Vote Everyday With Actions Instead Of Every Few Years With Ballots

There is an old saying that “actions speak louder than words”, but how about saying actions speak louder than ballots when it comes to achieving real political change. Some might argue that voting is an effective action that enables people to have a voice in politics and to address concerns and issues that they care about during election cycles. The people who believe that voting is a right, and that by lining up every election year to check off a box for some politician, who distorts the truth while making empty promises, will somehow change the status quo, are severely mistaken and wrong. The idea that voting is a right is one of the problems. It is not a natural human right to have government tell you that every few years they will allow you to select politicians that will at best enforce the income tax and the powers of eminent domain since this is explicitly written in the U.S. Constitution. We are told by many mainstream conservatives that we must adhere to this document that was written over 225 years ago and has been interpreted over and over again through the tyranny of judicial review. The best case scenario brings us closer to limited government, however, the very notion of limited government is far fetched and unrealistic. A supreme court that interprets its own laws, presidents who over step powers and are corrupt, a media that lies incessantly, and Congress made up of a few hundred power elite that represent over three-hundred million people is not a recipe for freedom and permanently restrained limited government. The worst case scenario, and what the voters can really expect, will be a continuation of policies along the lines of where they are now with an increasing tendency to erode away more civil liberties and natural rights, advancement of democratic socialism, more identity politics, class warfare, more booms and busts created by The Fed, more taxes, more regulations, and an offensive foreign policy of invasion and intervention. It amazes me how The State has convinced people that voting is a sacred “right” that we must die for and defend. This is an invented “right” that they can just as easily take away. The State created the vote and made it a privilege with the idea of getting people to cherish democracy and majoritarianism. They also convinced people that government is a kind and gentle institution that protects your private property and natural rights. This is logically impossible since force is used to collect taxes and violent tactics are employed to enforce laws that directly disregard objective human rights.  The political system that embraces democracy can be only be described as mob rule. Ben Franklin said it best, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch”. The idea of voting traps people into voting for the lesser of the two evils. Would you rather vote for Idi Amin or Bashir al-Assad? How about Pol Pot or Kim Jung Un? Maybe a more obvious choice between the lesser of the two evils would be between Hugo Chavez and Josef Stalin. Most would probably say that Chavez is the lesser of the two evils since Stalin was responsible for tens of millions of deaths through famine and Soviet gulags. But where does this leave us with Chavez? A charismatic leader who brought nationalization, food shortages, and despair to his country all in the name of social justice. It’s no different here in America. The choice is between a war monger and a war hawk, between a National Socialist (Republicans) or Democratic Socialists (Democrats), between someone who gives kickbacks to unions, planned parenthood,  green energy firms, and Wall Street or a politician who colludes with military contractors, oil companies, and Wall Street. There is no disntinguishable choice when casting ballots and the system is rigged to control and steal more from the voters who resemble cattle on an extortion farm more than free human beings. There are only a few ways to bring down the political system and to achieve pure unfettered freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Someone once said, “Voting is a suggestion box for slaves”, and it is, so it’s not worth it to bother in this futile and fruitless process of casting ballots to preserve the despotism of the current system. The idea of limited government is just as Utopian as overbearing egalitarian government. It’s not in government’s inherent traits to stay limited and it’s not in government’s capabilities to effectively create equality and social justice through redistribution. So what are we left with? The answer is human action that seeks to uphold pure free markets, private property, the non aggression principle, and the natural order. This can not be achieved by voting for statists. Whether politicians and people are for limited government, The U.S. Constitution, democracy, communism, or theocracy, it does not matter, they are all statists. One of the ways to change things is through voluntary exchange and free markets. Why vote once every few years when you can vote everyday with your money and feet? Elections gives us a few choices during mid term elections and presidential elections which occur only during election cycles which are years apart. The market gives us unlimited choices from what kind of socks we want to buy, to the flavors and textures of ice cream we eat, to the type of insurance we want to protect our private property and well being with. The choices and possibilities are endless but we need an unregulated market that is only checked by the invisible hand for it to work at its full potential. The market must meet demand and compete or be held accountable. The government does no cost accounting and is never held accountable. That’s the difference. The government is collectivist in nature and does not represent individual desires and wants. How does the government represent the individual who does not have any kids but must pay high property taxes for public education? How about the anti-war activist who has to fund the gigantic U.S. military? His individual preferences and feelings are thrown out the window when he has to pay for something he disagrees with through the threat of government force. The State coerces people to use their monopolistic “services” and bureaucracies while it stamps out all other private competition with regulations and buy outs.

Secession is another way to escape the shackles of government absolutism and it does not involve voting. It involves leaving the confines and jurisdiction of intrusive unnatural laws set forth by The State or another authoritarian system. Secession has been tried before and there are examples of success, like America’s secession from The British Crown, and there are examples of failure like in Waco, Texas when The Branch Davidians started their own community (who buy the way I think were irrational religious fanatics) and were met with violent annihilation by government forces. The South fought for independence but Lincoln and The Union soldiers put a destructive and murderous end to that natural right and ambition to preserve the almighty Union (And NO, I do not support slavery, one has nothing to do with the other). Secession would be highly effective if thousands or even tens of thousands of cities, localities, townships, communities, and individuals simultaneously, or around the same time, declared their freedom from government and started their own private law societies. The government would be in an extremely precarious and hopeless situation if it tried to fight these secessionist communities. The war against these communities would have to be waged on thousands of fronts, against guerilla militias and private defense firms. The human atrocities that the government committed would be broadcasted for the world to see. The State would not have the will or the resources to stop this kind of movement and governmental military powers have never been successful in defeating private guerilla armies. Just take a look at Vietnam, The American Revolution, and Afghanistan to have an understanding of why top heavy armies can not defeat organized private militias. The system would collapse and liberty would prevail. This would not be easy and many people would have to be willing to stand up for their rights all over the country in a peaceful but radical way. Education and learning how to be self sufficient and self sustaining are tantamount values in any free society. This would bring permanent change towards freedom and privatization. Whereas, the process of voting only compounds and advances the problems freedom loving people and brainwashed serfs will face. It should not be OK to be given a choice between two masters. How about no masters? Just free will, self governance, private property, and peaceful voluntary exchange.

Finally, people talk about using civil disobedience as a way to bring about change. Hey, it worked for Gandhi and MLK. Why can’t it work in the present turbulent period we live in to oppose freedom-robbers of all shapes and sizes? I do not advocate, nor do I condone breaking any laws. There are so many laws and regulations on the books that I think it’s fair to assume that violations found in these encyclopedias chock full of ridiculous rules and regulations are broken everyday without the person committing the act even being aware that it is deemed criminal by The State for some preposterous reason. With that being said, my point is that no one should go out and knowingly break laws to bring about change, political or otherwise. The way to use civil disobedience effectively would be to obey the laws of the land but also avoid participating as much as possible in government connected activities and services. Do not buy a home in states or localities with high taxes, or better yet, live off the grid, grow your own food, raise your own livestock, and  become totally self reliant. Additionally, dissidents should earn an income at the lowest possible tax bracket and live within your own means, do not to use government services unless they are forced on you, do not associate with ANY government workers (and that includes family and friends, disown them all), avoid travelling on government roads as much as possible, especially where there are toll booths and cameras that ticket you for speeding or making a right hand turn on red without stopping at the white line at the intersection, learn all the loopholes in the laws to avoid paying more taxes and penalties, and do not give power hungry elites your consent by voting every few years. I’m not saying you have to do all of these things to live in peace and freedom, but sacrifices need to be made and freedom always comes at some price. If you do not make small changes now, you might pay dearly in the future.

Too many Americans are content with the way things are and would never give up living in suburbia or their BMW and credit card for more freedom. They’ll just vote and hope for the best. People that want pure freedom and their natural rights to be restored should take a serious look at the points outlined here and start acting on some of them everyday. This idea that elections, and democracy, and politicians are going to change people’s lives for the better is utter foolishness and just plain wrong. The way to be free is to choose to be free. That can only happen if you have your self interests and the people you care about as your main priority and not this fake American Dream you are told about. As long as there is debt, and regulated markets, and war, and poverty, and egalitarianism, and social justice, and theft of private property all designed by The State, there is no American Dream. There is an American Bad Dream that most of us are having and the only way to wake up from this hellish nightmare, is by making our own choices in every single thing we do and not leaving it up to someone else.

5 Reasons To Vehemently Oppose War

The very contemplation of war comes into direct conflict with the libertarian ideals of freedom, prosperity, and non aggression. When States wage war, which they often do to expand their power and control over territories, the consequences are often disastrous for the citizens and innocent civilians living in these warring nations. The prospect of any military conflict, invasion, conquest, intervention, and all out war should be fervidly opposed by people who love freedom and support the principles of private property, economic growth, and human rights. There are a whole litany of reasons why war should be opposed. In this short essay, I will condense those reasons into five comprehensive arguments that outline and explain why war is a direct assault on liberty and the right to live without aggression. I will discuss how war is funded through theft, and how it ultimately leads to intrusive behavior by government in our everyday activities under the guise of security.

