as prevalent, however, U.S. Foreign policy, with the help of other Western nations, would change that in a dramatic way.

The recent acts of terror and ultra violence can be directly linked to the policies of Western governments that have continuously meddled and forcefully inserted their presence in Arab and Muslim affairs. The British had control over Israel-Palestine after WWI until 1948, when the United Nations, with U.S. support, voted for and established a Jewish State which would ultimately lead to misery and despair for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians which still continues to this day. Zionism along with political backing from The West has put Palestinians in a hopeless situation. They now live in what is commonly referred to as “an open air prison” after they were thrown off their land and out of their homes and this has sparked disdain and strong hatred toward America and other European countries for their role in this seizure of property titles. There are other defining moments involving the U.S. government that have shaped the current geo political state of affairs and which gave birth to jihadist organizations that are continuing to emerge and spread through all hemispheres. Here are other examples of interventionism and wars that have had an impact on The Middle East

1953: The Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, is overthrown by the U.S. CIA and British intelligence which puts The Shah in power. He is eventually overthrown by the Ayatollah Khomeini and a theocracy is put in place in this country. These events planted seeds of hatred against America which have grown into giant trees with very strong and deep roots.

1980s: The U.S. supported The Mujahideen against The Soviets. This later created blowback since we armed the pernicious and murderous jihadists of Afghanistan which was used against America years later.

1990-1991: The Gulf War in support of Kuwait. This further inflamed the region and is a major reason Bin Laden waged war against the U.S. and other countries. This maniac said over and over that he was strongly opposed to Non-Muslims on holy lands and he put emphasis on the fact that innocent Muslims were being killed by the Americans. This does not excuse Bin Laden and his followers for the acts of terror they committed across the planet. This barbarian used religious ideology to fight political grievances and he should be condemned for all time. Nevertheless, western wars to spread democracy and the ongoing entanglement in foreign affairs of Muslim nations, causes blowback and it must be discussed to show this obvious correlation.

From 2001 until the present The West has been involved in some major military conflicts including the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The torture of captured “terrorists” has been widely publicized and drone attacks are in the thousands, which include the slaying of innocent civilians. Wars for oil, removing dictators, propping up dictators, military aid to Israel, arming rebels, and placing sanctions also adds to the animosity and hatred flagrantly evident in the hot bed of The Middle East and Northern Africa. Does any rational person think that these Western policies of military interference in the business of other countries does not have a direct effect in creating angst and hostility towards these western nations that claim to be fighting terror but are actually creating an army of jihadists? It is not advisable to kick a hornet’s nest repeatedly and then expect a benign and delicate reaction. With all of that being said, it is important to fuse Western foreign policy with religious scriptures and texts to have a complete understanding of why blood is being spilt everyday in every corner of the world by fanatical Jihadists. Sam Harris does a great job of discussing the shortcomings of Islam and he obliterates The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur in this long but engaging and enlightening video on religion and Islam

I think it would be highly disingenuous to say that all Muslims are violent extremists. That is simply not the case. There are many hardworking, peaceful, and wonderful Muslims all over the earth and it is important to recognize their presence. There are 1.6 billion Muslims and unfortunately a substantial portion of the faithful are not peaceful and humane. There are different estimates of the breakdowns but I think it is accurate to say that 10% (160 million) adherents to this religion are jihadists or potential jihadists with the propensity to kill in order to spread their beliefs and create a worldwide Caliphate. They belong to groups like al-Qaeda, Al Nusra, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, and ISIS, along with many others.  Another 10% (160 million) are Islamists which means they do not engage in violence directly but they wholeheartedly and vocally support Jihad, Sharia, a Caliphate, and executions for crimes against the religion, which include drawing cartoons of the prophet, adultery, and being homosexual, along with the death penalty for committing apostasy. The largest percentage are the conservatives or orthodox believers and they represent 70% percent (1.1 billion). They mostly support Sharia Law in various forms and use a fairly close interpretation of the holy books in their everyday lives. Largely non violent, but nevertheless, they hold extreme views and consistently adhere to stringent moral codes that translate to the inhuman treatment of women along with rigid obedience to religious customs and practices. It must be pointed out that denominations in Christianity ( Polygamous Mormon cults) and Judaism (Chasidism/Hasidism) also mistreat women of their religion, however, is it not widespread throughout the Christian or Jewish faiths. The remaining 10% (160 million) percent are moderates who live peacefully amongst everyone and have largely cherry picked the best parts of their religion to live by and these are the people who are also threatened by the more extreme believers. They are very open to living Western lifestyles and often support liberal democracies. They do not force their beliefs on anyone and they just want to live normal peaceful lives.