The first reason to oppose war is the cost of these long and seemingly never ending military campaigns. The government has to fund these brutal battles and it does so by legalized theft and expropriation (taxes), borrowing from other countries, and printing more fiat currency out of thin air so our hard earned cash assets and labor become more devalued while prices for goods and services continue to rise due to the most regressive tax in existence. This tax is known as inflation. These wars are extremely expensive and the expenditures are not just being appropriated for military operations and equipment. The money spent on taking care of wounded and disabled veterans along with an infrastructure for a national security apparatus to operate, tacks more on to the mountain of costs. The politicians and corporatists line their pockets through defense contracts and other nefarious business deals that conveniently appear during war time and the private sector is thoroughly bludgeoned over the head with the big stick that The State carries to further fund the wars of the day. Individuals and businesses are forced to sponsor and pay for these evil and unnecessary wars through tyrannical majoritarian rule and executive decision making at the highest levels of government. This is democracy at work. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are said to have cost approximately $2 trillion dollars and that number will continue to rise when all is said and done. People are tired of giving foreign aid, and devoting capital to nation building in the slums of the world where despotism, theocratic dictatorships, and brutal totalitarian regimes flourish. They are tired of policing the world and having to pay an astronomical price for no tangible gain, just substantial and measurable losses.

The second reason, has to deal with our civil liberties. Randolph Bourne famously said, “War is the health of The State”, and he was, of course, right. The government not only loves to make money off of war but they also love to control more of their brainwashed and befuddled subjects who are always duped into believing that war is a “patriotic” duty to one’s beloved country. Anything the elitist politicians tell the populace about war is through endless propaganda and rhetoric that is intended to psychologically draw support for military operations. The government now spies on us “for our own good”. They read our emails, listen to our telephone conversations, harass us at the airport, use force and coercion to silence dissenters, conscript soldiers to fight bloody wars, and interrogate us when we are travelling on the roads and highways we own and paid for with our own tax dollars. This will only get worse and the government will use fear tactics and words like “terrorism” to get the masses to follow orders and to stay in line without questioning the “all caring” statist war machine. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, Wilson came down hard on free speech, FDR interned Japanese-Americans and grew government power to astonishing new heights, and today we are living in a dystopian surveillance/police state perpetrated by the Bush and Obama regimes.

Thirdly, comes the issue of our national security. When you are constantly killing and plundering foreign citizens under the guise of “liberation” and “humanitarian aid”, you will create what the CIA calls blowback. Young children in far away countries that see uninvited soldiers killing their family, destroying their cities, raping women, and stealing natural resources, are most likely going to grow up with disdain and hatred for that country. Wars are mainly fought between governments over territory, economic resources, and for more power. The notion that citizens from other nations or territories should despise each other is foolish. The government pits people of countries against one another in the name of nationalism but it is really the high branches of governments and corporations who start these fights. The more destruction and military quagmires a country creates abroad, the more likely its domestic citizens at home will come under a dangerous threat of retaliation as a consequence to these disastrous international ventures.

The fourth reason, and a very strong reason not to support war, is the number of casualties, and more seriously, the civilian casualties. It is extremely difficult to fight a war without civilian casualties. This is the main reason wars should not be fought. They are crusades for genocide and human annihilation on levels that are hard for the human mind to fathom. The Iraq War brought 300,000 casualties, The Korean War ended with over 1 million deaths, The Vietnam War brought over 3 million casualties, World War I death totals exceeded 36 million, and there are studies that have been done that put World War II casualties at 85 million. This is barbaric and outright abominable to come to understand that war and governments have killed hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century alone.

The fifth and final reason to emphatically oppose war, is the theft of natural resources from other countries along with occupation and imperialism. Countries have been invaded countries to strengthen their power and grow their economies for centuries. The Romans, The Ottoman Empire, Napolean, The Third Reich, Great Britain, and, more recently, The United States of America, have used military might to expand power, steal resources, and become a hegemonic force to be reckoned with on a global scale. The United States has been invading and intervening across the hemispheres since the 18th century. Here are just a few examples, Central America during the late 19th century and early 20th century (especially Nicaragua), The Philippines, the annexation of Hawaii, Cuba and The Bay of Pigs in 1961, Korea, Vietnam 1955-1975, Panama 1989, Bosnia and Kosovo during The Clinton Administration, Iraq on a number of occasions, and Libya just a few years ago in 2011. There are more occupations and conflicts that The U.S. is involved in now and there are a whole list of the country’s military conquests since its inception which are too numerous to list. It’s easy to see why this is wrong and it’s another solid argument in the debate against unnecessary and unjust wars.

Is it reasonable, then, to support any war? The answer is yes. However, there is no logical reason to ever support war unless it is in response to an unprovoked attack or people are fighting to be free from a tyrannical and brutal regime. The American Revolution is a war that was just and necessary for secession and eventual freedom from the British colonizers. There are other wars that have been fought for good causes but they are needles in haystacks. Most wars are fought by governments so they can gain more authority, protect their own interests, control the minds and lives of the populations they rule over, and to show off their great strength and military prowess. This all, unfortunately, comes at the expense of innocent human beings. The rights of people are stolen everyday but during periods of war you can count your rights on one hand and in many cases you have the same rights as an animal. This and the 5 reasons I described above are why any fair minded and sensible person should demonstratively oppose war.

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My Complete Journey From Neocon To Free Market Anarchist

If someone came up to me six years ago and told me that in the year 2014 I would be an unapologetic principled free market anarchist, I would have laughed in that person’s face and then explained why being a paleoconservative that upholds the constitution and nationalism is the greatest political stance in the world. Boy was I wrong, and my journey towards libertarian anarchy begins before mid 2013 when I finally became a free market anarchist  This long political journey began somewhere around 2001 during a tumultuous time. The horrific events of 9/11 were fresh on every American’s mind and this is when I took the political stance of neoconservatism (I called myself a moderate Republican). I thought by the U.S. invading countries like Iraq and Afghanistan under the leadership of George W. Bush, America would be able to prevail in a war against injustice and an uninvited terrorist attack against innocent civilians. I did not look to research some of the causes of this terrible attack but took the word of various politicians that terrorists from the middle east hated America because we were “free”. To be a moderate Republican does not just mean you support a foreign policy of war and interventionism, although that’s a major part of neoconservatism and the philosophy of the Republican party. It also means you support big government policies like the “War On Drugs”, out of control spending, crony capitalism, entitlement programs, the growth of government agencies and bureaucracies, and The Federal Reserve. It also means that you support establishment politicians in The GOP, which I thought were the diametric opposite of Democrats, but the two parties are not much different from one another. Most of their squabbles are over how to stiff the private individual more effectively while simultaneously gaining more power. I realized after the debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan that it was time to be a more principled and educated conservative. By late 2008, after the presidential elections, I decided I would identify as a constitutional conservative and drop any affiliations with neoconservatism and support for big government policies. I wanted to be associated with a political philosophy that embraced the founding fathers’ vision for a limited and constitutional form of government  that respected the sovereignty of the individual. Unfortunately, I did not go far enough in my beliefs. It was not until around two years ago when I realized that the modern conservative movement and the ideas enshrined in the contemporary conservative political philosophy influenced by William F. Buckley Jr., and the like, were deeply flawed as well.

In early 2008, I was reading books by Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and  Dick Morris. I was watching Fox News every night and thought Hannity was a great conservative commentator. Later that year, after John McCain lost the election to Barack Obama, I decided it was time to support real limited government conservatives. I started listening to Andrew Wilkow on Sirius XM Patriot and I learned quite a bit about The U.S. Constitution from this conservative talk radio program. I continued reading books about  conservatism, including The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk and I read books about how the constitution was implemented and functioned to limit the tyranny of the federal government through checks and balances and separation of powers. I strongly supported states rights and made sure I understood the Constitution as it was intended to be understood. I was a constitutional textualist and took every word as it was written in the pamphlet I carried around in my pocket. I certainly knew it was not meant to be interpreted by nine unelected judges. Marbury v. Madison set that precedent in 1803 and is the reason why limited governments never stay limited.  When The Tea Party came along in 2009-2010, I supported that movement and I was able to stand by, and effectively articulate, my own ideas and convictions when speaking to someone about politics at this point.  I was always prepared for a debate with someone on the left or a family member that took an opposing point of view. I eventually came to the realization that The Tea Party just represented a different brand of big government and hypocrisy.

There was another crucial phase in my political development which happened earlier. So let me take you back a little. One day, in late 2008, I was told about Michael Savage by a family member. He told me that Savage was a cynical outspoken and humorous conservative talk radio host and that I should listen to him one day to hear his worldly views. I listened once and quickly became a regular listener to the program. He was the greatest voice I heard in the conservative movement. He did not really talk about the Constitution on his program but he talked about “Borders, Language, and Culture”, a phrase he coined and made part of his broadcast on a daily basis. He spoke about things that the media swept under the rug and he was not afraid to speak his mind, no matter how controversial the topic. I loved the fact that he was gutsy and talked about conservative issues that I identified with like the threat of Radical Islam, the deterioration of American society, immigration policy, and why Obamacare would fail. Plus, he had a knack for telling great stories. Couple this new discovery with constitutional conservatism and reading a few books by Patrick J. Buchanan, and I now considered myself a Paleoconservative who stood by the original intent of the constitution and supported The Tea Party movement. That all eventually changed. I would remain a Paleocon for the next few years, however, all of this was short lived because I finally found Libertarianism in late 2012 and it has changed my life forever.

Like many voters, I voted for the lesser of the two evils in 2012, and cast a ballot for Mitt Romney. It was a horrible thought to think Obama would be reelected and I would have to endure another four years of hardcore leftist and progressive policies under this despotic ideologue. The talking heads, populists, and neocons on Fox News told conservatives that Romney was a shoe in and that he would be our next president. They were of course wrong and I realized Romney was no different than Obama. He would also support big government policies. I had already been exposed to Libertarianism from a friend at work and the more I listened to the message Ron Paul was conveying on peace and prosperity, the more I became attracted to the libertarian way of thinking. When Romney lost the election that was it for me and the whole political process. I was fed up with mainstream conservatism and all of its old and unrefreshing ideas. I was tired of Fox News and the agenda they pushed down their viewers throats night after night. I was sick of The Republican Party putting up establishment big government neocons to run for office. And, most importantly, I was sick of the inconsistencies, mistruths, and tyrannical notions that became embedded in conservatism like the “War On Drugs”, policy making that was guided by religion, and the perpetual cries for war from the numerous party war hawks like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. What I was looking for was a philosophy that truly embraced freedom. Individual freedom, economic freedom, and the freedom to do what you want as long as you do not violate anyone else’s natural rights. This would be consistent and moral. I was now officially a libertarian. I started reading books by Ron Paul, End The Fed and The Revolution, and I began to realize that this man is not the same lunatic the Republican Party portrays him to be at debates. This man stands for pure free markets and non aggression. Ron Paul is a brilliant person and I am glad I opened up my mind and read his works. It was not long until I was introduced to a new philosophy that would build on the principles of libertarianism and take them to their logical conclusion. My friend at work told me that The State is a coercive monopoly power and that all goods and services can be provided entirely by the private sector. I had a hard time digesting the idea of security, courts, roads and national defense being handled by the private sector. How was this possible? He then told me about the Lew Rockwell phone app, anarcho capitalism, and Murray Rothbard, the father of modern libertarianism, and this is where the search for the most moral, consistent, logical, political philosophy that embraces freedom, peace, prosperity, and non aggression ends and where my journey to educate the world about this awe inspiring philosophy of liberty begins.

Some that have adopted the ideas of free markets without State intervention, identify as anarcho capitalists, libertarian anarchists, Austro-libertarians, private property anarchists, or just anarchists. I prefer to call myself a free market anarchist. It’s important to distinguish ourselves from left libertarians, anarcho socialists, and anarcho syndicalists who stand for egalitarianism and collectivism. Free market anarchists believe in a sound monetary policy that  starts with a salable commodity as currency, like gold or silver. We believe in unrestricted free markets and the right to private property. We also hold the non aggression principle to be the central tenet of anarcho capitalism or free market anarchy. This simply means that no one may use coercion against anyone’s physical body or private property except in cases of justified self defense. What could possibly be wrong with a doctrine that speaks to the ideas of freedom and peace. The notion that government can protect private property is one that can be thrown out since there is a glaring contradiction in this statement. A government that expropriates from people through taxation (theft) cannot possibly be the ultimate protector of private property. They steal private property in order to “protect” private property. This is nonsensical proposition and tyrannical in nature. The State has a monopoly on decision making authority, legislative power, the power to tax, and, of course, a monopoly on the use of force through various security agencies (police, FBI, CIA, DHS) and defense agencies (U.S. military, national guard, DoD). The only way to have a moral political system that raises the standard of living and respects natural human rights is through free market anarchism. The economy would be based on Austrian Economics which was deeply enhanced by Ludwig Von Mises and is based on human action, rationalism, and free markets, as opposed to, positivism, empiricism, and Keynesianism. The moral side of issues would be settled by Rothbardian ethics which focuses on free trade, voluntarism, contracts, private property, the non aggression principle, and anti state cultural conservatism.

I now understand that government is an old concept. Government can not bring about peace, economic growth, and protect individual rights. Governments are about control, and power, and they try to maximize their influence and domination as far as they possibly can. Individuals, unfortunately, suffer from all these unnecessary wars, and economic interventionism along with central planning that governments inherently perpetuate. The standard of living is lowered and the elites become richer all at the expense of the private business owner and taxpayer. The U.S. has stifled economic growth through regulations, entitlements programs, bailouts, cronyism, and taxation. It has also committed atrocities since its inception but has been extremely imperialistic and hegemonic since the beginning of the 20th century and especially after World War II. This can all stop by spreading the ideas of libertarian anarchy (pure libertarianism). If we can use education, the principles of secession, pacifist civil disobedience (non violent), libertarian activism, disownment of all statists and government workers, and boycotts of all businesses that support war, big government policies, and that collude with big government, then, there is a good chance people will start to realize that the concept of freedom, higher living standards, protection services, a sound currency, private property, and a chance to live your life the way you want is imperative and something government can not effectively provide. It will never be able to accomplish these things in a satisfactory way simply because it is incapable and it exists for a different objective. It’s created for a totally different reason. It is there to steal, murder, control, spy, and plan for more power and superiority so a handful of parasites in ivory towers can control the masses. Neoconservatism, democracy, liberalism, progressivism, and socialism are destructive and tyrannical. Some more than others. Open your heart and mind to free market anarchism. I did and it’s the only way civilization can be saved.

I no longer watch Fox News for any reliable news content and information about current events. When I do watch this network it is strictly for entertainment purposes or it’s because I am curious to find out what type of misinformation and propaganda they are disseminating on any given night. All the major news organizations have an agenda and are using their power to circulate deceptions and propaganda that benefit The State apparatus in one way or another. I occasionally listen to conservative talk radio to get their perspective on issues and to see where I differ on the issues they are discussing. I usually find myself in strong disagreement with what many of these conservative pundits are saying about the problems of the world and how we can fix them. Once in a blue moon I’ll tune into The Savage Nation (Michael Savage) to get a dose of pessimism and some humor, but by and large, I have abandoned all of these conservative media outlets and I now concentrate on devoting my time to libertarian websites for information and knowledge. The Mises Organization and Lew Rockwell’s site are great sources of information. I also recommend reading the works of Murray N. Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Ludwig Von Mises, Robert Higgs, Stephan Kinsella, Tom Woods, and Lew Rockwell. If you are a limited government conservative or even an anti war, anti media, leftist who wants the truth and wants to be left alone from government intrusion (notice I did not say socialists, communists, or progressives, they have not caught up to logic and reason), then there is a philosophy just around the corner that is waiting for you to learn about and include in your life. It’s free market anarchism and it is my last stop on this political expedition in search of the moral and logically consistent truth in politics and in everyday life. Now I just have to spread the message of liberty and peace through the ideas of libertarian anarchy.  I truly believe my life here on earth would have been worthwhile if I can convince a few to join me in educating people about the true libertarian tradition of non aggression, private property, and free markets.

(I’m still culturally conservative, barring any religious convictions. The difference now is that I wholeheartedly stand up for the rights of people to do whatever they please as long as they do not violate the non aggression principle.  I would consider myself a Hoppean, which is someone who follows the anarcho libertarian philosophy of Hans-Hermann Hoppe.)

People, Places, and Things I Find Loathsome

I have been called pessimistic, a doomsayer, cynical, and negative by a few people during my life. In the last five or six years more friends, family members, and co workers have told me that I seem to find the worst in things and I can be overly critical of the world and its inhabitants around us. This is partially true and with all the corruption, war, tyranny and an overall deterioration of civilization, it’s difficult for any truth seeker not to be a bit gloomy. I am pessimistic and I do bring a healthy cynicism to my daily life when interacting with society and its members. I do not consider myself a negative person or a doomsayer. I think it is very important to be observant and critical of our environment, as well as, have constructive opinions that may be harsh in nature to bring a more realistic understanding to humankind of the grim and unpleasant truths that are on many of our minds, or out there in the world, but are repressed in favor of optimistic, imaginary, and unrealistic world views. I like to think of things as realistically as possible. I find the best way to do that is to have a good understanding of right and wrong, truth and nonsense, and a value system based on logic, reason, nonviolence and the absence of coercion. I do not care if people agree with me, most people who do disagree with me do not come up with any cogent or satisfactory arguments to refute my stance. They just say they disagree or that I’m offensive which is hardly an intellectual comeback. I have a right to an opinion and in a few short sentences you will be reading about the things, people, and places, I find loathsome. I’m hear to tell you that it is quite alright to be a contrarian, a polemist, and someone who speaks out against injustice. It’s righteous to speak the truth and not to sugar coat the actual state of things as we experience them. It is natural to seek the truth and gain knowledge and we have a human right to say whatever we want  even if the political correctness police or its evil twin, cultural Marxism, are standing right behind us ready to bop free speech over the head. I complain regularly about what’s happening on this planet and I could write a book about all the things that I find bothersome and nauseating but I’ll just write a short diatribe on the way I see things. I don’t care if you are offended, there is no right not to be offended. I will speak about these things until I can’t speak no more or until someone shuts me up, which, by the way, will be a painstaking task I can assure you. Where do I begin?