The major monotheistic religions like Christianity and Judaism have had checkered and violent histories. Christianity has been responsible for some of the most evil events in human history and some of the verses in The Old Testament are so wicked and destructive it is hard to see how it is used as a basis for morality. The one major difference is that these two religions have undergone major reformations. I do not adhere to any religious dogma and do not affiliate with any religious churches, faiths, or institutions. The most rational position is to be a freethinker and base ideas and morals on logic and reason, not statements and scriptures that need blind faith with no evidence to back up absolutely improbable claims. The whole world is not going to stop believing in the faith they were coerced into believing as youngsters over night. That is just wishful thinking. It would be uplifting to know that all the major religions could be reformed and inhuman and primitive acts would no longer be tolerated. This is just an optimistic outlook for a pessimistic reality.

In conclusion, it is not just a few thousand extremists that commit jihad and it is not only foreign policy that brought the world to the present crisis we all face. It is a combination of a belligerent and nefarious foreign policy mixed with a religion that is long overdue for a reformation.

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Support Free Trade With Cubans While Denouncing Their Communist Leaders

This January 1st, 2015 will mark the fifty-sixth year since Fidel Castro and his brother Raul have ruled over the Cuban people with an iron fist. This oppressive regime has brought nothing but misery, hardship, and despair for over 5 and half decades as a direct result of the militant communist policies that these tyrants have put in place. There has also been an embargo placed on imports and exports leaving and entering Cuba since the early 1960s by The United States government and it has not been lifted since that time. There have been a few recent developments over the last few days which suggest that diplomatic relations with Cuba and The United States will be entering a new phase. Many people are speculating, based on this new doctrine of peaceful relations with the Castro’s, that more doors will swing open and that the embargo will eventually be abandoned and tourism to this impoverished nation will pickup where it left off before Flugencio Batista was ousted and Fidel Castro became the revolutionary dictator who promised Cubans a much brighter future. There are mixed feelings about what should happen and who is responsible for the suffering of the Cuban people. Some say the embargo or trade blockade is to blame. Many say The United States should never do business with the current Cuban government since this conveys approval for the murderess comrades who control the country. These two sentiments are wrong and in the name of principled libertarianism and freedom, people should support free trade with the Cuban people while fiercely denouncing the despotic Cuban government.

This idea that the embargo has be the main cause of economic and social failure in Cuba is just an outright mistruth. I do support the blockade on Cuba, and I will explain why in a few moments, but the truth must be exposed as to why the situation in this tiny country, ninety miles away from a state run capitalist country, has deteriorated to hopelessness and rampant poverty. The short answer and the best answer is socialism, which started in 1959 when the six year revolution ended with Fidel Castro seizing the throne. The political ideology implemented by the dictator shortly morphed into hardcore militant Communism and the country has been the text book case study of “Why Communism Never Works, And Never Will Work”, ever since. The human rights violations that any clear thinking and objective person would acknowledge when presented before them, are numerous and horrific. This totalitarian government has unjustly jailed, tortured, and murdered political dissidents for decades. They have presided over unfair trials. The people of this nation are censored beyond belief and their opinions must be held to themselves for fear of ending up in a vermin infested prison. Cubans cannot leave the country unless they are first granted permission by the government. Almost every aspect of the economy is nationalized including, but not limited to education and healthcare. Education is used to indoctrinate and propagandize vulnerable children and adolescent minds. Many of the adults that live in this society have bought into the deceptions and disingenuous filth the regime churns out on a daily basis. The ones who do not buy into the garbage are forced to be silent for fear of losing their lives and never seeing their families again. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Contrary to popular belief on the American left, Cuban’s healthcare system is abysmal and the clinics and healthcare facilities are in putrid condition. There are dog kennels and commercial farms where cattle are penned with better conditions. The hospitals you see on television and in far left documentaries made by long forgotten fat slobs who make millions but detest capitalism, are for the elite class in Cuba. The problems in Cuba must be blamed on the evil Castro brothers and their wicked vision of a Communist Utopia. The embargo has not worked and has caused a few problems for this country but the bulk of the plight endured by the citizens of this country should be placed directly on top of these monsters. The government has been able to trade with other countries and they have not been totally isolated. Their policies destroyed Cuban civilization and for that these oppressors should be reviled and castigated from now until the human race goes extinct. With all of that being said, people who cherish freedom, human rights, private property, non aggression, and capitalism, must support free trade with the people of Cuba.