There’s nothing like sitting in your favorite spot of the house with a thought provoking book away from the rat race and the planet’s most annoying and inconsiderate inhabitants. Humans can be wonderful and humans have done some of the most unthinkable and horrific things one could conceive or possibly imagine. People, not all people, are crooks, thieves, murderers, corrupt, mean spirited, sinister, jealous, power hungry, inconsiderate, rude, crude, back stabbers, con artists, rapists, racists, arsonists, liars, drug users, pedophiles, beggars, moochers, leeches, snakes, opportunists, charlatans, cheaters, beaters, vandals, and involved in scandals just to name a few on a long list that could go on ad infinitum. Do I run into people like this everyday? No, but I bet you run into several types just mentioned which could ruin anyone’s day. First off, and this is in no particular order, I detest beggars, hobos, bums, street wanderers, sundowners, vagrants, tramps, and bindle stiffs that accost me for money at the airport and in the subway. Sometimes they harass me while I’m walking down the street or even when I’m in my car. I don’t want my windows washed with a dirty rag and I don’t care what your sign says. These people are scammers. They are downtrodden and pathetic losers largely as a result of their own poor decisions. Unless you have exhausted every job opportunity and you can demonstrate that you are not a drug addled low life that ended up where you are because of a Mount Everest of bad decisions, then leave me alone. People are free to give money to these outcasts, but I will not be one of them. Real private property laws would fix the problem of bums harassing innocent patrons of these public places. It’s why you don’t see many bums sleeping in the aisles of Macy’s or bothering people at The Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld. Race hustlers, race baiters, race agitators, and racists of all colors and stripes need to be denounced and spoken about with unrelenting criticism. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, James Cone, Louis Farrakhan, and all the other black rabble rousers and  supremacist groups are disseminators of hate, they tell mistruths, and use propaganda and exploitation of minorities to line their greedy pockets and to gain political clout. White supremacists are no better along with Hispanic supremacist groups who spread messages of violence and small minded unintelligible rhetoric. I abhor all racist groups including, but not limited to, The KKK, La Raza, and The New Black Panther Party. It’s fine to want to be around your own race and culture. It’s fine to only want to associate with certain people even if those decisions are based on race and culture. It’s fine to voice your opinion about race relations and controversial ideas regarding ethnicities, race, and ethno cultures. In a free society it’s fine to be a racist. I would say being one makes you an ignorant person, but it does not violate the non aggression principle and it should be permitted without threat of violence in a truly free society. I am against forced integration or forced exclusion. People are free to associate and say whatever they like in a free world. The line must be drawn when there is violence and threats of force. Furthermore, the groups and organizations that have race related agendas that use lobbying power and government force to bring about social “justice” by vilifying another group of innocent people must be exposed as troublemakers and agitators.

I absolutely can’t stand socialists, Marxists, leftists, progressives, democrats, communists, fake libertarians who call themselves left libertarians or any other political group, or ideology, that stands for collectivism and wants to destroy the individual. Political groups that are hell bent on achieving egalitarianism and a democratic socialist Utopia where possessions and property are evil and The State and social justice are praised must be harshly condemned every conscious moment of everyday. I find religion and religious zealots like priests, rabbis, sheiks, clerics, imams, witch doctors, snake handlers, medicine men, Islamists, Christians, Zionists, polytheists, monotheists, Sunnis, Shi’ites, liberal Jews, conservative Jews, Baptists, monks, Mormons,  scientologists, Buddhists, Hindus, Satanists, and any other religious affiliations to be irrational, dangerously dogmatic, and in most instances wicked and nefarious. Religion has brought death and destruction for millennia. The Inquisition, conquests, religious wars, 9/11, and torture of children just to name a few injustices on the reproachable resume of religion. Feminists and The Women’s Movement is guided by a false premise that men are oppressors and women are victims. This is categorically untrue and absolute nonsense. Women make less because they work less in less demanding fields and careers. They also have larger gaps in their employment history. If anything there is a “War on Men” and we can see it in the divorce courts, the media, entertainment, commercials, and paternity fraud. Feminism should be looked at with disdain and disgust. It has been the direct cause of the genocide of unborn human babies in the name of “reproductive rights”. This is a complete and utter disgrace to humanity. We are also browbeaten by these militant feminazis that see birth control as a right that must be paid for by private business owners and taxpayers.. Free birth control is not about free choice, it’s about getting something for nothing by expropriating the hard earned income from individuals, families, and  businesses in the private sector. Where is their free choice (businesses/taxpayers) to not have to participate in your pleasure pills? Environmentalists and climate alarmists make me want to pull my hair out of my head. The “science”, or pseudoscience, is soft at best and it’s another intellectual and statist collaboration to gain more control over the masses and steal more money for the “common good”. The IPCC gets more tax subsidies and government elites pass more green fascist laws to further enslave the minions. How wonderful!  How did the five known ice ages end? Did wooly mammoths melt the ice away with an enormity of carbon rich flagellants? Did the hunters and gatherers of the time melt the ice with fires lit in their cave dwellings? What garbage! The EPA, Al Gore, The Green Party, PBS, and brain dead climatologists that work for Leviathan are all equally revolting and people need to hear the truth about this giant con game. Any climate change that occurs is due to natural activity that is taking place on the earth through the climate cycle and geothermal forces, as well as, solar phenomenon, like sun spots.  Unions, and I mean all unions, from teacher’s unions, international unions, labor unions, private unions, police unions, firefighter unions, railroad unions, restaurant unions, carpenter unions, uptown unions, and downtown unions are gangs of thieves that are well organized and ready to use violence and coercion and political cronyism to steal from the private sector. Unions and public sector jobs need to be replaced with total privatization of all goods and services.

Those are a few things and people I find repugnant. There are also places I try to avoid like the bubonic plague. Places like the post office where you wait in line only to be greeted by a miserable grumpy bureaucrat who overcharges you for a service the private sector could obviously do more effectively and with a smile. They are insolvent as an organization and this was easily predictable when government mandarins are at the helm. Washington D.C. and M.I.T. are places made up of liars and people paid by the sheeple through monopolization of taxing power. Professors and politicians are not held accountable since they are on the dole and have tenured positions. Politicians have monopoly powers and that transcend taxation. They print their way through a crises and legislate to control and gain support from the unsuspecting masses. Intellectuals, mainly leftists, propagate the message that government is good and serves an important purpose and government pays these individuals to spread this message. A symbiotic relationship if I have ever seen one. I will not be visiting the nation’s capital anytime soon, and I would never subject my kids, if I have them, to public schools to be indoctrinated or any quasi private universities run by psychotic progressives. The roads, especially in New York, where I live are especially irritating and in pitiful shape. The taxes here are some of the highest in the country. There should be no reason why I’m driving through pot holes the size of Olympic swimming pools. The congestion and traffic is mind numbing and likely the cause of any high blood pressure and anxiety I experience and most of it is caused by the consumerists on their way to the dreadful mall to buy more insanely stupid junk to impress people they don’t even know. The wasteful construction projects in the area don’t help either, on top of the unwary and heedless dumbbells driving on the roads that are likely to cause an accident or just make your entire journey intolerable. How about toll booths? You have the dregs of humanity sitting in these sardine cans breathing in toxic fumes and it’s no wonder that are the nastiest and most unfriendly specimens on the planet. Exorbitant fees to go over a bridge that was paid for through taxes decades ago, all to drive on roads on and around the bridge that look like roads in the uncivilized third world. Of course, these tolls are to pay the inept and incompetent toll booth workers and the MTA. Such a disgraceful waste of capital and money that could be invested to create more wealth and real innovative and productive jobs that raise the standard of living.

Well that about sums it up for now. I can go on and on but who would listen? Pessimism is a virtue, it does not set you up for disappointment and it allows you to look at things through a clear lens and not rose colored glasses. I try to be a realist and shed light on what is the cause of all the problems we now see in our world. Also, I find neocons, war mongers, control freaks, nanny statists, and republicans repugnant too. And in case your wondering egalitarians, Hollywood, Wall Street, public streets, banksters, The Federal Reserve, bailout recipients, animal abusers, crony capitalists, morally depraved celebrities and reality TV stars, rudeness, stupidity, ill manners, envious or abusive family members, religious holidays, long lines in the supermarket, police militarization, drug addicts, drug prohibitionists, imperialism, fascists, totalitarians, authoritarians, central planners, military invaders, tax raiders, foreign aid, Medicaid, welfare queens, parasites, harlots, starlets, immigrants who occupy and steal private property, the dentist’s office, the airport, government regulations, interventionism, the media, and abortionists can go on the list of people, places, and things I loathe too. I love and uphold freedom, individualism, libertarianism, decency, private property, justice, rationalism, objectivism, freethinkers, and capitalism. Have a nice day!

The above harangue is just a way for me to write an exposition of my views. I do not condone violence and I encourage peace, prosperity, and the right to express any and all opinions.

Orwellian Red Light Cameras In Dystopian America

I rarely open my mail to find a picture of my car with a ticket attached to it for “running” a red light which was taken by an expensive spy cam usually on my way to work so I can make a living so part of it can be expropriated to fund more government programs, projects, and experiments. But when I do receive these bureaucratic nasty grams, I think back to a novel I read during my freshman year in high school and begin to be swallowed in utter amazement of how accurate George Orwell’s dystopian tale 1984 has become in describing the frightening world where we now dwell in the year 2014. The newspeak is of course the word “safety” which leads the minions to believe that these laws are helpful, worthwhile, and of course gives the impression of an amicable and just government. This is of course a coded term used by the statists and administrators that work for Big Brother to hide the real meaning and agenda behind these traffic cameras which is control and revenue. The State of New York where I currently reside can not generate enough revenue at a faster rate to keep up with their dreams and authoritarian ambitions for a socialist paradise which is kept on the speedy and narrow path. There are union workers where I live working on the same road and highway construction projects for years. It has not accomplished anything but more traffic, gridlock, and overpaid construction workers sitting around drinking copious amounts of coffee as they happily ponder how big their pension check will be upon their retirement. This would never happen if private owners and construction companies owned and maintained the roads. New York has a load of liabilities, and where I live you have the teacher’s unions, police unions, and worker’s unions sucking the tax payers dry (tax payer = a person whose income has been stolen that was earned through voluntary private exchange). The politicians on Long Island and in the surrounding metropolitan area are the biggest crony capitalist weasels on the planet and they will make sure revenue generating cameras are placed in many places as possible so they can pay off their donors and keep the progressive plan to control the masses alive. These cameras have absolutely nothing to do with safety. In fact, accidents at these intersections are almost identical to the numbers reported before the cameras were installed. The statistics show that accidents caused by “running” red lights are slightly less, however, rear end collisions caused by people slamming on their brakes at these intersections has increased dramatically. There has been no substantial evidence that these cameras make the roads safer, it is to the contrary. The only evidence is the revenue streams that continue to pour into the coffers which would lead any reasonable person to believe that these cameras only exist to rob and steal from the private sector and of course have more control over your every movement. People will say if their is so much opposition to these cameras wouldn’t politicians be forced to do away with them? The bottom line is people get upset for a few minutes when they see the ticket in the mail and then forget about it. They go back to their busy, mundane, meaningless, consumerist lives and will only think about the cameras again when another ticket arrives. There is also an army of progressive liberals who support these cameras and can be heard saying stupid emotional phrases like, “if a camera saves one life, they are worth all the money in the world”. It’s hard to combat far left lunatics like this since everything leftist politicians and progressive ideologues do is based on emotion and pseudo intellectualism which misinformed drones by into on an ongoing basis. You might also hear people say that “these are public roads and if you do not want to get a ticket take the bus”. This is of course another idiotic statement. The roads were built by the government and union slobs through coercive monopolization, and travelers have no choice but to use these roads so they can get to their destination or use another monopolized over priced public transport system by way of mass transit made up of dilapidated buses and trains to move about “freely” in our new dystopian land. Government roads with private cars or government roads with government buses. Which do you prefer? The choice is comparable to Obamacare or Cuban style healthcare. Take your pick. A horrendous democratic socialist program that limits choice and redistributes income or a Communist program that gives one choice while impoverishing and leaving helpless people to die without a chance. This is how The State operates. The State uses force and monopolization to conquer and control territorial areas of people and expects you to be grateful and appreciative of all the “services” this Goliathian system purports to provide.   Forcing people to use a product and then asking them to be grateful is like buying milk, cheese, and eggs for a lactose intolerant person and then forcing them to pay for it at gunpoint, and when they object to these aggressive actions, the buyer of these groceries says “it’s for your own well being, you should be thanking me, I bought you food to eat”. Roads and highways should be privatized and that way we would have competition, more choices, less traffic, and tax dollars that we would be able to keep which would enable people to voluntarily choose where to spend the fruits of their labor.

This is of course only the beginning of what will be coming further down the trough on a revenue farm ruled by corrupt politicians, meddling bureaucrats, and power hungry control freaks, where phone and internet spying, police militarization, and surveillance cameras will just become part of a routine day for the obedient “sheep”, “goats”, and other amenable occupants. Politicians are already planning to put speeding cameras in school zones in my community and they will most likely add more red light cameras throughout my county as they will also raise the fine. The fine has already gone from $50 dollars to $80 dollars. The liberal fascists will say that if you don’t break the law, you wont have to pay the fine. That sounds lovely but for the fact that these cameras ensure that we are guilty until proven innocent and these laws go against the 6th amendment as well in that we cannot cross examine a red light camera. What if the camera and the video it records is setup to purposely catch innocent motorists or it malfunctions? This is not due process. Finally, where does this end? Red light cameras, speeding cameras, then on to cameras that watch for “reckless” lane changes, cameras that check inspection and registration stickers, cameras that peer into your car to see if any narcotics are in view, cameras at stop signs, and the list goes on as far as your imagination will take you on this journey through an Orwellian nightmare. When there is millions to be made, politicians are happy, donors are happy, and the surveillance companies are happy. When the masses can be controlled with little to no opposition through propaganda, doublespeak, newspeak, all coated with a patina of government benevolence, individuals and whole civilizations will be doomed to live in a depressing, dark, wicked, frightening place that Orwell could not even fantasize about or envision in his most wild and fanciful dreams.

The State Loves Unrestricted Immigration

When politicians and high ranking officials want to build their constituency up to win elections, they will appease and kowtow to a certain demographic. The progressives do this especially well and have been masters at building up voting blocs since FDR one four consecutive elections which lasted twelve long years. LBJ did it with The Great Society and took undeserving credit for the Civil Rights Act, which, by the way, mandates forced integration. More recently, Obama used his oratory skills to indoctrinate and persuade the masses that he will bring “Change You Can Believe In” by fundamentally transforming America into a socialist dystopia. They are adept at labeling certain groups of people as the downtrodden, the little guy, the working man, and they love to use their favorite political catch phrase to describe their biggest constituency and that’s the middle class and, ironically, the middle class is being systematically dismantled and destroyed by government at this very moment. They have used and abused everyone to achieve their ultimate goal of power, corruption, and to establish a Utopian land where the “friendly” and “beneficent” government provides all goods and services while we are all collectively worthless and should be unselfish with what we earn by giving it to The State to distribute. That seems to be working out wonderfully in Venezuela where the people of that country are experiencing food shortages and a two class system of the super rich and the very poor. That will be coming here to America very shortly and we can already see these socialist policies taking hold of our lives. There was never freedom to begin with, not under the tyrannical U.S. government, but at least there was a taste of what it meant to be somewhat free about two-hundred and twenty years ago when a minarchist government was set up to preserve individual human rights. That lasted a few years and then the inevitable happened as it always does with any form of government. It grows and becomes an unchecked monster that consumes everything in its path to feed its voracious appetite for control, expropriation, and servitude from the misinformed trance induced masses who think government is wonderful. The progressives use groups like women, minorities, the blue collar working man, the youth, and a host of others to sell the message that the government is your ticket to equality, prosperity, and free stuff. Any reasonable person that knows how The State operates understands that these promises will never come true and they will only benefit certain groups in the immediate short term but the long term prospects are bleak for everyone’s freedom. Unfortunately, very few realize they have become serfs and when they do it is too late.