The libertarian who supports unfettered free markets is someone who supports the idea of free trade with all people, societies, and countries. Whether it be trade from afar or commerce that is engaged in from hand to hand, this is the only way to create and spread wealth while simultaneously respecting the natural human right to pursue one’s own interests and property in a non coercive and non violent manner. I am not interested in the political implications that free trade and travel will have on The United States and Cuba. I am sure the politicians here will get something out of these new talks and arrangements, as I am sure the Commies will also benefit. Hopefully free trade will make and tourism will bring some much needed prosperity to this nation. The people of Cuba, although not easy to point out, must also be held responsible for their demise. Governments, rogue and democratic alike, can not survive if public opinion is not in their favor. The main point of this essay is to bring home the point that socialism, nationalism, trade embargoes, politics, violent revolutions, and governments fighting other governments never fair well for the individual. Support free trade and emphatically repudiate all forms of socialism. The human species will be much better off once they heed that small piece of advice.

Black, White, and Blue

Yesterday, the verdict in the Eric Garner case, where a man was strangled to death by NYPD officers on a street corner for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, was announced to the public. The Grand Jury decided not to indict the officer, Daniel Pantaleo, despite the overwhelming video evidence which clearly shows this officer and a number of others bringing this black male to the ground with excessive force. This ultimately resulted in the demise of this unarmed man, who was accused of engaging in the victimless crime of black market free trade. This decision comes shortly after another Grand Jury decision that took place in Ferguson Missouri on November 24th 2014, where they decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing Michael Brown during a police stop that went tragically wrong. These two incidents, along with a list of others, has stirred up civil and racial unrest in this country. There have been destructive and violent protests in Ferguson and there were also demonstrations in New York City over the last day which were mainly peaceful. People are fed up with the criminal justice system and the reckless abuse of force by the militarized police we now see on a regular basis across America. This, however, is not an issue of race and these atrocities committed at the hands of men and women who are supposed to protect our lives and property is a direct result of the growing and out of control police state. People have to come together to protest the injustices of police brutality and to point out that there is an absence of any accountability for law enforcement personnel who engage in violent and deadly acts to enforce ridiculous laws and petty crimes. This is not an issue of white and black, but an issue that is blue. Whites are also harassed, accosted, and unfairly murdered by the thugs dressed in blue. It’s time to put a stop to this assault on freedom and stand together to abolish The Police State.

On July 17th 2014, Eric Garner was allegedly selling loose cigarettes to make a few extra bucks on a street corner in the NYC borough of Staten Island. The price of cigarettes in NYC is extremely high, not as a result of any economic factors like supply and demand, but because of progressive politicians running the nanny metropia who have decided to put a sin tax on cigarettes since they know what is best for everyone and so public sector pensions can be fattened up.  This created a black market where there is voluntary trade. Garner is approached by at least five police officers, who look like a pack of jackals anticipating their next meal. He does not want to be harassed and states that he is annoyed with the interaction. The police attempt to put him in cuffs and one of them applies a choke hold while he is forcibly brought to the ground. Once there, his head is pushed into the concrete by the weight of one of the officers. He continually says “I cant’ breathe”, but the more important objective is making sure that Garner is arrested and taken to jail for engaging in unapproved commerce, not protecting and caring for his life. There are many talking heads who say Garner resisted, but if you look at the video, this man has his hands up and is not resisting, he is walking backwards away from the blood thirsty hyenas. What happened in this situation is murder, at the very least negligent homicide, and the police officer should be tried like any other person when they commit a violent act that results in someone’s death which was not in response to a deadly threat. That brings us to Ferguson.

On August 9th, 2014 Michael Brown was shot and killed  by officer Wilson in a suburb called Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was not an angel as the media and relatives would like you to believe. He had just finished robbing a small grocery store and assaulting a small Brown-Asian clerk when he was approached by the police. The Grand Jury decided after three months of hearing testimony and viewing pages and pages of evidence, that the officer was in fear for his life and that Michael Brown posed a deadly threat when he first assaulted Wilson and then a short time after charged him like a linebacker. This is not a case that involves racism but a case where the two issues are self defense vs. excessive force. Would a police officer working for a private agency react the same way as officer Wilson? Would a private citizen act the same way? This is a tough case and I can only tell you that if police officers only operated in the private sector where there was strict accountability for their actions, there would be more calculated decisions and they would try to diffuse dangerous situations without using deadly force as often as possible. Otherwise they could be tried for murder since they violated the universal law of non aggression. The rules of engagement and stand your ground have to be looked at closely. There have to be other options on the table when dealing with violent people, like rubber bullets, taser guns, and just waiting for backup while trailing the perpetrator in your car. Self defense is righteous, but there must be a fine and definitive line of when it should be used if the action of defense will result in the death of the aggressor. Officers of the law should be operating with a clear understanding that their actions will be looked at closely by their department and outside arbitrators when they use force in various situations. This mechanism to deter the use of deadly force where it is not warranted is not in place. Instead, law enforcement agencies are giving their employees the benefit of the doubt and creating a culture of using force first and asking questions later.  Now, Michael Brown is not an innocent civilian, and he should not be glorified by protestors as a martyr in this never ending disingenuous saga and false chronicle that says “whites are racists who hunt and kill young black men”. The evidence that was made public shows that Brown was a legitimate threat. If that evidence is accurate, and I am not so sure it is based on how this statist judicial process was handled by a prosecutor  (Bob McCulloch) who might have an axe to grind,  then there is a legitimate reason to believe that self defense came into play. It comes down to a person’s life in imminent danger vs. the unnecessary use of deadly force to stop a threat that could be stopped by using  other tactics. The latter seems to be a more definitive explanation as to what occurred that day. The idea that white people should be blamed and that there is a concerted effort in America by whites to kill blacks is nonsense.   The reality is young black men should not fear whites, they should fear other black men. Ninety three percent of black deaths are caused by other blacks. Some will respond by pointing out that most whites are killed by other whites. Whites killing whites is not an epidemic like it is for blacks in cities like Chicago and other cities across the country. Instances of black on black murder are extremely high and black on white murder is significantly higher than white on black murder. The point is that the issue of black deaths and crime in this country can all be tied to The State (the war on poverty, The Great Society, militarized police, minimum wage laws, the race baiting media, the drug war, and the soft bigotry of low expectations) , as well as, extremely bad decisions that are made by misguided and hopeless people living in the black community. The dissolution of the traditional nuclear family structure is also a contributing factor to poverty, crime, and misery that is rampant in many of these urban and run down suburban communities.