The group of people that the progressives are appeasing now are the hoards of illegal aliens crossing the border to bilk the private sector for everything it produces. The progressives are ecstatic over the idea of a forty to fifty million person constituency that will vote for them once amnesty goes through and they have the rhetoric and unrestricted power to make this a reality. There may be immigrants who come here to work and live an honest and decent life and that is all well and good, however, there are many more who come here and leech off the handout monstrosity known as the U.S. welfare system. Immigrants come here and get free healthcare, food stamps, public housing, WIC checks, and they do not pay a nickel in taxes that other hardworking Americans have been paying their whole lives. I am of course for no taxes, and a stateless society with private laws, but if we are looking at the way things exist now, we do pay taxes and we do have public land that should be owned by the taxpayers not by non tax paying third world immigrants and lazy bums that were born here and already reside here in America who pilfer their way through life. Additionally, taxpayers are people who are coerced into paying their money to government thieves that they earned through private voluntary exchange. I want to be clear that teachers, MTA workers, police officers, firemen, union bullies, the military, government officials, and all public sector workers are not tax payers but larcenists who live off of the productive private sector through arm twisting and other forceful means. They are paid with stolen private property and are accomplices to the thievery that takes place through taxation. They do not have claim to the public land areas. In an anarcho capitalist system with private property laws, the owners of property would get to decide who they get to sell it to and who is allowed on the property. Then we could have a more open discussion about immigration since it would be up to the individual to decide who they want on their property and in their covenant communities. Would people want drug addicts, criminals, low skilled workers, disease ridden vagabonds, unlettered marauders, that bring cultural diversity to their communities? Or is it safe to say that people want to have doctors, lawyers, successful businessmen, productive individuals, people who share the same intellectual and cultural value system, and people who speak the same language as part of their community? In a pure free society, free individuals and businesses could make this decision without the intrusive force of the government lurking just around the bend. We should be free to discriminate, free to choose, and have freedom of association as long as we are peaceful and do not physically harm anyone in this process. Immigration comes down to private property and freedom of association but the government does not allow us to choose they expropriate and legislate all of our freedoms away and its usually to pacify another big group of potential voters. We have a huge problem in the here and now with the free flow of immigrants into America and it will destroy any small specks of freedom that are left.

I am not a big fan of Milton Friedman since he supported the Federal Reserve and all of its shortcomings. I would much prefer reading Murray Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block and Lew Rockwell, but, Friedman said it best when he explained that you can not have an open border with a giant welfare state. Now, many might say one has nothing to do with the other. They are completely separate issues. I would agree if we lived in a political system that was setup to embrace the principles of libertarian anarchy that had no borders and no central planners. There would only be a private law system based on the non aggression principle and private property laws. There would be no taxes or expropriation of any kind. Voluntary trade and capitalism would be the way to prosperity and moral sanctity. This would prohibit the idea of a welfare system that operated from theft through taxes to redistribute wealth. The end result would be less immigration to this particular territory since immigrants would be on their own where they could not rely on The State to support them in any way and they would be subject to private property laws. The way it is setup up now, leads to an unambiguous causal effect that exists between tax subsidized handouts and illegal immigration. It is unavoidable when discussing immigration and it is of course the way The State wants it to be. The immigration dilemma that the U.S. government has created results in a new demographic of voters and dependents that help sustain this parasitic institution of governance. By encouraging millions upon millions of illegals to become citizens which will permit them to vote for social decay, egalitarianism, more cultural Marxism, and to sponsor other family members to come and do the same, would be homicide perpetrated by the government and suicide if freedom loving people stand by and let it happen. If we take a look at where these immigrants come from they are usually leaving places that are run by despotic leaders that have brought hardship and despair to the citizens of that nation. South and Central America, as well as Mexico, have rampant poverty, crime, and corruption. The cities in these countries look like cesspools that you would not consider subjecting the lowest forms of life to for an hour. Why would you want to bring that with you after you leave? This is what happens though, they wave their former countries’ flags and support progressive policies that always lead to economic turmoil and in your face Marxism.

These people call white Americans racist and demand to be treated fairly and they want their free stuff now. Who else would be put up with this lunacy? The State loves the idea of diversity so they can divide and conquer and pit one another against each other. I accept people for who they are individually, I also understand that groups of people want to associate with people that are like them. People who share a common language, culture, and experiences, often want to stick together and segregate themselves into groups. This is a form of tribalism and is inherent in the human species. We see examples of this all the time on college campuses, in churches, and in communities. This is only forbidden and looked at as vile and evil racism when white people want to do the same thing. There is a strategic plan that has been put into place by The State. It has a cold blooded nature with wicked motives when viewed as a breathing thinking ogre that can be broken down into smaller parts of sinister central planners that will go great lengths to preserve the unassailable authoritarianism possessed by this tyrannical cyclopean governmental freak. They love to spread the ideology of “white privilege” and “white America” to keep otherwise tolerant and peaceful people fighting and warring with each other over disagreements that the government creates and instigates to have even more control over the masses. It is a good idea to accept each other as individuals while also having the freedom to associate with who we want for whatever reason. We should be allowed to discriminate, and choose who we want to be around and do business with but it becomes a severe problem when certain ethnic groups and special interests can use their lobbying power to make laws that directly target other groups of people. This is what immigration will do when government is involved and it is not left up to private law societies and private property contracts. This is why free flowing immigration from anywhere is loved by The State, especially if socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and culture can be exploited to the government leviathan’s advantage. It fits right into their playbook of constituency building, passing of more legislation, pitting groups against one another by strategically and cunningly assigning labels to them, and using emotional phrases like “We are a nation of immigrants” or “humanitarianism” to achieve their ends. We are not a nation of immigrants most of us were born here and the immigrants we descended from came here legally and assimilated and any one that was a leech and/or a criminal should have been branded as pariahs. The bottom line is that during periods of mass immigration to America from the 1860s to the early 1920s, I would still support free market anarchism, private property, and covenant communities. If we are to compare the two periods of immigration past and present based on government policies and assimilation of immigrants, it is much more chaotic now and is much more culturally and economically destructive in the 21st century then ever before. The answer to this out of control dilemma is of course anarcho capitalism. If only it were in place to save humanity because The State will always exist to rob and control you while telling you it is there to help you. The State also loves unrestricted immigration to strengthen their power.

Maya Angelou | Honoring Another False Marxist Icon

It was not too long ago in December of 2013 that the American media devoted copious amounts of time to praise and show gratitude to the deceased South African leader Nelson Mandela. The far left nutcases who work for the government media complex went on for days about how wonderful this man was for freedom. They talked about how the legacy he left behind was one that should be looked at with honor and esteem for he was the great liberator of blacks in South Africa from the white “devils” who ruled over them. If any fair minded person who took the media for what they are, a bunch of deceptive, leftist agenda driven, cultural Marxist propagandizers, they would have instantly realized that Nelson Mandela was anything but a mild mannered liberator who was worthy of literary shrines and sycophancy that lasted for days with no end in sight. Further reading and research would have illuminated the real character and historical significance of this man. He was a communist through and through and often paraded around with high ranking officials of the Cuban government including Fidel Castro and card carrying communists like the Lithuanian born Joe Slovo in South Africa who became one of the leaders of The MK, a military arm of the African National Congress that used violence to send a political message. There is a picture of Slovo and Mandela together with a red flag with a hammer and sickle waving behind them at a rally. The MK was the organization that Mandela founded and it sponsored acts of terrorism and guerilla attacks, mostly in the form of bombings, for years against innocent civilians and the South African government. He can be seen singing songs about killing whites and used race to climb the political ladder throughout his infamous life. This man was a murderer and a racist commie low life, not someone we needed to hear about on the news until our minds entered into state of delirium and suffered a cognitive cleansing of dystopian proportion, but this is what white guilt, cultural marxism, political correctness, and the ruthless far left will have you endure to get their message of “tolerance”, only for their progressive ideas, and utopian socialism across to the brain dead cattle that make up the American population. They are doing it now with the recent death of the anti-Semitic, uneducated, radical feminist, race hustling marxist Maya Angelou, whose writings that are regarded as the next best thing since Shakespeare, Dickens, and George Elliot, are actually sub par and unlettered when compared to a list of what any somewhat educated person has read during their lifetime. She is being praised simply because of her skin color and America must watch and listen as we are lectured on how this woman was a hero for civil rights and how she fought for equality. It is a bunch of nonsense and anyone who pals around with hateful and bigoted religious fanatics from the Nation of Islam, like Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhon, should be looked at with revulsion and experience instantaneous feelings of qualmishness, as Angelou associated with these incendiary racial arsonists at different intervals during her life. Many will say she had a difficult life. She was raped as a young girl and had a rough upbringing that would not be ideal for any youngster. This is unfortunate, however, many people have difficult lives and face incredible hardships but they do not overcome them by blaming other groups of people for their problems and becoming prostitutes. She is described as an epic “writer” and is best known for her book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and it is very apparent that she sees black people as forever being the caged bird and whites the oppressors. She also uses this metaphor to describe other oppressed people she identifies with in her life. She obviously did not have any compassion for the Cuban people who suffered under the brutal, fifty-five year and counting, reign of the Castros. She supported these psychotic power mad dictators of Cuba and for that we have to honor this woman? We need to start supporting people that have qualities which will help people become free without using scapegoats that have no correlation to the problems the victims of malice and coerciveness are facing at that time. We need to laud and acclaim people that peacefully stand up to government tyranny in all its forms. The people that denounce radical feminism, cultural marxism, political correctness, the far left storytellers in the media, the race hustlers, the public sector unions, religious zealots, the money counterfeiters, the central planners, the surveillance state, and the police state, are the ones that should be read about and admired and the people that use government force, violence, and mistruths to achieve their ends of egalitarianism, syndicalism, and social justice need to be polemically addressed and non violently fought against to preserve our natural human freedoms. It is a relief that people like Mandela and Angelou are no longer here to propagate their dangerous ideologies based on statism, theft of private property, social justice, racial animosity, and collectivism.

America Has Been At War For Ninety-Six Percent Of Its History

The United States of America was founded after the thirteen colonies declared their independence from the tyrannical rule of the British king and the redcoats and a war was fought to make sure the British understood that the colonists were fed up with their status as serfs to the British crown. This was a just war, and people who are being controlled and coerced to live their lives under a despotic regime have every right and a genuine obligation to fight for their natural right to freedom. The founding fathers new the importance of freedom and they also knew that it was important to not get involved in affairs that did not concern the newly established government of the United States of America. It was encouraged to be friendly with the international community and to promote a foreign policy of peace. Entanglements in foreign affairs and conflicts were something many of the founding fathers strongly opposed for they knew what consequences this could bring back to the homeland. This message did not stick and it was not long before the United States government was either waging, intervening, or participating in military conflicts all over the world. This military doctrine would perdure for most of the country’s history and continues up to this day.

The United States has had about twenty one years of its entire history where it was experiencing a true peacetime period. The other two hundred and seventeen have been periods of war in some form or another. The major wars, The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, The Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Gulf War, and most recently the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, put American casualties in the millions and take up about twenty percent of the nation’s history. All of these majors wars, by the way, barring The American Revolution, were unnecessary and were a direct result of the misguided and intimidatory nature of U.S. foreign policy. Interventionism, bullying tactics, policing, and an insatiable appetite for natural resources and military expansion can be directly linked to the wars mentioned above. If we count all the military conflicts that the U.S. has been involved in since 1776 to the present, one will find that we have been involved in some sort of violent military conflict for most of our history. I do not care to list all the conflicts and their dates since I could be here until the sun burns out, but I can tell you it takes up about ninety six percent of our history as a nation. Historians, politicians, and school teachers will tell you how wonderful and virtuous the U.S. has been over the years in spreading freedom and democracy. They will say that we are a peaceful and humanitarian nation but you can survey the people whose grandparents, some of which who were women and poor innocent children, were blown into smithereens in Nagasaki and Hiroshima and see if there is an overwhelming consensus on how lovely the U.S. foreign policy is for the rest of the world. My guess is that they will have a different opinion. Neocons and liberal academics alike hold up Abraham Lincoln to be a historic figure who is worthy of constant praise and worship. They make out like he was a benevolent and gentle emancipator whose painting should grace the dining room of every home in America so you can admire his portrait as you eat your dinner. If you happen to be eating a medium rare piece of beef when you look at Lincoln’s portrait, the blood that spills out as you cut into your tenderloin should be symbolic of the blood that Lincoln spilled on his giant continental plate that extended North to South and subjected millions to the horrors of war all in the name of preserving the Union. The Civil War cost the lives of 750,000 people and equaled about two percent of the population at that time. This statistic would be comparable to a civil war that started in America today, let’s say 2015-2019, and left six million dead. This would be utterly heinous and catastrophic to the rational thinking world. Lincoln is unfortunately remembered as a hero but his legacy should be looked at with disdain. He should be remembered as a tyrant who presided over the bloodiest war in American history and one of the most brutal wars ever fought in recorded history. World War II is looked at as another noble and patriotic war fought for freedom, but if a closer examination is taken of FDR’s foreign policy, many will come to realize that this was also an unnecessary war for the U.S. to be involved in with Europe. The Europeans should have handled Hitler and the Japanese were provoked on a regular basis by the U.S. with economic sanctions and other coercive tactics. The Vietnam War and The Korean War are two prime examples of the U.S. sticking its nose where it did not belong. Most reasonable people today would agree that these far east wars were unjustifiable and did untold amounts of damage to humanity. So what are the real underlying reasons for these wars and military quagmires? Some Americans might contend that we are a force for good in the world and our policies have liberated many countries and foreign aid has helped the poor who live in third world nations. This could not be further from the truth and the negative blowback that results from these so called humanitarian policies are directly visited on innocent Americans. The U.S. gives foreign aid to countries to appease dictators where natural resources are abundant. The liberation of countries usually backfires after the U.S. military removes one psychotic dictatorship and replaces it with another all with tax subsidies from the hardworking American taxpayer. Governments are obsessed with war since it allows them to fiscally rape the masses while at the same time spying on them and controlling their every behavior that they say could affect our “national security”. Of course, the distracted zombie like masses by into these deceptions and the uninterrupted propaganda and they willingly go along with these wars and support the tyrannical growth of the military industrial complex.

I am not saying that there is an absence of wicked political factions and religious fanatics in the world that need to be forcefully addressed and dealt with, however, these battles need to be chosen with careful consideration. The fact that many nations hate us and want to attack us is a direct causal effect of our military alliances where we choose sides in squabbles that have nothing to do with us, and our tendency to put sanctions, blockades, and embargoes on countries without blinking an eye. This can be dangerous and has brought detrimental consequences to the citizens of America over the years. There are countries who are lead and occupied by barbarians still living in the 7th century who want world wide submission to a religious theocracy and those who disagree or who are not willing to conform with this ideology will be dealt with in a brutal fashion. This is an imminent threat to freedom and our natural rights and theocracies and religious fanatics that pose a direct threat to individual freedom and liberty need to be eradicated from the planet for the sake of humanity and the rule of natural law. With that being said, defense does not have to be waged incessantly for reasons that are irrelevant to the well being of American citizens. As a libertarian, I can make a case for the privatization of military operations and defense, as many others have in the realm of libertarian philosophy. It is the only sensible way to protect our rights and freedoms without becoming war mongers and invading savages. I can guarantee you that any group of people in a territorial area that privatizes their defense services will not be at war for over two-hundred years. So while there are just wars that need to be fought for freedom, the U.S. has fought maybe three wars that fit into that category, and that’s being generous. So on memorial day when the military propagandists and politicians are trying to penetrate your consciousness every minute of the day with the message of thanks and honor for our fallen soldiers, just remember all the millions upon millions of casualties, the trillions upon trillions of tax dollars, and the current police state within the militaristic empire, and just sit back in your lawn chair with your beer and hot dog and ask yourself was all this blood and treasure for freedom? Were these wars really necessary for the preservation of our rights and liberties or were they wars started to spread and amplify political power here and abroad? I think you know my answer, now just think about yours.