The bottom line is that whites are pulled over and harassed by police, they are searched by police, and are killed by police in staggering statistics along with every other race. There are definitely more blacks that are stopped and imprisoned but this is a direct result of the violent crimes that are committed by blacks in comparison with other races. There is no comparison, violent crimes by blacks are much higher. There are socioeconomic factors that contribute to this and the government is responsible for most of them. But the reason we only think blacks are the victims of these coercive and intrusive encounters, is because this is the narrative the race hustlers and government media complex want you to absorb on a daily basis. Al Sharpton, a hypocritical leftist tax cheat and race pimp who lives off of racial unrest, tension, and mayhem, could not have built a lucrative career based on lies and rhetoric if it were not for the media and other agitators who support him. There is a smattering of racist police officers across the country and some extreme right wingers have infiltrated the ranks of law enforcement departments, but that does not mean that the overwhelming majority of whites in America are racist. The exact opposite is true and to think otherwise is just plain irrational. The race game has diverted attention away from the larger problem at hand, which is the unrestrained liberty stomping police state.  We must all come together as humans, that possess inalienable natural rights, and denounce the police state and all violations of freedom.

I was reading some of the signs at these protests, and they said “Black Lives Matter”. How about we see more signs that say ” Human Rights Matter”, “Black Lives Matter In Chicago”, and “Abolish The Police State”. That is what this all about, accountability and natural objective rights. There are people who say that selling cigarettes on the street and stealing cigars are illegal. This is true. If you steal private property you should be punished but not with your life. A privatized police force would do everything in its power to mitigate the use of deadly force since they would be held accountable through profits and losses and a private court system based on the non aggression principle. Public sector police officers literally get away with murder. Michael Brown put himself in a dangerous situation and clearly was not “a gentle giant”, but I think other options were available to the officer besides firing his gun ten times. As far as selling cigarettes on the black market, and the War On Drugs, and checkpoints along roads/highways, stop and frisk, along with minor traffic violations, illegalized gambling, and illegalized prostitution, these are laws that should be abolished since they are all set up to prohibit voluntary exchange, violate private property rights, and the freedom to choose. These types of laws are put in place to control people and to make police officers into brutish tax collectors.  And preposterous laws are not worth losing your life over. The perpetual passing of tyrannical laws that are profoundly illogical are there to serve a few purposes. The most apparent reasons these laws are on the books are to steal through fines and tickets and to display power through threat of force. The legitimate privatized cops would be concerned about returning stolen property and investigating only murder, rape and other cases involving violent crimes. Law enforcement should not be involved in kicking in front doors and “accidentally” killing people over a gram of marijuana. They should not be shooting twelve year olds playing with bb guns, they should not be tasering 14 year olds for arguing with officers, or 75 year old Margaret Kimbrell for refusing to leave a nursing home where she was visiting a friend. The issue here is not whether you are black, white, brown, yellow, purple, or turquoise with orange stripes. The issue here is that the people who wear blue and are suppose to protect liberty, have become militarized. They enforce absurd laws but too often they disregard the most important laws. Those are the laws of natural human rights and private property. There is no accountability since they are a monopoly with no competition and they can end lives to enforce freedom robbing laws all with impunity. This is about race, but it’s not black people vs. white people. It’s about the human race standing up against the violent, thieving, antisocial, and malicious apparatus called The State.

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