Choose Freedom Over The Political Process

People think they are free because they have a right to vote for a politician during election cycles. They have high hopes that of all the promises that were made to them during the campaign will be delivered promptly after the winner is declared and their lives will be enriched profoundly, all while the problems of the world are being washed away by this wonderful leader you helped pick. This is a scam that people have been believing since the democratic process was tried most notably here in America at the time of its founding. The truth is that voting and the political process will not change a thing for the betterment of people’s lives. Freedoms and natural rights will continue to be eroded away as long as we have power mad lunatics partnering with big corporations and big labor to rob and pilfer from the taxpayer. You will hear people say that voting is a sacred right that has been fought for and must be apart of a democracy. When people vote they are making a choice between ingesting cyanide or drinking hemlock. The choice is between a snake oil salesman and a used car salesman. Voting is like laying the cement for the prison walls that you will one day be living behind when the government takes everything you own right down to your dignity. Voting is like watering a tree that The State says they will hang you from in a few years. Voting is a government granted opportunity for indentured servants to have an inefficacious “voice” on a gigantic tax farm. The very idea of voting is irrelevant and is not necessary in a free world. It only does harm and no benefit can from the political process. Freedom does not include voting or democracy. In fact, democracy is tyrannical and corrupt to the core and is just a fancy word for vicious mob rule. The fix is in anyway. If the globalists, big banks, and other well connected elites want to put a politician in office, it will happen. There is nothing your insignificant and meaningless vote can do to stop the money of George Soros, The Koch Brothers, Wall Street, the SEIU, Hollywood, or Big Pharma. You may think you are accomplishing something by going down to your local polling station and voting for the latest sociopathic liar. The voting line is equivalent to the line the sheep wait on at the cattle ranch waiting to be slaughtered and made into lamb chops. The sheep at least are taken out of their misery but Americans inflict a slow death upon themselves by returning every election season to have their liberties slowly stripped away from them. But don’t we have a choice? We have a choice between the two parties. That’s what freedom and democracy are all about, right?
The Democrats and Republicans are the dominant parties in America and have controlled the political process for years. There was of course the Whigs and the Federalists and Anti Federalists, but when you think of politics, you think Republican and Democrat. The Democrats are sold as the party that supports the working man, the immigrant, and the downtrodden. They are the party that leans left. Republicans are supposed to be the morally superior party and support limited government and low taxes. They lean right. This may be how they come across as a result of the branding that they have used through the media and campaign slogans but let me give you the honest truth here if you do not already know. The Democrats are outright socialists. They want to grow government into perpetuity and until the State has full control over every aspect of your life. Tax and Spend is their motto. They want to control the economy and price fix. They want to keep raising the minimum wage and create more unemployment and dependents on The State. The Democrats believe in a regulatory State that gets to decide what type of toilet bowl you flush and what kind of car you drive. The Nanny State is also one of their Utopian dreams where you can only eat certain foods and not wearing your seatbelt can get you a hefty fine. If you read the works of Karl Marx, Saul Alinksy, and John Maynard Keynes, you will see where the Democrats developed their platform and positions. The Republicans want to regulate behavior from who you can marry, to internet porn, and to what medicinal drug you may want to take to relieve symptoms of illness. The Republicans are for entitlements, as are the Democrats, like Social Security and Medicare. The Republicans also have the motto Tax and Spend, the only difference is that it is on defense so the United States can invade and steal more natural resources from abroad. The point is that these two parties are not really different at all. In fact, they are not even parties, they are factions under the much larger and only party in American politics. This is The Big Government Party (The BGP) and is your only choice when you vote for your demise. The two factions within this party (Democrats and Republicans) both support war since war keeps the State healthy through tax dollars, propaganda and mind control, and through a vast network of surveillance. They both support robbing the productive members of society blind and giving to the “have nots” in hopes of creating a constituency of dependent slaves who will always worship government since they get a check in the mail every month. These two factions of the Big Government Party support nationalizing the private sector and are in favor of public education and socialized medicine. Whether its Obamacare, Romneycare, or Republican care, its bad for the economy and destroys our individual choice and whatever is left of our deteriorated quasi capitalist system. We do not have a choice, the two factions both represent control and thievery of private property and to think otherwise is foolish and a direct side affect of the brainwashing that people have undergone for far too long. It is time to snap out of it.
If we don’t vote how will our voices be heard? It’s the only thing we can do, right? Wrong. I think we need to spread ideas about freedom, especially young people who are more open minded and can usually be convinced in a specific direction if the argument is articulated and laid out with irrefutable points and statements. Start a website, invite some friends to a local eatery and discuss ideas for freedom. Make videos and start organizations that will spread ideas for freedom. Read libertarian essays and books by Murray Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Tom Woods, and Lew Rockwell. This plan of action might have been tried in the past but it needs to be a mission with an unwavering commitment from freedom lovers. The message of private property, non aggression, voluntaryism, and pure free market capitalism will prevail if we work hard at it. Always be assertive but never aggressive or violent. Formulate cogent ideas and debate them well and I think we can bring more and more people to the Libertarian movement and anarcho capitalism as the only political philosophy they will fight to uphold. Forget about the political process, it has never and will never ever work. Ideas, passion, drive, and the love for freedom will lead us to a universe where we can go wherever we want and do whatever we want as long as we do not hurt or steal from one another. I hope to see these ideas from the great libertarian philosophers become a reality one day. Hopefully I’ll be around to see it.

Anarcho-Capitalism is Right and Minarchism is Wrong

If we do not have government who will pick up my trash? How will my mail be delivered without the lovely postman who is employed by the government? How will my neighborhood be safe from criminals without the local police force? Who will pave the roads? The youth of America will be uneducated and left in the dust if we do not have government schools, with government teachers, and government mandated curriculums. We need the government for “national security” and for the common good of the populace that inhabits the United States of America. Government must be there to provide safety nets and programs for the less fortunate. These are the questions and statements made by people who believe government is here to solve all of our problems, mitigate every single inequality, fill in every pot hole, police the world and mediate every conflict in every principality, and in any country where we might have an interest in natural resources or an opportunity to expand our vast militaristic empire. They believe that the government should run the economy, and of course have the right to run every aspect of our lives through strict and incoherent laws accompanied by pages and pages of the most ridiculous regulations that can be contrived by a bunch of pencil pushing bureaucrats. These sentiments and values fall right in line with statism and it is what statists believe. There are others who are dependent on government and have been taught through years of indoctrination that government is a benevolent institution and must be embraced as the benefactor of goodness and “equality” for all people in that territorial area and the progressives believe this ideology wholeheartedly and reject any rational criticism against the government monstrosity. The fact of the matter is we do not need government to provide any of these services and the fact that we have a situation where the security of citizens is at risk, can be directly linked to the foreign policy of the United States going back decades. I could live with a political system that resembles the Constitution, minus the 16th amendment, eminent domain, and the unchecked power of the supreme court that has brought us so many unconstitutional laws in the name of judicial activism. The truth is that this is not possible. The minarchist will argue that we need government to at least provide defense and courts. The anarcho capitalist will tell you that we do not need a central, state, or local government for any other those aforementioned services and that includes courts and defense. Any service you can think of that the government currently has a monopoly on can be provided by the private sector more effectively and more efficiently with the absence of coercion. This is why minarchism is deeply flawed and anarcho capitalism is right.
When you have a Congress that is passing laws for no reason other than to pass laws and please the angry lynch mobs residing in their districts to retain power, you have a corrupt system. When you have a supreme court that is represented by nine unelected justices that are there for life and who have strong liberal or conservative biases, you have a corrupt system. When you have a president who declares wars at the drop of a hat and passes executive orders like he is handing out candy, you have a corrupt system. I am not singling out any particular politician or chief justice, the system has been corrupt since its inception and when you give the power to the federal government to interpret its own laws, the system will always be corrupt and limited government becomes the greatest example of what the word oxymoron means. Allowing the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution and decide whether or not laws are constitutional, is like allowing a fox who has not eaten in a week to guard the proverbial hen house.
Contrary to popular belief, democracy is not a wonderful and just political system to live under. Doug Casey said it the best, “Democracy is mob rule, dressed up in a sports coat”. The tyranny of the majority is the angry mob deciding what’s best for other people who do not agree or just want to be left alone. The only moral system is anarcho capitalism. This system also happens to be the most prosperous but the reason libertarians support this political philosophy relates directly to the high ethical standards espoused in this framework with prosperity being an added bonus. The government can not exist without stealing from the productive members of society through taxation and monetary inflation. The main role of government is to keep power and they do that by creating constituencies. They lie, use rhetoric that is littered with mistruths and deceptions in the hopes of creating a loyal voting base so they can reign supremely over the masses for as long as possible. Government has a monopoly on the use of force and this includes the power to tax. Anarcho capitalism is based on voluntary exchange with private institutions and people are responsible for their own actions and choices. This political philosophy embraces private property, voluntary exchange, individualism, and the freedom to live your life the way you see fit. Anarcho capitalism and libertarianism as a whole strongly rejects the idea of aggression, violence and any form of coercion. The government is the embodiment of aggressive force and violence and is why it is illegitimate and nefarious. The non aggression principle is an objective principle and is the guiding tenet of libertarian philosophy. When minarchists say we need the government for defense and courts, although they may be on the right path towards more freedom, they are still inconsistent in holding that stance since those services are paid for through coercion and are used to create more violence, coercion, and monopolies through wars and corporatist defense contracts along with the government monopoly of courts. If it is not right for government to run healthcare, education, and the economy, it also holds true that central planners are not legitimate when it comes to running anything including courts or the military. Minarchism is wrong since it still allows government, in what is presumed to be a minimal capacity, to steal and expropriate from the private sector for security and judicial services. Anarcho capitalism is the quintessence of a free and prosperous society and is the morally superior political system over all others. It’s the best way to get people out of poverty, create jobs, grow economies, create wealth, bring new technology to markets that advances the whole of society and this is all done voluntarily and without any threat of aggression. What could be wrong with this? There is of course no perfect system and I do not believe in Utopias. I do not think anarcho capitalism is a perfect political system, however, it is the best system when compared to all others that have been tried including but not limited to communism, democratic socialism, fascism, Nazism, federalism, tribalism, feudalism, and monarchism. Some of you are wondering perhaps, if this system is so great, why has it not been tried or implemented in a society? The answer to that may seem pretty obvious to some and that is that the reality of politics strives to limit freedom and increase power at all costs. Politicians and government leaders are not going to give up power. Corporations who partner with government (corporatism) and receive favors and sweetheart deals are not going to revolt against the power structure that provides these privileges. We have come very far from what once was a minarchist state to what is now a democratic socialist state that is infused with fascistic principles. It would be extremely difficult to go from where we are now to libertarian anarchy with pure free markets but that does not mean would should not continue to have a much needed revolution of ideas and move steadfastly in the direction that will lead us to freedom. It also does not mean that anarcho capitalism is not right. It’s the only system that will bring about pure freedom and economic advancement.